Being caught lying used to be embarrassing

Few people outside of Arizona may know the name of Republican Senator Jon Kyl. He uttered one of my favorite lines when he was caught in a lie that reveals so much. After wrongfully saying that 90% of Planned Parenthood’s activities were abortions (it is actually 3%), he said the following when questioned.

Per the HuffPost, “so why did Kyl say 90 percent? CNN got a hold of him and relayed his response: apparently it wasnot intended to be a factual statement‘ and was supposed to merely illustrate that Planned Parenthood subsidizes abortions.” In essence, he is saying it is your fault for believing what he said.

This emboldened quote from the Senator is his legacy with me. When I think of Kyl, I think of his being untruthful. Yet, it did not bother him to lie. It was just modus operandi. I expect politicians to embellish and even lie, but I want them to at least be chagrin when they are confronted with proof they are lying. And, it is not just one party.

When I think of the seditious former president, it is hard to only think of his untruthfulness, but that is at the heart of who he is. He also bullies and denigrates people and throws them under the bus if they dare criticize him. But, he is a notorious and well-documented untruthful person. But, it does not seem to matter, as he has convinced his followers that everyone else is lying or just doesn’t like him, which is a toddler’s argument.

Because we live in a post-truth society, people who are untruthful can get away with an awful lot. That has been the seditious former president’s one great talent – muddy up all waters to make everyone look bad, so he is OK by comparison. And, his sycophants cover for him. They are being Kyl-like in their support and lack of shame.

His followers do not want to hear the truth. Then, they would have to consider if it is possibly true. If a MAGA follower was a good friend, you could ask if I knew you husband routinely lied to you, had cheated on you twice, once over eight months, who grabbed women by their private parts and then bragged on it, who had a person go around to people he affronted and pay them for their silence, and then berated and bullied anyone who dared criticize him, would you stay married to such a man? The person I just described is the former president.

Lies do matter. The former president’s legacy long before he was ever president would include the words bully, egomaniacal, and sexual misconduct, but make no mistake, the first word would be untruthful. Taking the former president at his word is a fool’s errand.

16 thoughts on “Being caught lying used to be embarrassing

    • Kim, I wish I could interview one of these Senators. I would want to say, it is OK to have policy differences, but we need you to tell the truth Senator. Keith

  1. There was a time when we looked to our leaders to be the example we taught our children. Those days are long gone. Even though the former guy is gone, the lies persist among those who are still tied to him. You’re right … today’s music post ties perfectly to your post, and in fact I had in mind all the lies coming out of our government in mind, I think, when I posted the song. I wonder if we will ever return to the days of trust in our elected officials?

    • Jill, so true. I would not agree with the all of the policy statements of GOP Congressman Jack Kemp or Democrat Senator Bill Bradley, but I never thought they were lying like many today – Cruz, Graham, Gaetz et al. Keith

  2. It is shocking to see that pride and dignity don’t have any meaning anymore for many people these days. Unfortunately, lying seems to be the new way of deciding which truth is of the most benefit for me right now. It is a shame that many of those who should be role models regarding reliability, trust, and steadfastness are the exact opposite.

  3. Note to Readers: Speaking of lying, Congress postponed March 4 business due to the trump incited terrorists threatening more violence. They are fueled by the ongoing election fraud lies of the seditious former president and his spineless sycophants. To be frank, I am tired of people believing the former president’s election “bulls**t” as it was called by trump’s own attorney general.

  4. Being “post-truth” or what ever you want to call it this time around, won’t work longer than it did previous times/generations because you’ll end up having the sidewalk prove you wrong whether from the ground floor or the top floor is their choice.

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