Parents have tended to emphasize to our children that they need to be accountable for their actions. When I see a child or adult accept accountability, it impresses me, probably because it should be more commonplace than it is. “It is my fault, I messed up, and I will take care of it,” are words that need to be said more often.

Sadly, one of the worst examples of the lack of accountability is the former president. He has long avoided accountability which has contributed to his blaming others or avoiding blame for his mistakes. This is a key reason he remains an “enfant terrible” even into his 70s and is well known for his deceitful bent.

The latest example is the sycophants in Congress who are rationalizing his autocratic-like spying on people he perceives as his enemies – Democrats and the mainstream media. This is on top of only seventeen Republicans who voted to impeach or convict him for his role in the insurrection on the Capitol. Plus, there are way too many elected Republicans who continue to support his bogus claims of widespread election fraud.

To be frank, the spineless sycophants unnerve me the most, as they pretend to like the former president, so as not to anger him or his vindictive extreme base, yet they know what he is like and speak of it privately. They privately worry what they will have to defend next. And, next up may be things beyond their control, as he faces more than several civil and criminal court cases.

So, moms and dads, please tell your children not to emulate the former president. When you ask what would Jesus do (WWJD), the answer will not come from a list of things the former president does, unless he slipped up and did the right thing by accident.

15 thoughts on “Unaccountability

  1. Note to Readers: I know I have written variations of this post, even using similar concerns raised by a handful of Republicans, who were then ostracized for saying the former president had no clothes on. It truly amazes me how adults rationalize the boorish and criminal behavior of the former president.

  2. Every word you say is true. Accountability is sorely lacking in the Republican Party today, starting with the former guy. While in economics, the ‘trickle down’ theory is a fallacy of greedy minds, in such things as corruption, trickle down does actually work. If the guy at the top gets by with it, those on down the ladder will try it too. No, the former guy has never, even as a small child, been held to account for his actions and we all … well, most of us … knew that years ago. But like you, I am disturbed by legislators who are following in his footsteps. Eventually, the piper will need to be paid and unfortunately, We the People may be thrown to the lions by those in power. Change is past due … accountability and responsibility have been shoved aside for far too long.

  3. Keith, Your first paragraph rings true for parents, where’er they be.
    Your elected form of government has prevailed and removed the cancer from its peak, albeit narrowly,
    Take heart in conservatively stacked SCOTUS majority decision on ACA.
    As cases wend their way through your judiciary, the strength of its fabric will be tested. SCOTUS, has shown a way.

    • Thanks David. You are right about the universal appeal to teach children to be accountable. And, SCOTUS has looked after the needs of people, moreso than the Republican Party who is overtly hurting people with attacks on the ACA, climate change and environmental actions, better gun governance, etc. Keith

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