Sunday soliloquys

Happy weekend to all, including our friends overseas where they are almost through. Today, I thought I would throw some random ramblings or soliloquys at you, hopefully brief ones.

  • why is a major whitewashing effort going on by one of its two political parties to make more not be aware that the US has an ugly racist past? I will paraphrase a recent banner over a picture of Dorothy Counts, a black teen who was vilified and spat at for being the first black high school student at a previously all white high school in 1957 in Charlotte. The banner said the folks who tried to prevent her from going to school with white kids are now advocating not teaching that they tried to prevent her from going to the school.
  • why is this same Republican party doing its darnedest to whitewash what happened on January 6, after claiming it was an ugly chapter in our history after it just happened? This is akin to the wizard telling us to ignore the man behind the curtain, but in this case, telling us the wizard had a role, then backing off months later. This process began well before January 6 and is still going on built on a Big Lie that the former president was cheated – he was not, he just lost because he got fewer votes.
  • why are Democrats routinely forming a circular firing squad to prevent legislation from happening? Please get the infrastructure bill over the goal line and pass something tangible, but short of hopes, on the tandem bill. The former is over due now. But, the Democrats will need prioritize on the tandem bill, as things cost money.
  • why are Republican states awakening the Kraken by pushing for more restrictive abortion rights in various states? The Kraken is women who do not like people governing their bodies more than they already do. I think women have gotten their hands around the current rules, but going further is a bridge too far. Even Republican leaders are worried over this push. They should be.
  • what I cannot understand is why even pro-life folks do not favor family planning efforts? The state of Colorado did a study a few years ago which revealed family planning efforts reduced the state’s health care bill, reduced the number of abortions, reduced the prevalence of STDs., and reduced the number of unwanted pregnancies. Other studies have shown a correlation with increased poverty and increased family size.

That is all for now. Have a great weekend.

19 thoughts on “Sunday soliloquys

  1. It seems the Democrats have split in two and cannot win the fight that’s going on in their own ranks. As for the former party once known as Republicans, they are reduced to coward liars and obstructionists without any regard for the nation with a leader holed up at Mar A Lago waiting to be unleashed.

    • Holly, the Dems need to get their act together to get something done. It is OK to disagree, but they need to move forward and not get stuck ina quagmire. I agree on the Republicans. They are adrift, untethered to the truth. Even worse, some are trying to whitewash the truth as if it never happened. Sadly, too many folks believe the BS. The Dems are not perfect, but I argue policy with them, while I argue what is true with Republicans. That speaks volumes. Keith

      • What’s happening on both sides is disturbing but the GOP and it’s radical followers threaten our democracy and peace. It’s time for the dem ultra liberal to face reality with their demands if anything is to be accomplished. However The cries of overspending from a Republican senate are ludicrous in the face of there willingness to spend and cut corporate tax to the bone under Trump.

  2. Nothing the Republicans do any more surprises me, Keith. I know some kind and wonderful people of that party, but their politics as a whole are vile. I don’t understand how anyone can support such a racist, deceitful, and inhumane group of politicians. And the Democratic circular firing squad – I shake my head in dismay once again. What a complete mess. Thanks for the chance to vent! Have a wonderful, peaceful day!

    • Thanks Diana. Please vent away. These folks wear me out. Until the GOP stops vilifying the truth tellers in their midst and celebrating the liars, it will have a hard time righting their ship. The Dems need to figure out a way to move ahead. Grandstanding in social media is not the place to resolve differences. Get in a room and work it out folks. Keith

  3. A lot of good questions, Keith. Here’s another question from someone who believes everyone has a right to live. If you truly believe in the right to life, do you support the death sentence? I believe women DO have a right to choose what happens to their body. BUT here’s the clincher for me, we DON’T have the right to choose what happens to the baby they are carrying. With all of the ways we have to prevent an unwanted pregnancy there is no way they should be able to get an abortion and by doing so kill the innocent life they have created. Oh I know, a lot of people say life doesn’t begin until the baby is born. That is a barrel of hogwash! I’ve had five pregnancies and that wasn’t indigestion kicking me in the kidneys all night.

    • Angie, I am not a fan of the death penalty, especially since we get the conviction wrong too many times. Too many on death row have been later proven innocent. While I would not do an abortion if I were a woman, I do feel a woman has a right to choose given the parameters that have been set. Like you note, we should push the avenues for birth control and family planning that limit unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: Saw a poll that said 79% of Republican voters think Donald Trump won the election. Then I saw Jake Tapper say no one around Trump thinks he won. This is what lying looks like. People are convinced by a lie that no one involved actually believes. It also shows how harmful sycophants are in the process. Names like McCarthy, McConnell and fellow legislators are just as guilty as Trump in supporting the Big Lie. What is also sad is the number of folks who believe our democracy is in jeopardy. This seditious territory in my view and it goes beyond Trump.

  5. I seem to remember when, just following the coup attempt, the right insisted that the crowd was mainly “Antifa.” Now, after that has been totally disproven, they are trying to convince the country that the crowd was made up of calm, respectful patriots. That they have been able to convince a large minority of this despite clear video evidence to the contrary, makes me worry for the future of our country.

    • Janis, a friend used to say “always tell the truth, as you don’t have to remember as much.” When people say untruthful things, it is very hard to keep track of the lies. Your example is not unusual in the life of the former president, starting well before he ever ran for office. Keith

  6. Sadly Keith for each ‘Why’ there is always a ‘Because’. This does not necessarily preface a rational explanation, often only an illustration of the Folly Humanity can get itself into when fear resulting from a series of shocks to the system takes over from judgement.
    The current set of circumstances does ask a very hard question of the overall mindset of the USA, not a comfortable one and does not reflect well on the nation as a whole. It being.

    ‘Is the USA truly ready for a president who is not male, heterosexual and white?’

    At this stage in the nation’s development it is a damning one to be asking.

  7. Roger, to be a nation that prides itself on being democratic, to trail other countries on having a female leader is telling. Angela Merkel has come and is about to exit as the German chancellor. And, the UK has one in the 1980s. Much of what we see in the US today is based on projected demographics. The Republican party has hitched its wagon to restricting our democracy because the white people will no longer be a majority in twenty years. That scares people, which is what the former president has tapped into. All the other theatrics is smokescreen to hide that goal. Keith

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