Only women bleed – an unlikely source for powerful words

Whether his name rings a bell for a younger generation, there is an old rocker named Alice Cooper, who beneath his “Kiss” like make-up, sang some great rock-n-roll songs. But, he co-wrote and recorded one of the most powerful ballads, with domestic violence and maltreatment of women as a back drop. The song was aptly entitled “Only women bleed.”

Here is sample of the lyrics from the middle of the song.

“Man makes your hair gray
He’s your life’s mistake
All you’re really lookin’ fors an even break
He lies right at you
You know you hate this game
Slaps you once in a while
And you live and love in pain

She cries alone at night too often
He smokes and drinks and don’t come home at al

Only women bleed”

Domestic violence remains a hidden trauma for women. I use the word “hidden” as many victims try to hide their pain and bruises. They have been told it is their fault by their abusers. They are shamed as well as beaten. And, the abusers are quite adroit at masking their violent and controlling tendencies from their co-workers, friend and relatives.

In an agency to help working homeless families that I volunteered with, about 1/3 of the families in need were domestic violence survivors. In addition to losing their home, the spouse and family had to also experience the trauma of domestic violence. PTSD in these families had two causes.

If you are in a domestic violence situation or know someone who is, here are two loudspeaker bulletins.

  • He will not change. Full stop.
  • Find a way to get out before it is too late.

Let me close with the painful story of a man who started a local group called “Men for Change.” His sister hid from him and her other siblings that her husband was beating her. She would avoid family gatherings when bruises were apparent. She also hid the fact her husband was beating her two boys, on occasion ramming their heads into the ceiling.

She hid this from her siblings until they found out. How did they? He killed their sister Only women bleed. The abusers will not change. Get out.

37 thoughts on “Only women bleed – an unlikely source for powerful words

  1. Good PSA, Keith. A friend of mine works for children’s services and she says studies shows that children, even infants, exposed to domestic violence are more likely to suffer from ADHD.

      • LaDonna, the LCSWs who helped the homeless clients use a trauma informed care model, which I am sure you are familiar with. When in the shelter setting, each family has a communal set of chores. We learned those women who had been abused, needed extra lighting around the trash bins and someone standing at the door when they took trash out. Even without the DV abuse, working homeless mothers had a high degree of PTSD as did the kids. Kids seeing their parents devastated by a loss of their home bothered them almost as much as the actual homelessness. Keith

  2. Thank you for sharing this Keith! I was not a fan of Alice Cooper so I never knew the song and its powerful lyrics. I too went through domestic violence and violence while I was growing up. the song is true – only women bleed! Again thank you for sharing this beautiful truth! πŸ™‚ ❀

  3. Thank you, Keith, both for the memories of a great song and for tackling such a difficult topic. My first husband seemed like the sweetest man on the outside. People used to call him a big teddy bear; however, behind closed doors, he was a grizzly bear. I found out 3 days after the wedding I had made the biggest mistake of my life. When I finally left after 3 years and the umpteenth death threat, I still hid the main reasons why. People told me how could I leave such a sweet man. He went to anger management and said that he was getting better so I should leave my new life and come back to him. But I could tell he hadn’t changed, he couldn’t. Yes, only women bleed.

  4. Make the punishment fit the crime. Convicted abusers should serve their time in women’s prisons (The tough ones). See how long they last.
    (It’s 22.30 GMT here as I warned Jill in an earlier post I have used my eloquent reasoned ration of rhetoric for the day )

      • Thanks Keith.
        And writing Fantasy novels with strong minded (and in one case worrying ruthless) women puts in a certain mindset.
        I’m shutting down for the night now….unwinding watching the highly recommended animation ‘Zootropolis’

      • Roger, we need more strong women using their voices. The Queen forgot how to use hers and let the wolves badger her grandson’s wife with flat out racism. Keith

      • Roger, so true. It would have been so easy to do the right thing and the point missed, is people would have responded to the leadership. People are craving good leadership and just are not getting it. Keith

      • From your experience and feeling for the current Keith, who do you reckon (If they could come back)
        FDR (paternal)
        Eisenhower (presidential)
        LBJ (pre Vietnam War 1967-68) (operator)
        Reagan (communicator)

      • Roger, I just got through reading a chapter in “Soul of America” about Eisenhower. He was a moderate Republican who kept alive the FDR/ Truman policies over the objections of many in his party. He oversaw a juggernaut of growth as a result. On the downside, he failed to be more critical of McCarthyism or Jim Crow. But, at least he led America. Setting aside Vietnam, LBJ accomplished what few others could have in Civil
        Rights, Voting Rights and Medicare, Medicaid and improved Social Security.


    • Any well run prison will serve. Even if it’s all men all the time, having the guards/officers/warders running the place and will _not_ be bullied is the teacher. (Am tired so no grammar tonight.)

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