Former Fox News president criticizes network for spreading election fraud and mask misinformation

In an article in The Daily Beast called “Former Murdoch Exec: Fox News Is Poison For America” by Preston Padden, he pulls no punches about his former network. His words speak for themselves as indicated in the following sample paragraphs (the whole article can be linked to below)..

“Rupert Murdoch, who I served for seven years, has many business and journalistic achievements. He owes himself a better legacy than a news channel that no reasonable person would believe...

But, in recent years things have gone badly off the tracks at Fox News. Fox News is no longer is a truthful center-right news network. The channel (especially the leading prime time opinion programming) has contributed substantially and directly to:

  • the unnecessary deaths of many Americans by disparaging the wearing of life-saving COVID masks;
  • divisions in our society by stoking racial animus and fueling the totally false impression that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are engaged in nightly, life-threatening riots across the country;
  • the unnecessary deaths of many Americans by fueling hesitation and doubt about the efficacy and safety of life-saving COVID vaccines [Fox News provided me examples of pro-mask/vaccine on-air comments, but in my opinion, they were heavily outweighed by the negative comments of the highly rated primetime opinion hosts];
  • former President Trump’s “Big Lie” that the election was stolen from him by providing a continuous platform for wild and false claims about the election—claims refuted by more than 60 judges, Republican State election officials, recounts in numerous States and Trump’s own Attorney General; and
  • the January 6, 2021 violent assault on the U.S. Capitol by continually promoting former President Trump’s “Stop The Steal” rally;

Fox News has caused many millions of Americans—most of them Republicans (as my wife and I were for 50 years)—to believe things that simply are not true. For example, Yahoo News reports that 73% of Republicans blame “left-wing protesters” for the January 6 attack on the Capitol. Of course, that is ludicrous. All one has to do is look at the pictures or videos of the attack to see that the violent mob was comprised of Trump supporters. Similarly, a poll by SSRS in late April found that two-thirds of Republicans either believe or suspect that the election was stolen from Trump—60% saying there is “hard evidence” that the election was stolen. As noted above, this ridiculous notion has been thoroughly refuted. But millions of Americans believe these falsehoods because they have been drilled into their mind’s night-after-night by Fox News.

I encourage people to read the entire article. I used the word misinformation in the title, but much of this is purposeful disinformation. I can argue with someone on political positions, but what I don’t like is politicians who are lying about basic facts. And, their lying is aided and abetted by talk show hosts on Mr. Padden’s former network.

Take it to the bank, Mr. Padden will be painted as a disgruntled former employee. But, this independent and former Republican (and Democrat) voter does not see anything in his major assessment to quibble about. What confuses me is most people do not want to be made to look foolish. Yet, apparently believing what Fox is spoon-feeding is OK.

Former Murdoch Exec: Fox News Is Poison For America (

12 thoughts on “Former Fox News president criticizes network for spreading election fraud and mask misinformation

  1. People like my brother and his wife only watch Fox news. I remember during the height of the Covid outbreak in Florida he had no idea how bad it was in his area, depending on Trump and Fox for his information. It is criminal, really.

  2. What a shame that this is a former employee speaking out. That fact, plus the talk show hosts continuing to push the usual drivel, will be enough to discredit him in the viewers eyes. The mere fact that on Jan 6th television cameras saw Trump supporters go down the path of insurrection at his command almost seems to have escaped certain viewers and that the forces of law and order have made arrests from those people doesn’t seem to register that they could not be BLM or Antifa. Some people are determined that their view of things will not be affected by anything as uncomfortable as the truth. Maybe Antifa Trump should be arrested next.

    • David, it frustrates how low the former president, his sycophants and his supporters will stoop to win a messaging war. In the end, lying is supposed to come back to haunt those who do it. He truly has a Teflon suit because ,more BS should stick to him that does. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: If you are so inclined, please feel free to post a variation of this post on the websites of Republican Senators and Congressional representatives. You will not be able to link the article, so some rewording will be necessary. Last week, I posted the piece on the Michigan Republican State Senator who noted the election there was fair per their eight month audit. I would like to hear answers to comments like these by folks in the know.

  4. I can recall Gary Trudeau ‘Doonesbury’ cartoons of 10-15 years ago poking fun at Fox News and we thought the cartoons witty.
    These days there is nothing funny about this brazen diet of lies not when this network was complicit in an assault on your seat of Government.
    The problem if people (of any far wing of politics) do not want to believe reality they will go seeking out something to support their prejudices.

  5. Very good, Keith. I wish I thought there were a way this clear-eyed view could make it through the disinformation wall. Regrettably, I can’t see that happening.

    I heard something recently that I think is worth sharing: We should stop talking about our “polarized country”—as though there were equivalences. We have a portion of our country that has always been hatemongering on the far right and has now attached itself, with its media, to the Republican Party.

    Trump gave it a megaphone. It’s now up to all of us, regardless of our political views, to reject it and make sure lawbreakers are punished.

    • Annie, thanks. You are right about making it over the disinformation wall. Please refer to my Note to Readers. What do you think about sharing this with elected Republican officials and asking for a response? Or, sending it to those friends and relatives asking if they saw it? Keith

  6. I bet ol’ Rupert Murdoch had steam coming out of his ears when he read that! It is good to see this, to see that a few are waking up, but as Annie says, the odds of the majority of Republicans heeding this are slim-to-none. Thanks for sharing this, for I hadn’t yet seen it, and his words are so very true.

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