Note to politicians (and so-called news people) – STOP THE NAME CALLING AND LABELING

The United States and the world have a lot of problems that need elected officials to address. The problems are multi-faceted in causes, so they require holistic thinking, educated and civil discussion and multi-faceted solutions. Our problems are hard enough to solve when we focus on the facts and issues, but nigh impossible when we listen to name calling and labeling as a substitute for discourse.

So, politicians, here is a simple piece of advice. If you cannot understand the first paragraph, then what you need to do is please resign. We don’t need people who decide not to add value and name call opponents. That is not civil discourse, that is childish playground talk. If you cannot add value with your commentary, please keep your thoughts to yourself. At least this citizen will not be listening to you, nor should others. That includes all politicians, not just the ones who disagree with your positions. It also includes those who are berating Tim Scott calling him “Uncle Tom” because he has the temerity to be a Black Republican.

The same goes with opinion hosts who are disguised as news people, but are really entertainers. Note, that is not my word, as Fox News decided to defend one its hosts who is being sued for defamation by saying his show should not be taken seriously as a news show, as it is an entertainment show. To repeat, Fox News said one of its night time hosts is an entertainer, so his opinions should be taken less seriously.

My advice to people who watch the news or read it online, please consider the source. Do they print errata notices when they get it wrong? Is it an opinion host or a newscaster saying or writing the news? Or is it one of those paid advertisements spread between the news, hoping you do not see the word AD on it? Is it a Facebook or Instagram friend who likes to share evocative videos just to get a rise out of folks?

For democracies to work, we must have a free and read press. Sadly, there are some who wish to taint all news as bad or fake, so they can basically do whatever they want. That is what we must guard against, especially after January 6. Civil discourse is a must. If our so-called leaders and talk show hosts cannot be such, then it falls on us to show them the way. Our leaders should be among our better angels, not our worse demons.

31 thoughts on “Note to politicians (and so-called news people) – STOP THE NAME CALLING AND LABELING

  1. Hello Keith. I like the idea of your post, it is basically act like adults. Sadly in this country that phrase don’t mean what it once did. The reason Fox News opinion hosts and most Republican elected officials act and say what they do is to get their followers / supporters to be in an agitated emotional state. An upset person is easier to misdirect, and one who you have emotionally pulled to your side will agree with you with less suspicion and that means less fact checking. Why do they do this, because it makes it easier to hide what they really are doing. Carlson rails against the tax hikes on wealthy because he is very wealthy. As are most of our elected officials. But they want to hide that and make you think they are protecting you, yes they need to protect you poor person watching Fox from tax hikes on the people earning $400,000 a year that will never affect you. The paid right wing media people like Ben Shapiro do the same, and they get paid big bucks to do it. They use race as a way to convince poor white people that even poorer brown people are causing all their troubles, when it is the policies enacted to protect the wealthy that are the real cause of their problems. But to your point the name calling and labeling are to cause an angry response making it easier to keep those angry people from seeing the truth. That is why the majority of elected Republicans won’t stop doin it. Hugs

    • Scottie, it is hard to fault your logic. I do believe you compete with this by not doing it. I have often said the former president wants a mud fight, because he can win that. It is when issues are used does he flail like a tired boxer. He has a very hard time with smart women as they unnerve him. I still cannot believe his handlers let him go on Chris Wallace’s show as Wallace schooled him. Keith

  2. Well spoken, my friend. The root problem, as I see it, lies with the people, or some portion of them, in this country who lap up the vicious name-calling, the lies and conspiracy theories, who prefer blood and gore in their news than positive outcomes. That saying in the media, “If it bleeds, it leads” comes from what We the People have proven time and time again we want more of … viciousness, violence, name-calling, infighting, etc. But your points are all spot-on … now if the people in both government and the media would only listen.

    • Thanks Jill. I read a piece that Republicans who want MAGA votes have to pledge to believe the Big Lie of the former president that he won the election, which he cannot seem to prove. That is about as embarrassing a requirement than I could imagine. It is akin to eunuchs have to be castrated to serve in the needs of the harem. Keith

      • This is … this is NOT what this country is about! This is how tin pot dictatorships work! This is something I might expect of Kim Jong-un or Bolsonaro! Sigh. 😥

  3. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:

    Our friend Keith tends to be more even-tempered than I am, and his voice is always the voice of reason. With that said, I am sharing Keith’s post from earlier today, for he makes excellent points that our governing bodies, the media, and even we bloggers should consider. Thanks, Keith!

  4. Note to Readers: We can disagree with people without being disagreeable. I disagree with some of what Tim Scott said about racism, but calling him an Uncle Tom serves little purpose or makes the name caller right. It just means he or she is a name caller. What one can say to a name caller, is something simple. Name calling is not a substitute for argument. Tell me why you think that. Out it on them to defend their point.

    • Hello Keith. A long time ago ( so long I can not remember where who told me it ) I was told that as soon you start to name call you have lost the argument. There maybe those who enjoy that humor and excitement, who get off on running others down, but it proves to everyone that you simply have no useful argument to bring to the table. Hugs

  5. Do they print errata notices when they get it wrong?

    The problem here is that those who spread the lies and disinformation are fully aware that they can print a retraction — but they know damn’ well that it will go unnoticed. The original harmful message will have spread far and wide, and no retraction can ever counter that initial damage.

    That said: well said. It’s high time we held our ‘leaders’ to account. Sadly, I don’t believe that that can ever happen, as they have too many ignorant and gullible folk in thrall to their mendacity.

    • Pendantry, you are correct on the errata not mattering to too many. I do think we need to tell and keep telling politicians it matters that they are lying. And, it should matter to them. My hope when I speak with staff of Senators and Representatives is to get them to listen. They know their boss is lying just as they know the former president is. Keith

  6. Everyone should read this, not only politicians and media people. Name-calling is an easy way to dismiss and dehumanize people without having to address or deal with the issues they raise (latest annoyance: calling people “karens”), and just throwing a word ending with -ist or -ism at a person does not refute, or even address, whatever they said.

    • Infidel, many thanks. I agree. The “Karen” word I do not understand or care to, as it is unneeded. It is a label made up as a substitute for debate. To me, that word would invite a follow-up, which the person may have a hard time answering – what do you mean by that? Keith

  7. Excellent post. I know that, for myself, this is advice that I need to take to heart more often. We’re all human, we all stumble and fall and it takes some of us a little longer to do better even with good intentions, speaking of myself, no one else.
    thank you for this insightful reflective post that is so much needed in these times of polarizations. My hope is that those who need to hear it most will heed the words of wisdom herein.

  8. I do agree Keith and I’m afraid no matter what we do, we will be hearing this kind of banter for as long as we’re alive. We just have to be louder and point things out like you are.. thanks for keeping it honest❣️

    • Cindy, thanks. I do think we should let our representatives and senators know this is unacceptable as is lying. I look at Rep. Liz Cheney who is a hero, but she is being vilified by the supporters of the former president for her telling the truth. That is highly disappointing. Keith

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