A short letter to Conservative Pseudo-News Outlets

As a former Republican and now Independent voter, it both saddens and disturbs me how far my former party has fallen, aided and abetted by a deceitful former president. As I see it, the party has embraced conspiracy theories, lies and fear as its foundation and that disappoints me. Our country deserves better than this as we need a viable GOP to push policies not parrot conspiracies about unproven accusations of wide-scale voter fraud or the BS that a couple of Q supporting Congressional representatives are babbling about on any given day. The Democrats are not perfect, nor is Joe Biden, but they are at least trying to focus on issues, whether you agree with their position or not. Right now, I honestly do not know what the Republican party stands for. And, apparently, neither does former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner.

10 thoughts on “A short letter to Conservative Pseudo-News Outlets

  1. ‘Back in the Day’…..
    For British folk it was difficult to accurately separate Republicans from Democrats, as you needed a good working knowledge of the issues affecting America, to align them the same way as we would with our parties was just plain wrong.
    Sadly in the 21st century it has become easier. The Republican Party is associated with Conspiracy Theories, The Intolerant wing of Fundamentalist Christianity, Lots of Guns (for White People), The Rights of White People, a lack of respect for democracy and a general thrashing about.
    Once it might have been The GOP now it is turning into the IWP (Intolerant White Party)

  2. Note to Readers: I read an article on a survey that said 60% of Republican voters believe the insurrection on January 6 was either non-violent OR done by Democrats to defame Republicans. Really? Being so untethered to the truth is beyond embarrassing for a political party that has long campaigned on law and order. Sadly this is not surprising with 80% still supporting the most corrupt and deceitful president in my lifetime. People may disagree with Democrats but I do not witness the assault on the truth as in evidence by the now trump party. What saddens me is I know the former president will be untruthful, but when his sycophants with names like Carlson, Ingraham, Graham, Johnson, Cruz, Gaetz, etc. also abet his lies, it shows they are in the same boat.

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