The Wednesday Wanderer

In all fairness to Dion who sang “The Wanderer” back in 1961, this wanderer is not the womanizing man defined therein, but someone whose thoughts are wandering about. It is not unusual for some great tunes to be about not desirable folks (think “Every breath you take” by The Police).

So, let me play gadfly and wander around with a few thoughts.

I have seen graphic data which reveals vaccines are making a huge difference in cutting the rate of COVID-19 infections. The news by President Biden should be well received, but we also need to help places like India whose population is four times that of the US and too many live too close together, increasing exposure.

Speaking of vaccines, I get my second one on Saturday and my wife and son will be finishing theirs later in May. The only side effects have been with my wife, who was extra tired and a little nauseous. These are small prices to pay to be safe. It is only your life and that of your family. As my Air Force veteran brother-in-law noted, it is not like you are being asked to storm a beach at Normandy.

I did notice there is one night time opinion host, whose veracity is consistently in question, advising his viewers to go up to children who are wearing masks and tell them they will call the police on their parents. Really? This is malfeasance in my view, as someone will get hurt, either the revved up person or the target of the revved up person. It is similar to the former president being responsible for inciting an insurrection that ended up with seven people dead and over 400 charged with a crime all because his fragile ego could not handle losing.

I remain dismayed how politicians can avoid working together so as not to be seen working together as that will not sit well with the base. Really? You will avoid solving problems, which people want you to do, because it will look bad to your tribe? Let me be frank – get off your duff and go make it happen. Be a leader. I do not care who gets more credit, please do something and stop the posturing.

In this vein, I have said for four years, the previous president had a golden opportunity to push through a needed infrastructure bill. He campaigned on it and Democrats were ready to discuss it.. Plus he had a majority in both chambers. He could have set sails on his presidency with a bipartisan bill out of the gate and it could have changed the course of his presidency. Yet, he chose to try to take something away from people as his first mission all because it was nicknamed for his predecessor – Obamacare. After months of god-awful legislation and process, that effort was defeated. And, that failure better defined his presidency.

That is all for now. Let me know your thoughs. They call me the wanderer, the wanderer..

18 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wanderer

  1. Each one of your points and thoughts resonates well with me. Kudos to USA for getting so many of their people vaccinated (although the pace is slowing and the hesitancy is increasing now) but I wish countries reeling currently are provided urgent help. It’s a virus which won’t discriminate on nationalities. We are not safe unless everyone is safe.

    And the partisanship politics (by politicians, so called journalists, and viewers) is deplorable. COVID crisis in US is a direct result of that.

    • Pallavi, many thanks. Also, reporters overreacted to negative news on the J&J vaccine. The numbers of bad side effects are miniscule when one considers 8 million vaccines have been done with that one vaccine. Yet, the news played it up as a huge risk, which scared people. It is like reading the possible side effects on any given prescription. Here, we still have the lingering effect of the previous president’s naysaying the virus. He could have been a leader, but chose to divide with the news to save face. People have followed his ill-advised lead. Keith

  2. Great thoughts here Keith… really call the police. For the love of God. Yeah the numbers on the Johnson and Johnson was hugely played up but I gotta say I was happy to go with 2.
    Good luck Sat. I hope the side effects are few if any for you and your wife!

    • Thanks Cindy. I will let you know this weekend. As for the mask “bandit” who wants to call the police, that is just shameful and he is getting pushback. Keith

      • Cindy, former Republican Congressman Francis Rooney called the latest from Tucker Carlson (the mask story), “The dumbest thing he has ever heard.” Keith

  3. Oh great … now you’ve planted that earworm! I owe you one 😉 My thoughts? They’re all over the place these days … the pandemic, those who refuse to be socially conscientious by refusing to wear masks, refusing to be vaccinated; Biden’s address to Congress tonight, the idiocy of certain members of Congress childishly refusing to attend; the former guy’s rabid base; the filibuster that may well bring a screeching halt to progress in this country; the beautiful bright red cardinal sitting on my windowsill as I type; the laundry piled up because I don’t feel like doing it; why people haven’t united more to fight the pandemic, but instead have been further divided by it; whether the huge political divisions in this nation will ever be narrowed; the latest mass shooting yesterday that left a 3-month-old seriously injured … and more.

  4. Trump delayed the opportunity to get that virus under control and also sacrificed so many lives that way. Thank God, Joe Biden turned the rudder around and see where the US is today. Awesome!

  5. Biden has connected with Modi in India about sending Astra Zeneca vaccine as soon as it receives clearance.

    Like all the decisions Biden faces, this one is difficult: trying to balance what’s on hand in the US, what will/may be needed here, with the massive needs in India and elsewhere.

    Our President’s calm demeanor and mostly wise decision-making continue to impress me. I am very grateful he is at the helm in these tumultuous times.

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