Seven heroes with political courage was not enough

The former president was not convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors by the Senate with the votes falling short of the needed two-thirds. But, please note that 57 Senators voted for conviction of the former president, with only 43 voting no. That means seven Republican Senators voted on the right side of history in this independent and former Republican voter’s view.

Those seven deserve high praise for their courage as they will get push back and even death threats for voting their conscience. And, they knew that beforehand.

These seven members of the Republican caucus are as follows:

Richard Burr of North Carolina

Bill Cassidy of Louisiana

Susan Collins of Maine

Lisa Murkowski of Alaska

Mitt Romney of Utah

Ben Sasse of Nebraska

Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania

Whether you agree with their policy decisions, please acknowledge their political courage. Representative Liz Cheney from Wyoming almost lost a key leadership role in the House Republican caucus because she was one of ten Republicans to vote to impeach the former president. And, as evidence of her grit, she told Chris Wallace on Fox this past Sunday, that the former president has been lying to Republicans.

I have sent thank you notes to these ten Republican representatives and now seven senators for their courage. I encourage you to do the same, as they will certainly hear from the vindictive former president and his sycophants.

It should be noted the former president’s legal troubles will continue as he is being investigated for trying to coerce an official in Georgia to alter the outcome of that election. Note, this is after two recounts proved he lost. And, he has some financial issues he is dealing with in courts in New York.

In the view of this former Republican and independent, just because the former president did not get convicted, does not mean he is innocent. What is sad, some of those who voted to acquit know this and told reporters off the record they are glad this footage is getting out.

8 thoughts on “Seven heroes with political courage was not enough

  1. Note to Readers: The words of Mitch McConnell following the vote were vintage McConnell, trying to play both sides, as the politician he is. Not only did he give too many hall passes to this most corrupt and deceitful of presidents, he largely ignored the big lie on the election that the former president was perpetuating watching it build to dangerous levels. He voted not to convict after he posed the trial be after the inauguration. That is a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    Yes, his words condemning the former president were important, but they would have been more important if he voted to convict the traitorous former president when needed.

  2. Note to Readers II: I was glad to see Republican Maryland Governor Larry Hogan say today that he would have voted to convict the seditious former president. On the flip side, as expected the courageous seven Republican Senators are getting push back from constituents as well as state party so-called leaders. This serves as a reminder of their courage not a detraction. Keith

  3. I wonder what the outcome would have been if it was a secret ballot. Were some Republicans concerned about the ramifications if they voted to impeach him. There was talk here that the party would split if Trump was impeached and they would be in the electoral backwaters for years to come??
    On Trump’s coercion of the official – this is no surprise to me and if I should be so bold, indicative of a system that has let him do business and live his life as a corrupt bully and still be successful. Where is the incentive for him to act responsibly? He has always thrived in chaos and bad times. It works for him. I am just surprised someone has knocked him off yet. He must have terrific bodyguards or are they afraid of making him a martyr?

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