Thursday this and that’s

Thursday is an underrated day. It does not get the credit it deserves as the peek-a-boo day into the weekend. When I worked, Friday was a day to just to crash and veg out – the restaurants are to crowded and the bar/ restaurants are too boisterous. Yet, we often would go out to dinner on Thursday as it was a little more relaxing and we need only worry about one work day, if we finished off the wine.

Couples get into nice rituals around how to yin and yang with each other. This goes beyond the intimacy part, so we will keep this PG rated. I was tickled by a line from the movie “All my Life,” which I recommended the other day in post, when the girlfriend invited her boyfriend to move in. She said “If you suck at being a roommate, I will kick you out.” This was after she laid out her rules and he countered, such as closet space is 80/20 in her favor, he would cook three times a week, but she would sample things, eg. to which he agreed.

So, going to dinner on Thursday instead of Friday is one of those rituals. Now that we are retired, we tend to go out to brunches and lunches, especially with the COVID pandemic. Fewer people to come across is a safety issue these days. Other rituals we tended toward is take out food on Friday, even still today. Chinese, Mexican, seafood, pizza, etc. are in the rotation. During harvest months, we tend to go to brunch on Saturday where there is a Farmer’s Market in the parking lot. And, with children, we had to have a date night. Full stop.

Yet, Thursday remains a good day, even when retired. But, it won’t find itself in songs. When I did a series of posts based on songs with the days of the week, Thursday was a less used day. Tuesday seem to get more attention, maybe because the first syllable could be accentuated more. Thursday also won’t have a restaurant named after it as do TGI Fridays or Ruby Tuesday. Maybe that is why it gets less respect.

So, go enjoy Thursday today. (For my Australian friends, I hope you had a great one). Go help the hurting restaurant industry and dine al fresco or get take out. Or, while it is still pre-fall back on the time, go for a walk after dinner in the neighborhood. You might even see a few neighbors doing the same, at least I do.

One final note, when drinking was still a thing for me, Thursday did lend itself to a concept called “Thirsty Thursdays,” where beer was cheaper. This was especially dangerous at the minor league baseball park with its quarter beers in small cups. You definitely needed a designated driver or a designated memory person in case you met someone you liked and were to inebriated to remember her (or his or their) name. Now that we don’t drink anymore, those days are behind us.

So, a toast to Thursday. May it get the attention it deserves.

30 thoughts on “Thursday this and that’s

      • Clive, you are so right about the Nilsson song. This lyric was unusual in its own right and meaning:

        “But Thursday’s surreptitiously unique.”

        I liked this one better than a “crazy, lazy day.”

        Thanks for mentioning it. Keith

  1. We have discovered that dining mid afternoon – a late lunch/ early dinner – is the best time to avoid too many people and still support the local restaurants. Can’t say I have ever felt one way or the other about Thursdays, though.

    • VJ, good suggestion. My theme was more around being a conversation piece. To be honest, I started out with an idea for a potpourri piece, but it morphed into a theme. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: My “Thirsty Thursday” comment has a story behind it. After drinking way too much at a minor league baseball game on quarter beer night, we went to a restaurant to eat. A friend saw a college friend and his date there. About six months later, his friend’s date bumped into us and told my friend she thought they had met. Through her memory, she recalled it was at this restaurant which he at least remembered had to be the night of quarter beer. Yet, he had been too drunk to remember ever meeting her. So, we must beware of Thirsty Thursday nights and remember designated drivers.

  3. Exactly. I love Thursdays. It’s the day I whizz about in the car doing the errands and grocery shopping. When you don’t get to enjoy a lot of retail therapy, grocery shopping tends to be the one day of the week when you go out to the shops and spend a lot of money. I really get a kick out of it every time.

    • Yvette, my wife would agree about the retail therapy concept. Grocery shopping is not quite the same, unless you go to the store hungrier than usual, then it can be a splurge. Keith

  4. Thursday, a recommended day to ‘do the weekly shop’ for household stuff, thus avoiding the Friday pre-weekend and weekend crowds.
    It’s also a good day for checking your bank balance to see how you are fixed for the TGIF and week-end.

    • Roger, you and Yvette above think alike on the shopping on Thursday. And, checking the bank balance beforehand means you and I think alike. I must confess, our favorite grocery store has senior’s discounts on Thursdays, which I now qualify for, oh gosh darn it. Keith

      • I mean to refer to Yvette’s shopping, then pressed the ‘send’ button too early- bother.
        In this house we look at it this way Keith, if you qualify for a discount, you’ve earned it and since age can’t be avoided might as well indulge in the benefits available, (Hope that helps)

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