From seven words to everything is game

This post is rated PG-13, but some may view it as R given the subject matter. Please be forewarned.

Back in 1972, comedian George Carlin had a funny routine which he called the “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” monologue. Being a young teen, that was quite a risque routine, but it set a standard that no longer exists. In 2021, with cable and online programming, pretty much everything is game. And, this is just the commercials.

This can become embarrassing when you are watching television sitting with someone who was my age in 1972. They might see and hear advertisements on any of the following:

  • Erectile dysfunction for older men (Daddy what is that?)
  • Adult diapers for both men and women, even sexy ones (which I cannot figure out if that is a turn on or off)
  • Toilet paper ads on who has the more absorbent product (definitely TMI)
  • Down there care, which I have unfortunately witnessed can be for multiple needs (when we saw a woman implying down there care for her more private part as she growled like a tigress, my wife and I could not stop laughing)
  • A special razor for women for, yes, down there care (that was risque enough, then the actress started demonstrating how to use it in the shower – whoa this is TV folks!)
  • All manners of birth control (those are actually tame by comparison)
  • Pills for various sexually transmitted diseases (Daddy what is HIV or Herpes?)
  • And, recently we have seen a treatment for a male private part that is not straight, which I did not know had a technical term for it (Again, Daddy what is that?).

So, we have gone from words we cannot say to words that are implied in advertising and do appear in TV shows. Of course, part of it is due to our choice of shows, which may attract certain commercials. We like the” Law and Order; Special Victims Unit” show which brings a more adult level of commercial. Yet, seeing a special razor being demonstrated does seem a bridge too far. As for the crooked man commercial, it does go beyond the “there was a crooked man….” nursery rhyme.

23 thoughts on “From seven words to everything is game

  1. And have you seen the Shinestythreads ads on Instagram? I couldn’t stop laughing. I think they have the most outlandish commercials I’ve ever seen. I was born in the 70’s, and we live in a much different world now. Here’s the link if you haven’t seen the ad. 😅

  2. Oh my gosh, Keith! I may need some of the adult incontinence products if I don’t stop laughing soon! I guess I’ve probably had some of these commercials playing on my TV, but since I seldom pay attention to what is going on there it just goes over my head. However, I have The Golden Girls on at present, (cable TV, of course) and the subject is artificial insemination. Not exactly what I was watching back in the ’50’s when we got our first TV set, three channels and an antenna that had to be turned manually for best reception. Married couples slept in separate beds, no one knew where the babies came from (definitely NOT a sperm bank), and the entire reproductive system was out of limit. I wasn’t even watching the night Archie Bunker flushed the toilet, but heard about it later from everyone I knew. Personally, I prefer the oldies. I can still get the Burns and Allen show if I’m up early enough and that has always been one of my favorites. Don’t even ask me about the modern shows. I don’t watch most of them, although I have always been a Law and Order fan. So many versions now. And I’ve stopped laughing as I remember when it was safe to watch with the kids around.

    • Angie, now the Archie toilet flushing sound was memorable in what it represented at that the time. Now it would be no big deal. We actually watch a lot of PBS shows, so no commercials. Visiting my mother at a LTC facility, I watched my fill of “Golden Girls” reruns. Keith

      • I have to admit I’m getting tired of Golden Girls, but too lazy to look for the remote to change to something else. As for the toilet flushing, I’m getting tired of seeing people sitting on it while carrying on conversations with the person in the shower. And those are the shows, not the commercials. My least favorite quote “We all go so we might as well enjoy the go!” Charmin, in case you aren’t familiar with iti.

      • Angie, of course, this is the best argument against the “Elvis is still alive” hoaxers. If Elvis were to fake his death, do you think he would have died on the toilet? Keith

    • Erika, the razor one was the commercial that went too far. My wife and I were stunned. We even looked at the clock to see if it was past 9 pm, where things are allowed to get more risque. Keith

      • I see! There were times when they played condom commercials between 8 and 9 pm. But since I have not seen any for months they may have been prohibited during that time of the day.

  3. Haha! I guess we don’t watch many programs with commercials (and those we do, we just fast forward through since they have been pre-recorded) since I haven’t seen any of these (thank goodness). I don’t think of myself as a prude, but I really would rather not see everything, including explicate sex scenes.

  4. Now that last one. I cannot get the image of an iron and ironing board out of my head, and one of those cheery male voice overs that have populated ads since TV started is beginning to enter my head.
    Before this evening (18.15 BST 6th April 2021) is over an entire add sequence will have formed in my imagination- never give a Brit an opportunity for ‘smutty’; the more ridiculous the better.

    • Roger, it was bizarre. It reminded me of a stupid movie plot, both the movie and the plot, where apparently a man chose to sleep with two best friends. The way he was discovered was he had this ailment and the ladies were comparing notes. Sad but true, at least in the movie. Keith

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