Friday Foibles and Follies

Happy Friday! With no clear cut subject in mind, let me wander through a few foibles and follies this Friday morning. In no particular order.

There is a long history that can support the following assertion, but when leaders lie, people tend to get harmed and too many die. Putin has lied about the dangers of COVID in Russia and people are suffering. Trump also lied about the COVID danger and more people have and still put themselves at risk. And, too many have died. Bolsonaro lies as much as the other two, coming up with National Enquirer type inanities, and people in Brazil are in danger. Leaders owe us the truth. Hold them accountable.

I left a message with two Democrat Congressional representatives, one of which is Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Please do something and pass the two bills. The infrastructure bill passed the Senate in July. It is well over due. As for the other bill, of course, it won’t have every thing people want in it. Get something done. I recognize fully Republicans are primarily motivated to do nothing except rationalize the untruths of the former president to keep his followers engaged. They would rather win a battle than have Americans actually benefit from a change. But, Democrats have lost their momentum and will suffer for their inability to do something. Again, get something done.

US Representative Liz Cheney, who has been ridiculed by her own Republican party for daring to tell the truth, has responded to Tucker Carlson, the talk show entertainer from Fox for pushing a documentary that the January 6 insurrection was a false flag operation meant to discredit Republicans. This is a bolder attempt by Carlson and other Trump sycophants to white wash what happened that day. Republicans are being discredited, but they have the former president and his cohorts to blame for instigating this insurrection. We can never let something like January 6 happen again and it highly offends me that some legislators want us to look the other way.

While Carlson is pushing this bogus narrative telling us not to look behind the curtain, The Rolling Stone (yes, that one) has done some excellent reporting that notes seven Republican members of Congress had a role in the insurrection. That is worse than those who stormed the place. I would like to remind people that Carlson’s employer, Fox News, said under oath in court that Carlson’s opinions should not be considered as news as he is not part of their news reporting team. Like Trump, Carlson’s opinions tend not to built on a foundation of truth. Believing them is truly a fool’s errand.

Finally, the current president is off to a climate change summit which is good. It is nice to see a president actually taking seriously the biggest threat, along with our water crisis, facing our planet. The former president announced to fanfare on June 1, 2017 that the US would leave the Paris Climate Change Accord. Ironically, the former president made this announcement the day after Exxon Mobil’s shareholders voted that management must inform shareholders of progress toward fighting climate change, the third fossil fuel company to vote that way in May, 2017. Biden is not perfect and has made some mistakes, but pushing for more climate change action is not one of them. The US government must help lead the way, matching what is happening at local and regional levels and in several industries.

That is all for now. Let’s help save our planet. Read multiple news sources to know the truth, use fewer plastics, eat less meat, drive less, and walk more. And, get vaccinated for COVID.

16 thoughts on “Friday Foibles and Follies

  1. “a documentary that the January 6 insurrection was a false flag operation meant to discredit Republicans”
    Rubbish. Drivel for the gullible.
    Amateurs on both sides of the political divide bandy these words about as if they knew anything about the dark arts.
    A true professional would scoff at such nonsense. A delve into the propaganda, misinformation and distractions activities employed by all sides in WWII would reveal how inane such an accusation is. Both the German and British services were coldly ruthless in the use of subtle activities; the British won out, being experts as ‘perfidious Albion’.

    • Roger, it is rubbish. What is the old law mantra? If the facts are in your favor, argue the facts. When they are not, argue the law. When both are not, change the subject. Trump sycophants do not want people to investigate January 6 for a simple reason, they know who is at fault. It is the same reason witnesses were not called to the Senate impeachment trials. Keith

      • The problem being Keith that far too many people do not want to see it for what it was a rabble and the action of a fellow who has never progressed beyond the mentality of a ten year old spoiled brat.

  2. Well done Keith. Let us know if you hear back. On another note, I see that none of my likes on your post are there? I am caught up. It is happening with others as well. Not sure what is going on. Do you see that as well? thanks !!!💖💖💖

    • Cindy, thanks. I don’t think I have it set up to show likes. I do see them when I look at the comments in summary. I probably need to investigate that. Keith

  3. I am glad that you are writing to these folks and it seems almost laughable that anyone could think the toddler you mentioned is still hanging around the edge of the sandpit spitting his “dummy” (Pacifier)!
    I do hope that reason will prevail both in your government and around the world. Awareness of the serious nature of climate change is growing but is it at a fast enough pace to save the world? I hope it is.

      • Yes babies have dummies here. If you talked about a pacifier, you would get a strange look. “Spitting the dummy,” is a great Aussie slang term, and used for adults as well as toddlers who throw a tantrum. It is apt when referring to Trump’s actions.

      • Amanda, that is truly priceless. America’s democracy is threatened because a toddler president can’t take losing and spit his dummy. Keith

  4. Agree! Sigh!
    I am disheartened by all the dis-info and thosewho take it up.
    Trump brought out the worst in America. I’m hoping that much like Covid (which has brought out the best and worst) that the best will rise to the top.
    Cream is still cream!

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