Oh, Andrew, tell me why?

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York is back in this news for his alleged sexual misconduct. It seems the New York Attorney General thinks there is something amiss. Here is Quentinius’ post under his blog “We the commoners” on the subject. Below is a comment I made on the post, which I felt needed repeating with a few modifications.

Why do powerful men think they can get away with repeated sexual assault and misconduct with impunity? My wife and I watched the powerful series by Ronan Farrow called “Catch and Kill” about how he and others broke the Harvey Weinstein story. What is equally troublesome about the decades of sexual assault to control people by Weinstein is the enablers (including women), who helped him cover it up.

Weinstein, Cuomo (allegedly), Cosby, Trump, Clinton, Gingrich, Nassar, Spitzer, Weiner, Rose, O’Reilly, Ailes, etc. all took advantage of their powerful positions to use women, often against the victims’ will or with begrudging consent. They feel they could get away with it because they did for so long. And, it occurs every day in towns and cities with stores, warehouses, plants and offices with male managers of large groups of people.

To me, when the incumbent defames the position he holds (and it usually is a he), the governing body must take action per its rules. It matters not what political party someone belongs to. It matters not what favorable perception has been carefully cultivated by the abuser. If the entity does not follow its own rules of governance, much less the law, it says the behavior is OK. Yet, it is not.

The Heat is Back on Governor Andrew Cuomo – WeTheCommoners Blog

39 thoughts on “Oh, Andrew, tell me why?

  1. I couldn’t agree more but the case against Cuomo is yet to be determined fact. I am interested in seeing the case against him, I deplore any one who harasses sexually or bullies in any way but I’m not ready to toss the man out without further proof esp in this era if political “gotcha”. I found it bewildering that President Biden is so quick to enter the ring when he’s said not one word about Trumps bullying or willingness to “ grab them by the #%#%#.

    • Holly, your point is well taken, which is why I said “alleged.” Yesterday’s news is a major next step. What troubles me about your last statement is followers of the former president either do not believe the two dozen claims of sexual misconduct or are OK with it. The fact the former president had a fixer seems to not matter. Keith

  2. To include the Governor among the convicted seems to imply guilt.
    I could jump on my genders bandwagon because lord knows we have suffered at the hands of men long enough but in these days of getting rid of anyone who might be a political threat I have to whoa the horses and follow the money.

      • Lol, ok. I’m just a little leery with all the accusations coming out lately. It’s entirely possible he did these things but asking him to resign at this stage is premature.

      • Holly, unfortunately, it is not looking good for him. But, we shall see. Righteous indignation is deployed by the guilty and the innocent, so we will need to move beyond that. Have you seen the “Catch and Kill” series by Ronan Farrow? Keith

    • This is so true. We should not lose sight that any man at any strata can do this. The key difference is the powerful have the ability to control the victim. Weinstein hired a counterintelligence firm to discredit fact finders and accusers. Part of the “Catch and Kill” story (which has five parts) is Farrow, other reporters and select accusers were being followed. He knows this as one of the folks hired to follow him quit when he realized who he was working for. The spy had a sense of ethics that told him this is not right. Keith

  3. Whoever it is and whether powerful or not. No matter what the sex. None of this is OK. Coercion, sex talk, unwarranted and unwelcome fondling should be reported straight away, to employers if in work or to the police. It’s your body, only you decide what you do with it and to whom.

    • Kim, I agree. What still amazes me is these folks feeling they can get away with it. Weinstein’s story was a widely known secret, but no one could prove it until one woman recorded him and others came forward. Trump even brags on his sexual misconduct in multiple interviews. Of all the above, Cosby is the one who broke my heart as I have been a huge fan dating back to two comedy albums I had when I was eleven. Keith

  4. As a woman in her 60’s, I can’t remember a time or job where I was not sexually harassed. It seemed to be the culture. I am glad that this is now being addressed, but have mixed feelings.

    • VJ, I am so glad you said this. Retail employers have a higher employment litigation risk because of the fiefdoms run by men in various cities where the retailer is a large employer. The ability to control the work schedule of a working woman gives unwelcome power to abuse it. But, to your point, the men who feel they are being clever in putting women down, flirting in an unwanted manner, touching their behinds, commenting on their looks, etc. are sexually harassing. Keith

  5. Note to Readers: It is not uncommon for men to not realize they have sexually harassed someone. And, as noted in a couple of comments, it need not be a subordinate relationship. As a retired manager, I have counseled men where they said something inappropriate. The women did not want to make a formal complaint, but did want me to say something.

  6. I’m waiting for the outcome on the Cuomo thing.
    Proof is needed beyond allegations. Proof is required beyond political gotchas.
    Guilty or not, it seems like Cuomo is destined to fall, somewhere.
    That is a sad thing to say.
    Unlike trump who just keeps getting away with any and everything, where his base and most of the republicans are concerned, others have fallen into jail, lost careers, or have become social pariah.

    Before anyone else is punished, trump should go down!

    • Resa, I agree. His ability to escape may exceed his ability to con. I have long said the happiest people in America are the ones who turned him down to work with him. The second happiest folks are their spouses and significant others. When you fly to close to the sun, you get burned, but the sun still continues. Keith

    • Resa, no need to explain. His attorney/ fixer under oath said “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat.” Now, why would he say that? Keith

    • Erika, agreed. Seeing the piece on Weinstein is disgusting as it shows how he manipulated actresses into sex to further their careers. To her credit, Rosanna Arquette said no to him, but she knew her career was over before the elevator she used to leave hit the lobby. Keith

    • Quentin, thanks for your piece. It started the conversation. Another blogger did a piece on Andrew Cuomo’s travails today as well, so I offered a link. So, maybe a few more eyeballs will see your post. Keith

  7. As a number of your readers have commented, he is ‘innocent until proven guilty’. However, I am a believer that where there is so much smoke, there’s a fire somewhere and I have no trouble at all believing that he is guilty as charged. If nothing else, in my book he has lost credibility and should do the right thing and step down, though I don’t think he will go quietly.

    • Jill, so very true on all counts. We should not forget that some of the men noted in my list have never been proven guilty in a court of law. The former president has about two dozen legitimate accusations and has settled numerous cases with NDAs (non-disclosure agreements). He has also bragged in multiple interviews of sexual misconduct, yet a court has not said he is guilty. Keith

      • I think this is part of the problem … those men you mentioned were never brought to justice, giving way to the notion that “it’s okay … they got by with it, so I can too”. It’s about time we made an example … I’d still like to see Trump convicted of his crimes against women.

      • Agreed. Usually the offer to settle comes with coercion. One of Weinstein’s victims settled when he threatened her brother. It is the take the money or we will make your life miserable approach. Keith

  8. Note to Readers: Please refer to my comment to Erika about the “Catch and Kill” series about Harvey Weinstein’s sexual assaults and rapes of women to further their careers. Rosanna Arquette turned him down, but knew her career was over as a result. One actress recorded him and Weinstein can be heard saying to her when she said no again, “Five minutes. You are going to ruin your career for five minutes?” Weinstein boiled his request into an investment of time. Raping someone is only a few minutes of time in his mind.

    When The New Yorker broke Ronan Farrow’s story, they used two fact checkers to make sure they got it right, as they knew Weinstein liked to punish people. They also debated the use of the word “rape” as that would be inflammatory. The publisher was convinced that word was appropriate as that is what the women said he did. By not using the word, it would let Weinstein off the hook, again acquiescing to his power. So, they left it in.

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