“It is like the Titanic”

In an article called “GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Compares Trump-Mesmerized Republican Party To The Titanic” by Mary Papenfuss of HuffPost, the title says pretty much what one needs to know about the opinions of this Republican who continually calls the former president on the carpet. Kinzinger is one of ten House Republicans to vote to impeach Trump for inciting an insurrection on the Capitol building on January 6.

Per Kinzinger and other truth telling Republicans, he sees what is happening to his party as a death knell. He is particulary amazed how a consistent conservative Republican like Liz Cheney is could be ousted from her #3 Republican position in the House because she had the temerity to call the former president what he is – untruthful and a seditionist.. There was no widespread election fraud and the former president did have a hand in inviting, revving up and siccing rioters on the Capitol endangering members of Congress and the Vice President and his family.

Per the article, which has the subtitle “And Donald Trump is hunting for ‘women’s clothing’ so he can ‘get on the first lifeboat,’ the Illinois lawmaker said,” note the following few paragraphs:

“Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.) said Sunday that the sharply divided Republican Party is in a “slow sink,” like the Titanic, doomed by leaders’ stubborn fascination with reelection loser Donald Trump.

‘Right now it’s basically the Titanic. We’re … in the middle of this slow sink,’ he explained on ‘Face the Nation’ on CBS. “We have a band playing on the deck telling everybody it’s fine. And, meanwhile, Donald Trump’s running around trying to find women’s clothing and get on the first lifeboat.

Kinzinger pulled out the Titanic metaphor as he criticized party leaders’ attacks on Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) for blasting Trump for his ‘big lie’ that the presidential election was rigged and for inciting the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

‘It’s incredible. Liz Cheney is saying exactly what [House Minority Leader] Kevin McCarthy said the day of the insurrection,’ holding Trump accountable for urging the violence, Kinzinger said. ‘A few weeks later, Kevin McCarthy changed to attacking other people.

McCarthy was reportedly rebuffed by the former president on Jan. 6 when he implored Trump to call off the Capitol rioters. McCarthy said later on the House floor that Trump ‘bears responsibility for the attack on Congress by mob rioters.’ Trump ‘should have immediately denounced the mob when he saw what was unfolding,’ he added. McCarthy called then for ‘justice’ and for a ‘censure resolution’ against Trump.

Kinzinger said the Republican Party still needs to have ‘an internal look and a full accounting as to what led to Jan. 6.’ It’s been only four months since the ‘insurrection — something that was unthinkable in this country,’ he noted.

Like Cheney, Senator Mitt Romney and others who voted to impeach or convict the former president, they are on the side of the Angels on this issue. Yet, they are being vilified and threatened for it. That is inexcusable. But, so is what the former president and his partners in crime did on January 6.

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger Compares Trump-Mesmerized Republican Party To The Titanic | HuffPost

16 thoughts on ““It is like the Titanic”

    • Brendan, it is a puzzle. I am hopeful this may backfire on McCarthy, as more than a few Republican reps are not happy with how he has let it come to this. Keith

  1. This is one of the uglier sides of Democracy, wherein an extreme wing of a party with its own strong voter base hijacks the party by giving a less than tacit nod to its followers to threaten and vilify anyone who does not agree with that doctrine.
    The UK’s Labour Party have gone through this stage more than once. Corbyn’s followers in many ways resembled MAGA and still maintain a strident, blinkered, inward looking stance. They are the greatest gift the Conservatives could wish for as illustrated by election results over the past few years. It is of cold comfort that they are so disorganised and inadvertently adept at present an unpleasant ‘face’ to the general public they are self-defeating. And we get Boris Johnson.
    This at present does not seem to be the case in the USA. I suspect the number of ‘White Privilege’ nascent supporters are larger than we thought. This of course is a common problem in most nations, so is not just an American tragedy. It’s a great shame though, not so many decades ago I had high hopes for the USA, and that the ‘extreme’ wing would be subsumed; but examination of the past twenty years indicates the nation is in danger of going the way of others; pulled apart by those who care only for themselves and not their country.

    • Roger, you always bring terrific context and perspective. I had high hopes as well. Then, the age of information started, tailored reporting began in earnest, and social media facilitated the easy sharing of extreme and debunked information. When Fox launched a network to show a faux news show could make money telling people what they wanted to hear, misinformation became more mainstream. Now, we have to many faux news shows and conspiracy shows. If Nixon committed his Watergate crimes today, he would likely have survived it, just as the seditious and deceitful previous president did his. Keith

      • Thank you Keith.
        It is a sad fact how two politically polar opposite groups can mirror each other in behaviour and outlooks (inlooks?).
        Fortunately the more sober UK has built-in checks and balances on its terrestrial TV networks (Though not according to some sections of Right and Left who both blame the BBC for bias which again says a lot about their blinkered views).
        It is interesting to compare the eras of Nixon; Clinton, Obama and Trump.
        Nixon was caught out although still popular in the nation found his own party backing away, uneasy with him behaviour.
        Clinton, although with many shortcomings was basically hounded by one wing of the Right who were furious they could not bring him down.
        The disgusting reaction to Obama displayed what was going to come from the Ugly wing.
        Trump, could do no wrong as far as the GOP or its supporters were concerned. It was as if they had finally exorcised Clinton’s tenure via his wife. AND were trying to make sure ‘one of those people’ wouldn’t get voted in again.
        A sad commentary on the decline of a party over 50 years.

      • Roger, the sad part about the previous president, is those in leadership positions in his own party know he is bad news, yet supported him anyway. A good example is evangelicals love him, but he has done more harm to Christianity than any atheist ever could. This person cannot be the paragon of what one stands for, as it defeats the argument. Keith

      • I daresay they decided to back him because he was attracting the base who are against the Democrats and that was good enough.
        No concern for the term ‘United’ in the Country’s name.
        Quite frankly Keith, traitors to their nation.

  2. Keith, your blog disappeared from my notifications! I really like this post, Kinzinger is one of the few Rep who will tell it like it is. Shocking to see a stalwart conservative such a Liz Cheney raked over the coals, stripped of her position for failing to kiss the ring if the GOP criminal in charge Trump.

    • Thanks Holly. That disappearance has happened to me on more than one occasion. Thanks for being persistent. I agree about Kinizinger. Today will be an interesting vote. Who knows, it may backfire on McCarthy? It would be well deserved. Keith

      • I don’t see that happening with the Rep cult. It’s a pity and baffling as Cheney is a staunch conservative but apparently that’s not what really counts which says a lot about today’s GOP. I’m sure you were listening when Graham said the party can’t survive without Trump and those who try to erase Trump will be erased. That’s an outright call to sedition and he should be censured.

      • Holly, I stopped listening to Lindsey Graham a long time ago. He tends to exhibit weasel like actions and words, changing to fit the mold of whatever is popular. I find it interesting that staunch conservative Senator Cassidy from LA disagrees with Graham. To me, the former president’s political career has been over since January 6, it s just the sycophants don’t know it yet. What he did to incite an insurrection is unforgiveable and seditious. There is not enough white paint to cover up what he did. Keith

      • It’s mind blogging to imagine that he could worm his way back into the White House. If so democracy is over. I’m proud of Cheney. She has a moral compass , the brains and guts to back it up.

      • Holly, anything is possible, but in my view, his career as a politician is over. He will have influence, but he continues to have an increasing number of Republican critics. His sedition is something he cannot recover from. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: As of this morning, the House Republicans have done the deed and voted Rep. Liz Cheney out of her leadership position. They did not care to notice the iceberg that was about to scape a hole in the Titanic they are on. Many things bother me about this whole affair, but reducing it two issues – the Republican Party is punishing the truth tellers and elevating those who not only lie, but lie in an overt manner. Arrogance sank the Titanic. In this case, the party will sink as a result of lack of shame. Keith

  4. Note to Readers II: An excerpt from Liz Cheney after being ousted by her Republican colleagues:

    “I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office,” she said. “We have seen the danger that he continues to provoke with his language… I think it’s very important that we make sure whoever we elect will be faithful to the Constitution.”

    Cheney was one of a few Republicans who outspokenly blamed Trump for the deadly riot on the Capitol Building in January, and has continued to insist that the Republican Party must move past its focus on and allegiance to the former president.

    “We cannot both embrace the big lie, and embrace the Constitution,” she said.

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