Weekend warrior wisdom

Now that pro and college football (the American version) have started their new seasons, watching, betting, imbibing, overeating and playing by those who are less talented at the game will begin. Here are a few truisms of which to be mindful as we watch the games.

Monday comes early for Sunday drinkers watching football.

Fantasy footballers need to be wary of those who use multi-variant regression models to select their players. Bet what you can afford or don’t bet at all.

Tuesday comes early for Monday drinkers watching football.

A football is not round so it bounces in peculiar ways. Remember that when you wager.

Football players do not get that big and strong without chemical help.

The best of football helmets will not prevent the brain from rattling around in your head when hit on the field..

For every Tom Brady who plays that long, there are thousands of players who won’t make four years in a football career.

There are two halves to every football game. Do not celebrate victory before it occurs.

Finally, college success does not automatically translate into pro success – the pros are bigger and faster and the significant majority of college players from the bigger universities will not make it to the pros.

Enjoy the seasons. Don’t drink and drive. Wager wisely.

11 thoughts on “Weekend warrior wisdom

  1. Note to Readers: It should be noted two other “ball” sports – soccer (or real football) and rugby are also known to cause concussive brain injuries. A soccer player who does a “header” is inflicting damage on him or herself. As for rugby players, to hit each other so much without much padding is simply unwise. We need not even venture down the boxing or MMA paths for head injury exposure.

  2. Note to Readers II: I do love football having played it growing up and in school until I got to high school. Ironically, I was small and quick when I was younger and got slower as I got taller. So, I moved onto more basketball and baseball and less football. One of my funniest memories is when we had a very good football team in the 6th grade playing for the city-wide YMCA championship. Anytime our Quarterback was going to call a play for him to run (he loved the Quarterback sweep), he would say in the huddle, “You guys block now.” OK, Oscar, will block now.

    A key play in the semi-final game was one that rarely worked in practice, but we ran it anyway. The problem is Oscar could not remember what the play was called and after mumbling in the huddle to give us the gist, he added ‘”Keith you know what to do.” The play called for me to go in motion before the snap and just make a beeline for the opponent’s goal line. Oscar would heave a pass toward me. In this game, it actually worked and we scored a touchdown. It was known in our recollections from then on at ‘”The you know what to do play.”

  3. Due to the time difference, the games are very late over here. But my son is a big football fan (most of all for the Buffalo Bills – he was born in the suburbs of Buffalo). He has no problems staying up late when they play at US prime time … or he takes the next morning off… lol

  4. Very wise words Keith, which could equally apply to soccer supporters (UK rugby supporters have a different culture and metabolism, although drinking beer is part of the game- afterwards for the players, it never seems to affect their good natures- and brawls between teams are treated as part of the game with the referee intervening with an air of ‘OK, that’s enough now, back to the game) ).
    At least all three sports are treating potential brain damage as a serious issue.

      • Roger, now those are good reasons for pubs. We were watching this show about Irish pubs and this one city had annual signing competitions between pubs. Some were stacked with local theater performers, so a good choir would go a long way. Keith

  5. Note to Readers III: I have been to a couple of Monday Night Football games. If it is a good game and you stay until the bitter end, you get home around 2 pm. Then comes Tuesday’s alarm clock. I n a first neighborhood we lived, a few of us would go to a sports bar to watch Monday night football. But, then we could leave after the third quarter and see the rest of the game at home. We did witness an almost fight which my buddy described incorrectly that two guys (one with a Dallas Cowboy jersey the other with a Philadelphia Eagles jersey) were nose to nose. I said Joe, one was behind our table the other was in front of us, but he smiled and knew his story was better.

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