Focus on doing your job, not keeping your job

I think many of us are tired of the gamesmanship that is going on in the halls of government. Both sides do it, but for a long while the former Republican Party has embraced untruths and even conspiracies as talking points. It used to be politicians would run off rhetoric, but govern more off facts. Now, facts are deemed less utile.

I want to say to people like Senator Ted Cruz or Lindsey Graham, it is OK for us to disagree on policy issues, but you are a Senator of the United States of America. I expect you to tell the truth, nothing less. You do disservice to our country when you do not and abet others who do the same.

Our problems are hard enough to solve when we deal with facts, but nigh impossible when Senators, Governors, Representatives just parrot BS, because someone told them they better. This is especially true when the one telling them to do so has such a fragile ego that painful truths must remain untold or white washed. Or, when truth tellers do share the truth, they need to be respected not vilified for not going along with party political messaging.

We need to hold our legislators (note I avoid the word leaders) to account to address problems and not political gain. We need these legislators to focus more on doing their job than keeping their job. The word leader applies to legislators that can do that and not those who see which way the political winds are blowing. And, it certainly does not apply to a person whose decisions try to protect a fragile, enormous ego.

19 thoughts on “Focus on doing your job, not keeping your job

  1. It is wearing on us all. Something must change, for at this point, it appears the likes of Cruz, McCarthy, Gaetz, Hawley and so many others have no intention of representing the people of this nation, but are more interested in gamesmanship. To what end, I don’t know, but perhaps their goal is as simple as keeping their names in the headlines so people will recognize them on election day.

    • Jill, fortunately, when the continue to do or say inane things it catches up with them. Cruz is officially toast as a presidential candidate with his Cancun vacation while Texans suffered. Hawley threw his reputation away rather quickly. McCarthy has been in a position to do more about the Trump extremism in Congress, but has not done so acquiescing to the lies. Keith

      • Yes, I think Cruz shot himself in the foot and I doubt he can even win his next bid for re-election, let alone a run for president. Hawley, Cawthorn, Greene, Boebert … I have trouble picturing them being elected a second time after their poor behaviour. You’re right about McCarthy … his pandering to the former guy is unconscionable. His oath of office is to the people and the Constitution, not the former president, but he seems to have forgotten that. Sigh.

  2. Well said, Keith. It is upsetting on a daily basis. It feels we must be constantly on our toes and alert to personal gain underneath the words spoken. I don’t mind critical thinking (I enjoy it) but this is exhausting and frankly scary. The lack of accountability is astounding.

  3. Do remember in recent decades how we used to shake our heads in disbelief at the actions and pronouncements of Iran’s theocratic governments?
    It seems there are wings of politics in the USA and UK which had been unconsciously assimilating their ‘fundamentalist’ (ie ignore the true message of the belief system) approaching.
    In the USA this is on The Right; in the UK this is on what they call themselves ‘The Left’ (The Don Quixote approach)

    • Roger, sadly that is a good analogy. It speaks volumes the Trump Party must be compared to authoritarian regimes rather than Democratic parties. As for the UK Labour party, they need freah leadership to overhaul its reputation. Bad leadership can sink any effort, no matter how altruistic in goal. Keith

      • Quite so Keith.
        And yet the Corbyn supporters would wreck the Party…’just because’…. They are a sort of MAGA-Lite….Very similar mindsets, including the Stolen Election mantra. (Just missing the pathological physical violence…though their verbal and written content is similar in bile)

      • Roger, Corbyn’s name produces a lightning rod reaction of love or hatred. That is not good in one vying to lead. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: This title comes from an admonition that a leader once said in merger settings. Incumbents would sabotage their counterparts vying for their job in a merger. They would focus on keeping their job rather than doing their job. One manager decided to hire neither incumbent because both showed their hind end in the process. He said I want someone who will focus on the job not keeping it.

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