Shenanigans are not welcome

The following is a comment left on a friend’s blog as she lamented all of the regressive stuff that is going on in various states, in particular suppressing the votes of people and limiting reproductive rights of women. The author and several of her followers were not very happy with these shenanigans.

While it is hard to ignore some of the shenanigans going on, please take some solace in knowing a lot of these laws will be ruled unconstitutional. I remember a state legislator in North Carolina ripped me a new one when I told him the Voter ID bill he drafted was Jim-Crow like and unconstitutional. After he ripped me a new one a second time, I told him I was a 54 white southern man and former Republican and “you and I both know what this bill is all about.” It was later ruled unconstitutional as were several gerrymandering laws.

What saddens this independent voter is all of the effort going on to use the former president’s planned and staged election fraud claims which were highly predictable and still unprovable (he has won one court case out of over 60 cases) as a rationale to suppress votes. While I knew the former president would do this, it concerns and embarrasses me that sycophants in my former party would forget their oaths and support the former president’s deceitful and seditious behavior. Trying to act like the Wizard of Oz and say January 6 and events leading up to it did not happen they way they did is malfeasance in my mind.

So, we must speak to the truth and tell politicians it matters. And, for my Republican friends who feel I am all wet, ask if it worries them to not know what they will have to defend next week, the week after, next month and the month after….There is not enough white paint to cover the claim of fake news which will be shouted in defense. What concerns me the most is all of the truth tellers (senators, representatives, inspectors general, diplomats, staff, etc.) who were threatened, denigrated and ousted after they raised concerns over the former president’s actions. They were punished for telling “inconvenient truths” that the former president did not care for.

I am sorry for the diatribe. I can disagree on policy with both Democrats and Republicans, but it frustrates and disappoints me to see what was the Republican Party be so adrift and value untruthfulness and conspiracy parroting as they have done. As for folks losing their jobs for telling the truth, this is shameful.

9 thoughts on “Shenanigans are not welcome

  1. Note to Readers: The NC legislator who ripped me a new one had a hand in the gerrymandering of districts after the 2010 census. A judge said the gerrymandering had “surgical precision” when he ruled it unconstitutional. In a state that has a fairly even D/ R split, Republicans have won 10 out of 13 congressional districts due to gerrymandering. The legislator bragged that they stuck with ten districts because they could not figure out how to get eleven.

  2. Good statement, Keith! I can only imagine the insecurity in the law and the government. I don’t know much about the individual laws in several states. But what we do recognize over here is the shame that there are still people who are loyal to the former president and continue to parrot his nonsense. It casts such a disqualifying light on a government that people should be able to rely on. But it depends on the mood of individuals.

    • Erika, well said. Thanks for offering your added perspective on our travails. My guess is people like you must shake their heads at our shenanigans. Keith

      • Unfortunately, yes! Just today we heard on the news that Republicans are rejecting the special commission that was supposed to uncover the background to what happened on January 6. It is sad that Trump still has such power and that trust in the legal system is suffering as a result. The Republicans would gain such prestige if they would distance themselves and govern again according to their principles and virtues.

      • Erika, it is disheartening to see them vote this way. I sent a note to several who voted no and letter to my paper. They feel they can corral the former president amd harness his fervent voters. But, they misjudge the lies continue to cause problems, some of which have not surfaced. Keith

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