Time to get shot – vaccine shot that is

It is my time to get the first of the COVID-19 vaccines today. While I am an old fart, I am only now qualifying by age and one other condition, that hypertension thing. So, I will be participating in a hopefully, well organized cattle call at the football stadium downtown.

When I signed up through my hospital system, it was like buying tickets online for a concert. I had several locations to choose from, but when I hesitated to actually read something they wanted me to, my choice locations vanished. And, I had to start again. That is how I ended up at the football stadium. I promise not to spike the football after getting shot.

Nonetheless, I am glad to start the vaccine train with its two stops. Three weeks from now, I will get number two and be done. These have been scary times the past fifteen months. I did see there is an uptick of COVID-19 in more places. Cavalier attitude toward socializing is the likely culprit along with politicians saying more political than prudent things.

Those not interested in the vaccine are an enigma to me. I cannot understand why something that is so needed is avoided. I cannot understand why something that is relatively easy to do is avoided. If people are so doing because they have an anti-vax attitude, I understand it more, but still don’t understand it enough. If people are doing so for a political statement, that is just inane. Politicians now campaign all of the time rather than govern, so we must take what many say with a grain of salt.

So, hopefully it will be smooth sailing. My guess it will require a lot of waiting. But, I was encouraged when they sent me a text to NOT show up earlier than fifteen minutes before my appointment time. By the way, I am old enough to remember some shot we all got when I was in elementary school. I don’t remember what it was, but we all lined up for our poke in the arm. I do remember the kids behind me asking “did it hurt?” which everyone one was asked.

21 thoughts on “Time to get shot – vaccine shot that is

  1. I’m getting my second one on Monday. My arm really ached after the first one, I mean for DAYS. I felt somewhat out of it, dizzy, disoriented. My brother got wicked sick after the second one so I am going to be wary.

    I remember getting pre-kindergarten vaccinations at the village Fire hall where I lived. Our family doctor gave them out. I also remember getting the brand-new rubella vaccine in fourth grade … lining up along a row of windows, looking out into the courtyard on a sparkling winter day.

    • Thanks for letting me know your and your brother’s experience. The Rubella one sounds right, but I am not sure. It amazes me that after eradicating Measles for the most part, the anti-Vax crowd has helped it to resurface.

  2. The conspiracy theories are wild on this one. I even heard that this is Bill Gates ploy to annihilate the population and microchip the rest of us. I’ll be getting my vaccine asap.

    • Kim, thanks. Best wishes to you and your husband on dose #2 The opinions of the health care workers carries more clout. There are extra risks with a rush out. Keith

  3. Yay, so happy for you that it is your turn with the vaccination! My mom had her first shot too, two weeks ago. We are at least already registered and are waiting for an appointment.
    You know, those who don’t want it, shall leave it. Until a critical mass of people is vaccined, everybody still needs to protect those who aren’t. But once the critical mass is reached this will change and the responsibility to take care will be with those who deny a vaccination.

  4. Good luck … I hope you don’t have to wait for hours and hope you don’t have any after-effects! Like you, I cannot understand the resistance. At first I did understand it, for I felt the vaccine had been rolled out so quickly that adequate testing may have been sacrificed. But now, there have been few who suffered ill effects (our friend David being one of those) and there is evidence that it is working. I read the other day that evangelicals as a whole are refusing to get vaccinated, which can only prolong the agony for us all.

    • Thanks Jill. We need people in leadership positions, including evangelists, to lead. When they fail to do so, they violate a covenant with their congregation and supporters. Keith

      • Interestingly, many of the evangelical leaders are stepping up to the plate and encouraging people to get the vaccine as soon as possible, but it seems the people aren’t listening. I’ve read every excuse imaginable.

      • Jill, I would love to see more ministers gather folks together for sign ups for the vaccine. The message is we are going and hope you will join us. That would be leadership. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: I got my shot. It was well organized inside and worked like a charm. Counting the observation time afterwards, I was in and out in less than thirty minutes. The only dilemma was the parking, which bottlenecked us. I eventually had to bail and park elsewhere and walk over. By the way, no worries on any reaction.

    A funny story happened, which my wife chuckled at when I told her later. The person giving me my shot was a pediatrician who was my age. When I asked her if I needed to roll up a sleeve, she said if we just unbutton the top button on your pull over shirt, we can roll it down enough to give me the shot. Then she started doing it, and I said don’t you need to know my first name to start undressing me. She laughed and said I am a pediatrician so I am used to just doing things.

    Everyone needs a chuckle, especially those doing repetitive things.

  6. Yay for you! My husband and I have had our two shots (Moderna). After the first, we had no other reactions other than sore arms (and an overwhelming desire to buy Microsoft products… just kidding). After the second, my husband was fine. I had a bad night of chills and aches, but it was all over in the morning. A small price to pay.

    Funny story about the pediatrician. I think I would have been pretty shocked if that happened to me.

  7. I got mine on Thursday and had no issues except that my arm hurt for one day after. I currently have a friend who is dying of covid, so it made me feel even better that I am now more protected against the virus. There are so many who fear the vaccine, but I think once people see someone close to them suffering they’ll change their minds.

    • Thanks Michelle. I am glad you were vaccinated and sorry about your friend. It seems part of any new catch up with a friend you have not seen in awhile is to learn of a family member or friend passing due to COVID. Like you, I only have some arm tenderness today, but it did not prevent me from working out. Keith

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