Not all Republicans are racist

The following is a comment I placed on our friend Jill’s post called “Republican Party – the party of bigots,” which can be linked below. She is referencing an editorial by columnist Eugene Robinson of The Washington Post.

To say all Republicans are bigots is a little unfair, but to not recognize those who are the most bigoted white people are tending to be in the Trump Party also misses the mark. The former president’s attorney/ fixer Michael Cohen said under oath to Congress, “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” It meant something to me that Cohen, who has paid off many people to be silent about information damaging to the former president, used the words “Donald Trump is a racist” first.

There have been too many opportunities both missed and exploited by the former president to clearly say he is not a racist. The easiest example is Trump settling a court case on housing discrimination, then being taken back to court as he did not abide by the terms of the settlement (he lost again). Or, the Obama Birther story he perpetuated for several years, which helped jumpstart his political career.. Of course he is racist. Then, there is Charlottesville, where he doubled down on his racist remarks after being chastised the first time.

There is a subtle difference in two mantras that is important. The BLM movement is saying my rights are important while the white supremacists are saying my rights are more important than yours. That distinction speaks volumes. People who look the other way or cheer when a corrupt, deceitful and racist former president stokes fires of hatred are abetting his efforts. That may not make them racists, but it certainly does not make them anti-racist. 

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15 thoughts on “Not all Republicans are racist

  1. Thanks, Keith, for both your thoughtful comment and the pingback! You are right when you say that not all republicans are bigots. The party itself, however, has come to stand for bigotry in many forms under the ‘leadership’ of Trump. That the party is still pandering to him, is still willing to allow him to set the ideology of the GOP, speaks volumes to me. There are a few congressional republicans with the cojones to stand up and say, “No, this isn’t who we want to be”, but they are far too few. And those who ‘go along’ with Trumpism, those who would cheer him when he puts down immigrants or Blacks or Jews or LGBT … I do see them as being racist, for anyone with decency would call him out on those statements, not applaud. I wonder whether the GOP can overcome what it has allowed itself to become? Thanks again, my friend!

    • Jill, all good points. The Trump Party can not lay claim to any high road. To me, it is just inappropriate to paint everyone with the same brush. Keith

      • I do agree with you, Keith, and I try so hard not to paint everyone with a broad brush … really, I do. But at this point I’m finding it hard to find excuses for people who keep applauding the former guy and the lying that has become the definition of the Republican Party. I still have one or two friends who are republicans, and I have always thought them to be decent human beings, but … if they can still support the GOP and Trump, then … frankly, I’m not so sure they are decent people. Sigh.

      • Jill, I fully understand. Because we live in a post-truth society, people who are untruthful can get away with an awful lot. That has been the seditious former president’s one great talent – muddy up all waters to make everyone look bad, so he is OK by comparison.

        If this was a good a friend, you could ask if I knew you husband had cheated on you twice, once over eight months, who routinely lied and grabbed women by their private parts and then bragged on it, who had a person go around to people he affronted and pay them for their silence, and then berated and bullied anyone who dared criticize him, would you stay married to such a man? The person I just described is the former president.


  2. On the other hand … there are black folks who #1. voted for trump in 2016 because they wanted to promoted a “revolution” … I remember talking to these guy (they were young guys) but that was their motivation & #2. who are now actively trolling white bars that are known to be trumpster places, trying to get the white supremacists to fight back. While I am all for #BLM, I do not condone this kind of behavior. Yeah, we need change but we do not need street fighting. Some people want fights & WE DO NOT WANT THIS. Whites & blacks, we do not want this.

    • I agree there is no place for violence – full stop. The BLM movement by a significant majority is a multiracial and peaceful movement. Yet, there are some fringe folks who just want to pick a fight and show up on conservative news sites giving BLM a bad name in their eyes. On the flip side, there are white supremacist groups who need to be quieted as they also detrimental to all Republicans. The sad difference is the so-called leader of that party supports the more extreme white supremacists rather than condemning them. Keith

  3. I’m not sure if you really know anything about the BLM manifesto but are simply parroting what you think the movement is all about. Make no mistake about it, your rights are quite secondary – if of no consequence whatsoever – to the BLM movement as laid out in the manifesto.

    In case you’re wondering why people are still drawn to Trump in spite of his glaring moral deficiencies and inability not to lie, consider the past week and how this plays out when viewed from the Republican heartland crowd:

    Biden passed a Bill to deny any federal money to any state or high school that doesn’t allow men identifying as women to compete in sports. The Federal government followed this up and withdrew legal from support previously given to a group of girls suing the State for unfair competition (boys identifying as girls but with no physical or pharmacological changes at all won many of the State championships and so are accused as having harmed these girl’s ability to win athletic scholarships). Mr. Potato Head was renamed. And several Dr. Seuss books were pulled because the cartoon drawing were deemed racially insensitive. The cooking section of the NYT now has an ‘Archive Repair Project’ to correct any terms or food ideas that may cause violence to ethnic sensitivities.

    The Left does itself no favors by going along with this intolerant and regressive metastatic ideology undermining respect for individual freedoms and rights in every nook and cranny of the American experiment in the name of some warped version of imposed communal social justice that attacks our the very foundation of our shared liberal values.

    In other words, it’s not all about Trump when it comes to why he continues to have a significant political powerbase. What other option is there?

    • Tildeb, I agree with your conclusions. The other option is to tell people to pick your battles and cease with the high and mighty stuff. There are no perfect people in this world. So, as that Jesus fellow said, he without sin can cast the first stone.

      We have seen too many good voices silenced because they said something in the wrong way on a more than one occasion and it may have occurred in 1997. I could never run for office, beI am 100% certain something stupid I said or when taken out of context could make me look bad.

      I have long said the press focused too much on ALL of the former president’s faults which are a long list, but they diluted the impact of the major ones.

      Thanks for your thoughts, Keith

      • The issue that is important, I think, is that Trump lives and breathes and has political power ONLY because his foes keep giving him fuel for free. The utter insanity of the Left to refuse to put its own liberal house in order – meaning to uphold liberal principles – in favor of authoritarian ideology to appear tolerant and progressive – feeds the division and mistrust Trump – or any successful populist – needs to politically survive. Trump and his ilk are products and not the cause of the failures of the Left to support liberal principles and values.

      • Tildeb, well said. This oxygen that fuels the former president’s fear marketing are props in his crusade. The wall is a prop. Colin Kaepernick’s kneeling is a prop. Antifa is a prop. Condemning past sins or poor word choices are props.

        Trump will wave these props as he stokes the fires of fear and hate. He gets people to look at these props, while he steals their candy. Perception is reality to him, which he spends so much time on managing PR. Keith

      • The pushing over of statues of Lincoln and Washington and then excused are hardly just ‘props’. The new anti-racist math curriculum is not just a prop. Rioting and looting and then excused in the name of ‘reparations’ is not a prop. Real people see a real threat in real life coming from the Left busy ignoring and excusing this deplorable anti-liberal behavior. It’s not a trivial problem to go along and self censor out of a very real fear of economic punishment for saying something somewhere someone someday might take offence. But the deafening silence and even enablers of this very real threat by the Left – very much including Biden – is the NECESSARY fuel Trump is supplied to keep his political influence and ambition a real and present danger.

      • Violence must be condemned regardless of who does it. Full stop. It serves little constructive purpose.

      • Any anti-liberal behaviour should be condemned by anyone who leads a liberal society and those who engage in anti-liberal held to account by anyone who is a liberal.

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