Just a few words to save you and me some sanity

I have written before my browser feed seems to be like a gossip column with the he said/ she said stuff that goes on as news. Rather than spend time on issues, we spend far too much time on things of little consequence. The reporters share some culpability, but the political and entertainment news makers share most of the blame.

So, here are a few rules of the road to help both your and my sanity.

  • If a politician is adding little or no value with his or her comments, ignore him or her. I see so much BS being spewed out of the mouths of elected officials, it is embarrassing. Names like McCarthy, Trump, Cruz, Cuomo, Gohmert, Gaetz, Greene, Graham, Johnson, et all are having a very hard time uttering truthful comments. Ignore them if they cannot add value. Just because their followers may believe their BS, does not mean we have to.
  • Ignore the comments that come from entertainment hosts disguised as news people. Fox defended in court one of its nighttime hosts saying he was not a news person, but an entertainer. So, Fox argued successfully his comments should not be considered news and are not subject to defamation scrutiny. This is the “no one should take what he says seriously argument,” which is hypocritical because that is why the person is on the air. Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, O’Donnell et al are entertainers. And, the truth is not a consistent guest on the shows of too many.
  • With that said, we should not knock too many entertainers, as some comedians have reported news far more accurately than some news sources. But John Oliver, Trevor Noah and Jon Stewart never claimed to be news people. Yet, each have received acclaim for the veracity of their news reporting used in their comedy shows. The work they did on tele-evangelists, property seizure, voter id laws, punitive court costs, beauty pageants, conspiracy parrots, etc. were excellent.
  • Truth. We need this more than ever. Yet, too many have devalued its use. When the truth is deemed superfluous, the lies flow even more. And, organizations and followers take on the personality of their leader. The head of the Republican party is known as a very untruthful person. So, it is not a surprise conservative pundit David Brooks said a week ago, “To be a leader in the Republican Party means you have to lie.” This does not give a hall pass to Democrats, as they need to be as truthful as possible. The lying is far more prevalent on the right, but it is not absent on the left.

That is enough for now. Seek out the truth tellers. Ask questions and listen to the answers. But, it is more than OK to ignore those who are not only not in the ballpark, but are not in the same city as the truth.


6 thoughts on “Just a few words to save you and me some sanity

  1. I have a friend who watches nothing but conspiracy theories and it’s impossible to get her to tune into anything else, she’s so convinced the regular media is lying and covering up. It’s a battle we can’t win, I fear.

    • VJ, how we deal with that is based on how close the relationship is. Depending on how good the relationship is, I might ask do you really believe that or are you just saying that? I remember a friend raved for ten minutes about Ann Coulter and then made the mistake of asking me what I thought. I said, I must confess I do not put a lot of credence in what Coulter says. Keith

      • I remarked once that I was having difficulty connecting the dots in her argument, to which she replied: “Oh, I have trouble keeping it straight too”. It’s tiresome to be honest.

  2. Note to Readers: Speaking of spouting untruths, the former president announced yesterday that the entire Arizona voting data base has been deleted. Today, an Arizona Republican lead election official referred to the claims by the former president as “unhinged” as he was looking at the data base. He added the former president should not make claims that can be proven to be wrong as easily as 2+2 is not 5. I recognize the former president knows many of his followers will believe his “unhinged” comments, but we do not have to drink his Kool Aid.

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