Just a few very puzzling things that require some response.

While I am not a huge fan of Senator Lindsey Graham, I did call to thank him for being on the side of the Angels. I try to call to thank legislators to balance out when I call to ask them to change a position. What did the Senator do? He stood up in front of a Republican gathering in his state of South Carolina and recommended that folks consider getting vaccinated for COVID. And, he was booed. He tried to water down his recommendation and was still booed. He tried a third time and was still booed. Really?

This followed on similar recommendations by Reverend Franklin Graham, another person I am not a huge fan of due to his bigotry, but who nonetheless has done some good things in the world. Graham wrote about getting the vaccine online and he was promptly vilified by his primary audience for so recommending. The retorts were less than Golden-rule like from this religious audience. Really?

Now, I have read that teachers are getting death threats for being worried about teaching when their is no vaccine requirement for the school. Death threats. Teachers. Really?

I recognize that people have been led to tap their innermost feelings for something which should be so simple. I also realize that only a small group of people would actually be troll-like enough to offer death threats – these folks being hateful. But, it is the folks booing people for having the temerity to try to save their lives by suggesting getting the vaccines which stymies me. Booing. Really? Why?

16 thoughts on “Really?

  1. I read yesterday that a NBA player got vaccinated against his own will. His statement was that he had to do it and can only hope he’ll still be well in 10 years. What a ludicrous thing to say. Better to be alive than not. People are crazy right now.

    • VJ, what folks need to be reminded of is an employer, as a condition of employment, can require vaccinations. As long as they apply it to all.

      Colleges and universities require a vaccination record that proves compliance for all incoming students, as do public schools. So, these are the requirements to keep all students safe. Keith

  2. I suspect the vilification is because these people don’t see it as a simple change of mind, or as having been convinced of a truth, but as the betrayal of the great and holy Trump in who they have all invested. Graham was a Trump Man and must now be turning on him. They can’t imagine how they themselves would feel and act if they discovered Trump had played them for fools because they refuse to believe it could happen. Therefore Graham has been got at by Big Government or has just turned traitor. It is therefore all to do with Trump and not the vaccine or by now they would have seen that the virus is not causing damage even after 18 months and is in fact having a positive affect on infections.

    • David, well said. You are so right when you imply Trump will throw anyone under the bus, who does not genuflect in a reverent manner and that includes any one of his followers. Keith

    • Janis, they do indeed. I have long grown weary of Republican legislators continuing to lie to support the untruthful, deceitful and seditious acting former president. Just yesterday, two possible GOP presidential candidates – Nikki Haley and Mike Pence – lied to support their former boss. It is a truly sad state of affairs, especially for these two, when they have continually reversed positions to support the Big Lie and its major espouser. More Republicans who still care about the truth need to speak up. In my mind, it is already too late, as the GOP is floundering. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I encourage folks to reach out to legislators with concerns, either via phone call or email. But, as I did above and have done on other situations, do reach out to thank them when they did the right thing, especially in the face of adversity. It balances out your constructive criticism.

  4. In one of my many chats to Jill through her blog I came up with this initially sarcastic term ‘Terminal Stupidity’ to define the antics of Conspiracy Theorists, Climate Change deniers, racists and those who wish to impose their religious beliefs on others. I did not realise it would turn from a comment of dismissal into an actual fact.
    There is a neurotic and hysterical attitudes within these folk. Their obsessions with dismissing anything supported by this administration or which goes contrary to any teaching of the Unholy Church of MAGA runs parallel with the intolerance of the Taliban and ISIS.

    • Roger, it amazes me how easily duped people can be. There are definitely similarities between those groups you mention. The ones I share more disdain for are the sycophants and rationalizers who are destroying the fabric of our country to save the face of the most untruthful, corrupt and seditious presidents in my lifetime. Keith

      • I agree Keith.
        Such creatures are to be found in the histories of failed totalitarian regimes, what we used to call Banana Republics and royal/imperial households in the decade before their fall.

      • Roger, so very true. What they fail to realize is they have been exploited by the regime all along until it is too late. Keith

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