My tribe is America, my race is human and my home is Earth

Tribal politics will bring down America’s democracy if we let it. It has already caused one of its two major parties to become adrift, untethered to truth and lawfulness. While I can disagree with Democrats on various policies, Republicans are just not often in the same ballpark as the facts and seemingly do not care. We need them to care or step aside and let a new party form. A party cannot vilify its truth tellers and aggrandize its liars and be credible. Both parties lie, but what I see as an Independent is a tipped scale to the right.

My tribe is America, my race is human and my home is Earth. Each of those are important. If we do not give each of these elements proper footing, then we increase our chances of our demise. Those apocalyptic films use a desert like Earth that became that way due to nuclear holocaust. We are destined to be that way, but it will be due to insufficient water and food resources for the population.

There are more autocratic governments who are cleverly aiding and abetting the demise of democracy. With social media and conspiracy minded zealots, it is like shooting fish in a barrel to wind up America (or British) toy soldiers and point them at each other. We should never forget this is what Vladimir Putin was trained to do in the KBG – disinformation tactics. He had no idea at the time how much easier his skill set could be deployed.

Democracy requires an informed public. Even before the rise of the last president, the most untruthful person to ever inhabit the White House, there has been an orchestrated attack on mainstream media and institutions. These groups are not perfect, but they have been painted with broad and narrow brushes to mask their effectiveness. Fear sells. Facts are boring. Competence is boring. As Putin and Hitler knew, people can be made to believe just about anything. Or, at the very least, be taught to doubt it.

So, we Americans and other citizens, must do our part and become more informed. We must use multiple sources of information and avoid getting news from social media. I try to be accurate, but what I write is not news, so please verify everything you read here. Over time I have learned there are sources that have more veracity than others, but we must do our part to be informed. I grow tired of party leaders telling me something did not happen that just happened or whitewashing history.

We have infrastructure needs in America that are ten years over due. Yet, the last president is attempting to not have an infrastructure bill passed because it will make the other party look good. The fact he passed on doing something on infrastructure after campaign promises seems to get overlooked. America needs these improvement and Americans support the effort in the majority. Our tribe needs to see this happen before the next train derails or automobile bridge collapses.

Yet, our human race is critical. We all bleed red. We all want safety and security. Most of us want some form of community, either friends and family. But, if we do not take care of our planet, it will have a harder time taking care of us. All of us. Climate change has already reared its ugly head and we are seeing the cost of worsening conditions in money, health and lives. Many of our ocean fish have particles of plastic in their bodies which we, in turn, will digest. Chemicals have been tainting and poisoning our water supplies and air for some time.

For elected officials to do nothing or as little as possible to remedy these issues. is beyond poor stewardship. In my view, it is malfeasance. The story (captured in the movie “Dark Waters”) of Dupont poisoning its workers, their families and other citizens surrounding a plant that made Teflon is bad enough. This was proven in court with the largest data trove ever assembled. What unnerved me the most is they knew it long before per memos and reports in their own files. And, when they lost the arbitration based on this mountain of “causal data” they reneged on the deal and had to be sued one case at a time before settling all claims after losing the first three.

Tribe – America. Race – human. Home – Earth. Let’s stop the BS and start solving our real problems. As the old Fram oil filter commercial used to say, “You can pay me now, our pay me later.” Let’s install those oil filters now in this old car or it will stop working and we won’t be able to get anywhere in it.

22 thoughts on “My tribe is America, my race is human and my home is Earth

  1. I had high hopes that George Conway would be helping form a new party since he’s left the Republican party for pretty much the same reasons that you had. A party with some veracity and with policies that the voters could make fair decisions on. There would be less of the blatant racism, less of the misogyny andcertainly more care of the community if Covid 19 is still a problem

    • David, there remain some hopes, but it will require more political courage to call out the deceit and sedition of Donald Trump and his sycophants. Unless these folks are held accountable for their actions, this BS will continue. Keith

  2. It is unbelievable how so so so often it is more important to save individual persons from prison than to save the rest from serious harm. But that is a virus that has infected all countries long before COVID 19.

  3. Always truth and thought provoking and truth Keith!
    “Tribe – America. Race – human. Home – Earth. Let’s stop the BS and start solving our real problems. As the old Fram oil filter commercial used to say, “You can pay me now, our pay me later.”
    Amem to this❣️

  4. A powerful and eloquent appeal Keith which should be passed onto to every one intending to run for any office and is standing against the plague of MAGA.
    There have always been these waves of ignorant populism polluting the American path. I hope for all you you who truly care for your nation and see the Big Picture this one will also pass and there will be a return to common sense and consensus.

  5. Excellent thought provoking post, as usual! I think that you might want to change one word in the early 70’s Fram oil filter quote : “You can pay me now, or pay me later.” However, most certainly for our Democracy and the Earth, later may well prove to be too late! Thank-you!

  6. Note to Readers: One of the connections I did not make in the above is the impoverished folks tend to bear a larger burden with climate change and environmental degradation. The impoverished do not have a loud enough voice to stop chemically polluting plants near by. They also may live in more flood prone areas and cannot easily move to avoid rising seas or more intense hurricane flooding. And, on top of this, our infrastructure needs are lacking, especially for citizens who do not get prioritized.

  7. The world is in serious trouble. We were moving forward for centuries, albeit with a few fits and starts, but now the earth may have had enough of our mistakes. We need unique leaders and politicians who have foresight, are open and compassionate. Unfortunately the lack of truth and independent information dupes a large proportion of the voting public.

    • Amanda, we certainly need leaders. I was watching one of our favorite British shows by historian Lucy Worsley. In this show, she noted misinformation and disinformation have been alive and well for the longest of time. Those who could control the narrative, could bend the story. But, the truth does have a way of seeping out. Today, it is far easier to mislead people with social media and disreputable sources in politicians and their sycophants. Yet, these sycophants will keep alive a lie longer because of people’s inability to let in things contradictory to what they have been led to believe. It so much harder for the truth to be heard. Keith

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