Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein levels GOP after General Milley book

In an article by Ken Riley of Mediaite called “Carl Bernstein Absolutely Levels GOP for Ignoring Threat Posed By ‘Crazy, Delusional, Authoritarian, Dangerous, Criminal’ Trump,” Riley reports on comments made by Bernstein in an interview on New Day. Excerpts from the article follow, but the entire article can be linked to below.

“Bernstein joined New Day on Thursday to discuss ‘I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year,’ the incoming new book about General Mike Milley from the Washington Post‘s Carol Leonnig and Philip Rucker. He was specifically asked for his thoughts about how Milley not only compared Trump to Adolf Hitler, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff also began to formulate a backup plan in case Trump tried to launch a coup.

Bernstein began by commenting that the report, while ‘extraordinary,’ merely confirmed, ‘what we already knew, that we had a crazy, delusional, authoritarian, dangerous, criminal president of the United States.

His character, his authoritarianism, his recklessness, his homicidal negligence through the pandemic. All of this was known to our leaders, and the party of Trump and the party of McConnell and what we saw in the insurrection. These are all things that were embraced up until the last minute by McConnell and Republican leadership. And they continue to be embraced: Trumpism, in all its derangement, terror and horror.

As the conversation continued to address the full connotations of Milley’s remarks, Bernstein offered his disgust over the likelihood that they will be ‘dismissed immediately’ by the Trump movement. As he mused on Milley directly tying neofascism to Trumpism, Bernstein asked ‘how did we get to a place where the leader of the American military compared the president of the United States to Hitlerian fascism?’”

I truly am tired of writing about the most deceitful and corrupt acting president in my lifetime, which now must include the word seditious to describe his actions. His actions and statements are overt and it puzzles me how so many critics can be so easily dismissed. His followers have shown a desire to stick with a person who is well-documented by numerous resources and people as untruthful.

It may go down in history as one of the biggest con jobs. But, don’t take my word for it, just read some of what the former president’s Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. Or, if you don’t like his comments, the former president’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis said “Donald Trump does not even try to unite us.” Yet, the most all encompassing comment comes from Michael Cohen, the former president’s attorney and fixer (why one needs a fixer is in and of itself a concern), when he said under oath to Congress “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.”

Carl Bernstein Rips Republicans Ignoring Threat From Trump (mediaite.com)


9 thoughts on “Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein levels GOP after General Milley book

    • Cindy, good analogy. We need to find a way to deflate him. It is the enablers who irk me the most. We have been watching Ronan Farrow’s documentary on how the Harvey Weinstein story was broken, and it is the enablers who make Weinstein and Trump’s problems go away or distract from the story frustrate me. Keith

  1. Note to Readers: When I think of Bernstein and Woodward, I am reminded of the movie “All the President’s Men.” The reporters went through painstaking efforts to corroborate stories. Scroll forward to the most recent former president, and his routine untruthfulness is corroborated by multiple people and fact checkers. When some of Woodward’s sources for his first book on Trump denied some of the things attributed to them, he noted he had 750 hours of recorded interviews. For his second book on Trump, the former president confirmed he knew of the danger of COVID-19 while he still naysayed it endangering his biggest followers with exposure. Keith

  2. Like you, I am sick of writing or even hearing about the former guy … and yet, he still has a large amount of influence over the Republican Party and a portion of the people in this country, so we cannot afford to ignore him, much as we’d like to. Yesterday, I read a fairly lengthy excerpt from the book by Leonnig & Rucker and decided to pre-order it based on what I read. I have gained a new respect for General Milley. Knowing what we know, we must somehow make absolutely certain that the former guy never again sits in the Oval Office!

    • Jill, so true. The fact that his candidacy remains a possibility indicates the power of disinformation exponentiated by dubious information sources and spineless politicians who know precisely what the former president represents. They are like those movies where human sycophants side with the aliens in power, not realizing they are there to harvest them. Keith

      • That is as perfect an analogy as I’ve ever heard, Keith! I think it’s crucial that we keep an eye on the various voter suppression laws popping up in all but a few states, for many of them contain language that would give more partisan power to election officials in the future. We were fortunate that Mike Pence had a conscience in January … there may be state officials willing to overturn the election results in their state by next election … and that makes me nervous.

      • Jill, thanks. I share your concerns, as these officials are using the lies planned and executed by the former president about election fraud to suppress votes. But, these more intense voter suppression efforts began after the 2010 midterms with the cookie cutter voter id laws and gerry mandering. The best response is to get out and vote and beat them. Along the way, we need to call out these efforts for what they are – a concerted effort to cheat by an adrift party. Keith

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