Oh, the questions we should ask

My wife and I were watching an old movie called “Cabaret” with Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey and Michael York which won many Oscars. The movie (based on the successful play) was set in Berlin before the Nazis came into power, but were making waves. The movie included several ironies, but one that stood out is York’s character pointing out the idiocy of Nazi early propaganda that defined successful Jews as communists and capitalists. He told the disinformed reader you cannot be both.

During the 2008 US presidential election, Barack Obama was painted both as a Muslim and a person belonging to a Christian church with a minister who was an aggressive protestor in his past. OK, which is it? Is Obama a Muslim or a Christian? He cannot be both. By the same token, too many failed to realize that Obama was also half-white, but that was less important than his name which made him seem he was not from around here. Of course, that is precisely why people like the most recent past president made a field day with the birther issue.

Oh, the questions we should ask. Especially when we see ironies. A question I want MAGA fans to answer is simple. Why would people like Congresswoman Liz Cheney, who know they will be vilified and receive death threats, call out the former president for his role in the January 6 insurrection and vote to impeach him? Swimming against the tide is hard and takes a courageous soul. Does her so doing at least make you want to think more about what she is saying?

What I have learned during the new tribalism that surrounds and protects the former president, what makes the MAGA crowd so mad is not as much what she said, but that she said it. Senator Ron Johnson, who is as big a Trump drum beater as there is, has been recently vilified for accepting the Wisconsin 2020 election results. A few more supporters have begun to realize that the former president has been unable to prove much of anything to support his election fraud claims. But, I think they are mad at Johnson for saying it. It does not fit neatly in the current narrative that voter suppression is the answer in several states like Texas.

We must ask questions. When using misinformation and disinformation is the modus operandi, contradictions will come out. When I speak with staff or leave messages with Republican congressional representatives or senators, my thrust is to get them to move the GOP back to better footing. A party that vilifies its truth tellers and celebrates its liars is not an admirable party. And, what frustrates me so much is the efforts to do both are overt, not even hidden or done discreetly with a wink and a nod.

24 thoughts on “Oh, the questions we should ask

  1. It seems in Republican eyes that contradictions are just two negatives they can accuse the opposition of and that of course makes those negative, Positive.The voters can believe whichever is the most heinous to them. As I said to Jill yesterday. politicians should fight policies not go on personal attacks but if they choose to be personal they must be made to prove it as with the birther accusations. Freedom of speech is used as a weapon far too often and it just means that anybody can just say anything they want without consequences which is wrong.

    • David, good points. Freedom of speech comes with responsibility and accountability. And, as you note all speech is not protected. One’s speech cannot put people in danger, it cannot slander someone nor can it defame someone. When it does, the speaker must be held accountable. Keith

      • One’s speech cannot put people in danger

        … unless one is a ‘billionaire’ ex-president, and effectively beyond the reach of the law by which non-billionaire non-ex presidents must abide.

      • Pendantry, my context was not clear. The point is someone’s free speech should not be permitted if it puts people in danger. Rep. Madison Cawthorn is guilty of this as we speak. Keith

  2. Talking of parallels in films Keith.
    The reactions of MAGA wing of the Republican party to the result of the 2020 presidential election, the 6th January and Biden in general can be likened in its obstructive hysteria to this clip from the German film ‘Downfall’; the last days of Hitler’s regime.

    • Roger, there are a lot of similarities to this egomaniacal leader and the former president. People who tried to tell the US madman the truth, were fired. Keith

      • My legislators are the slimiest batch of slithering snakes to ever crawl out of a cesspool. They don’t take calls. Calls are automated. Emails are answered with profoundly obfuscated and roundabout excuses for their positions. It is pointless.

      • Linda, I fully understand your points. The responses are typically based on the subject box you check. My live conversations are only with staff, but often are messages. I try to be diplomatic in my requests – we need a viable GOP and I fear it is adrift, e.g. I guess is my goal is to convince a staff member or two. Keith

  3. My jaw is on the floor. From up here in Canada, it seems like the USA is like the last days of a burning Rome, while the GOP play fiddles.
    Worse, some of the trump shi! has spread to up here.
    I admire Liz Cheney.
    Texas is freaking me out!
    The supreme court looks like the dinky toys court.
    How dare they not take up arguments, properly, in the abortion issue? THAT is for and from trump.
    Oh my… open gun carry in Texas…no need to learn how to use a fire arm!
    Yet, a hairdresser needs 1,000 hours of instruction before she can take a blow dryer or curling iron to someone’s head.
    Back to Marvin Gaye’s old protest song, “What’s Going On”.

    • Resa, it feels that way down here, as well. Marvin Gaye’s song remains apt. Please find moments, like this one, to share your concerns with your American friends. More people need to know, our slip is showing big time. Keith

  4. I’ve often wondered about pre=fascist Germany. I don’t known much really, but I imagine intellectuals and thinking people made jokes about Hitler and shared their anxieties much like Americans are doing today. “Unbelievable”, “unprecedented” they said back then, shaking their heads.

  5. Hello Keith. Any thoughts on the Democrats making Congresswoman Liz Cheney the vice chair on the Jan 6th select House committee? Hugs

    • Scott, great to hear from you. Her appointment will lend more credibility to the hearings and committee. While I don’t like her policy provisions, I admire her courage. Keith

      • Hello Keith. I agree. I do fear this will end her political career if the Republicans take back over the legislature branch. Hugs

      • Agreed. That is sadly true, especially with some of the extremists that represent the Republican party and are encouraged by the zealous wing of the MAGA base.

      • Cindy, until we watched “Cabaret” the other night, I don’t think I had seen the entire movie. Minelli and Grey were fabulous in the cabaret scenes. To me, the scariest part of the movie was hearing the blond hair boy sing a song to the fatherland to like minded Nazis. He had no idea he had been misled and would not find out for a few more years the perilous path he was on. Keith

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