Mid-week musings (about fun in the sun)

We are back from a few days away at the beach. Wonderful weather, wonderful food, and wonderful settings. It is so nice to get away now that both of us are vaccinated. I think others share the same joy.

Rather than focus on one subject, let me muse about multiple topics.

Not that we were looking, but one thing that is obvious from our beach trip, younger bodies look much nicer than my old one. My wife and I laughed about this, but as we rode to dinner one night, we watched this couple walking who could have been in one of those picture frames you buy. My wife said “that is one good looking couple.” Her deadpan delivery was priceless.

As for me, I thankfully walk and exercise daily, as I needed my faculties after dinner one night. I wore a pair of soft leather loafers to dinner, forgetting they were more slippery than others. As we were leaving I trailed my wife out the door, as a waitress was about to come in from serving the patrons outside. As I stepped on the sloping down step, I started to fall, but theatrically and comically avoided a tragedy and caught myself. My wife said later that I said “I am going down” which I do not remember saying, but must have to forewarn the waitress.

One of the challenges for eating seafood at the beach is to avoid overeating, plus to abstain from the fried food. Where we went serves the fried seafood “Calabash style” which means very lightly breaded. It is wonderful, but wonderfully bad for my health. Of course, we had to sample a little taste

One of our favorite things to do at the beach is walk along the shoreline, especially in the morning. That helps mitigate the sample of fried food mentioned above or the splitting of Key Lime pie for dessert. This is one of my favorites, so when made well, it is pale yellow with a very tart taste. If Key Lime pie is green, that is due to food coloring and may not be the real deal.

Since I spoke of food in two of my comments, maybe age is not the only reason this old body fares poorly in the comparisons. I do know on beach trips when younger, we did some very foolish things. And, we could eat a lot more and burn it off. Yet, we survived these trips to return with our own kids to build more than a few sand castles.

When a parent, beach trips remind remind us of fun times. Kids love the beach – the surf, the washed up creatures, the shells, and sand castles. Plus, the miniature golf, rides, slides, etc. are even more fun with all of the pomp and circumstances surrounding the courses. And, the beach is the first place that informs a dad of his thinning hair and expanding waist line.

We had fun. Travel safely this summer wherever the journey leads. And, dads suck in the gut and where a ball cap.


17 thoughts on “Mid-week musings (about fun in the sun)

  1. Hello Keith. I am at the age where I realize there is wisdom in the phrase aging gracefully. Some of the most dignified people I have ever seen have not hidden their age nor their body changes, and some of the saddest were those who tried to pretend or pose a fiction in their elder years. The older woman pulling back the gray hair to get it out of her face to take the order in a restaurant, The portly gentleman reaching up to get something off the shelf for someone who can not reach. These were amazing people. Perhaps the greatest gift is the grandparent of any shape or size that the grandchild adores and will remember in glowing perfection as they grow up. You have the memories and that makes you one of the lucky ones. Best wishes. Hugs

  2. Glad you got to go for a beach trip! We all need to suck it in especially given the last year has been all about using food as a means to kill boredom lol.

  3. I love key lime pie and have a very difficult time not indulging when I see it on the menu… actually, it’s not difficult at all since I don’t bother trying to talk myself out of it. Your trip to the beach sounds grand. Young bodies are definitely more “scenic” – I wish I had appreciated the effortlessness more when I was young.

    • Janis, I love your comment from indulging in Key Lime pie to the “effortlessness.” I could not add weight and now have the opposite dilemma. Keith

  4. Your beach trip sounds delightful and I’m so glad you were able to get away and relax for a few days! Yes, the younger ones look better than we do, but we’ve paid the price for every wrinkle, often thanks to our own ‘younger ones’!

  5. Note to Readers: One of the things other cities could learn about beach life is the number of bicycles and volume of walking. We went to Wrightsville Beach which is near Wilmington. The large side walks are both bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways. Given the limited parking spaces on the island, many people park at a community center and walk or ride to the beach across the Intracoastal waterway. Those lean bodies get a work out just going to and from the shore, so youth is only one factor. But, as Janis said, the “effortlessness” of the youth to stay slimmer is something we outgrew.

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