Monday meanderings

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. And, for our Pacific Rim friends, I hope your Monday has gone well. Here a few meanderings on this first Monday in October.

  • A social media analyst said on “CBS Sunday Morning” yesterday that misinformation will be read and routed at a rate six times that of the truth. The only way to stop this is for readers to start asking more questions about what they read. Facebook won’t stop this as their model is to make money off more viewership.
  • An answer to the above is to read and watch multiple sources of information. And, we need to divorce ourselves from sources that are dubious. Infowars’ Alex Jones has now lost three court cases for defamation of Sandy Hook parents for continually saying the twenty-seven people (twenty whom were kids) killed was a hoax. Jones is still not remorseful. Opinion show hosts are not news reporters – even Fox News threw Tucker Carlson under the bus in court saying watchers should not consider what he says news, as he is not a news person.
  • Rudy Giuliani admitted in court under oath that he got his election fraud stories from social media, without checking the veracity. He has also been suspended in New York and DC from practicing law while the trials are going on. Wasn’t he an attorney for the former president? Did he not advise the former president on election fraud?
  • Even the folks at Fox News have banned ol’ Rudy. It does not amaze me that people who fly to close to the Trump sun eventually get burned. What amazes me is why they don’t know this going in? As Thomas Wells, an attorney for Trump once said, “if you are on Trump’s good side, don’t get used to it, as you won’t be there for long.”
  • As for our imperfect Democrat friends, please get something done. The infrastructure bill is over due and the other bill, needs to be made into law, but it will have to be cut back some, whether you like it or not. Do not cut it across the board, as that will water down the impact. Prioritize and pass the things that matter most.
  • As for our adrift Republican friends, please set aside your tribal politics and help get something passed. Democrats are also tribal, but with them I find myself arguing policy. With my Republican friends, I find myself arguing the truth. When a party vilifies its truth tellers and celebrates its liars, that is not compelling. We need a viable Republican party, but what we have now is one adrift and untethered to the truth.
  • I hope our British friends can get their petrol. One of our blogging friends, Roger, says his part of the country is getting more back to normal. Yet, there is still a ways to go. For those blaming only Brexit, it plays a role, but is not the only reason for the mess. There is a long slog ahead on Brexit transition which will last several years, at least that is what financial analysts said before the vote. I wish you the best.
  • There seems to be an interest in more naysayers to get the COVID vaccines. Something about people dying who are unvaccinated or maybe it is more friends sharing that it was not too bad. For those who are citing actual data that people have reacted poorly to vaccines, the percentages are quite small, even though the numbers seem large. We are talking less than 1/2 of a one percent adverse reaction when you think of hundreds of millions US vaccines and billions of global vaccines. Every medication, every vaccine and every surgical procedure has an error rate. The best two A-Fib surgical procedures only have effectiveness rates of 70%. And, just read the side effects on the sheets that come with your prescriptions.

That is all for now. Have a great week. Be safe. Get vaccinated if you have not. My extended family has been vaccinated and out of fifty or so people, we just had a few sore arms and headaches.

20 thoughts on “Monday meanderings

  1. That’s interesting about misinformation. The tragedy of our time. Also, the mechanism of autocratic societies. FB is the worst. Here in Canada, doctors are refusing to dole out medical exemptions without evidence of a life threatening reaction from a covid shot. In other words – get your shot.

  2. Note to Readers: Stephanie Grisham, the former press secretary for the last president said the Trump presidency created a culture of dishonesty in her interview with George Stephanopolous.

    Here is what gets lost in the lies. Trump inherited the third longest growth economy in US history at 91 consecutive months, with 2 + million jobs growth for six straight years, with a more than doubled stock market, but he tells everyone he created it. To his credit, it continued until it cratered with his mishandling of COVID.

    From a defense standpoint, America is weaker because of how we treated our allies and took our relationships for granted. He also elevated autocrats in North Korea and Russia and hastened China’s acceleration. So, there are policy issues to question along with his defamation of the office.

  3. From a British perspective, I accept that the pandemic hasn’t helped the delivery driver shortage, which affects supermarkets as well as petrol stations. But I will always blame Brexit for the largest part of what is wrong with our country today, for the way in which our government has made EU and other citizens feel so unwelcome, and for the blatant racism that underpins so many of their policies. Truth was absent from their campaign, too, and continues to be in short supply: that isn’t just a US issue!

    • Clive, will not disagree with you on your points. All along the financial analysts said Brexit would be dilutive to the UK economy. And, those companies who move EU headquarters to Dublin, Brussels, Frankfurt, etc. did so because of Brexit. Keith

      • One of the main proponents of Brexit recently said that it could take up to fifty years for the benefits to be fully realised. If I live to be 118 I’m really looking forward to seeing if he was right. In the meantime, it is proving to be the disaster forecast by anyone with two brain cells to rub together.

      • Clive, I must confess, I have not seen that opinion and it sounds pretty lame. What I have heard is it will be a tough road ahead for several years. At some point, people adjust, but it might be at a suboptimal level than otherwise would have occurred. Keith

      • PS – COVID puts a damper on many things. What is interesting truckers are in need here as well, so it is a global problem. We also are having a hard time with plumbers and electricians, both of whom are paying while they teach you how to be one. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: One of the talents of the former president is to sell his followers on any BS he cares to pitch. He has convinced them all critics just don’t like him or are out to get him, so his followers can just ignore them. And, they do. But, Giuliani and Fox News said these things in courts of law. And, the former president and his sycophants have lost over 65 court cases winning only one on his bogus election fraud claims. Courts of law are telling Trump and his sycophants they are lying.

    • Cindy, thanks. The orange carrot is an interesting description. Rudy went from America’s mayor to suspended law license in two places. It is a sad state of affairs. Keith

  5. Very comprehensive post Keith and thanks for the mention. As far as can be made out it seems the South East of England has been worse hit by the shortage, where my older daughter lives, my son resident near Bath in the South West reports it’s business as usual. The deciding factor does seem to rely on population density.
    The Conspiracy and propaganda pollution spilling out on social media is a mirror image of a totalitarian state, there the government controls the information, in the West there seems to be this fashionable neurosis to believe anyone but the government.
    *Reclaiming History: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy – by the late Vincent Bugliosi in which he comprehensively shredded the conspiracy industry over that event, ended with a warning that this knee-jerk distrust of historical evidence would lead the USA down a path of an unhealthy obsession of Conspiracies.
    I think we can safely say after the events of 1/6/2021 that has come to pass.

    *Made into the film ‘Parkland’ (2013)

    • Roger, good point on the population density. This distrust in government is a cottage industry. Part of the reason is what Michael Lewis said in “The Fifth Risk.” He said the Deep State are the folks who know what they are talking about, who are hard working and oath bound employees. They are blamed by politcians like the last president who do not pay attention to details. Keith

      • ‘Deep State’; sorry Keith there is always a snort of derision at 51 Maes Hyfryd Wrexham when that phrase is used by anyone critical of a system of governance be they right or left wing
        It and its various equivalents are fictions made up by those who either are not getting their way or like to pretend they ‘know something’
        As Michael Lewis points out, government in a democracy relies upon an infrastructure of professionals. In truth their loyalty lies in the running of the state, without which the nation would fall into chaos.
        Regrettably Reagan encouraged this with his notorious “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help. “.
        I gave my entire working life to the UK Civil Service and found that offensive.
        Trump of course being a class incompetent would use any excuse, whereas his neurotic pack of self-serving priests of the ‘Unholy Church of MAGA’ would make up any drivel to ensure they kept their flocks.

      • Well said, Roger. This type of commentary does trace itself back to Ronald Reagan. I have this discussion with staff of representatives and senators. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) does its best to get their estimates as right as possible. When the CBO estimates support a politician claim, they are sacrosanct, when they don’t they are biased. Same folks. Keith

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