Note to Tucker Carlson on his false flag narrative

I posted the following comment on Tucker Carlson’s website regarding his inane and dangerous rhetoric pushing the January 6 insurrection as a false flag operation to discredit Republicans.

“Mr. Carlson, as an independent and former Republican and Democrat, it disappoints and offends me to see your pushing this false flag narrative about a very heinous day in America. The truth matters and those who do not want us to get at what happened, including the former president and his sycophants, are harming our country, as we cannot let an insurrection like this happen again. Full stop. I admire the truth seekers in the GOP like Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger and others who show political courage. They knew they would be vilified, but told their stories anyway. As an American, you have right to say what you want, but I also have the right to tell you your words on this matter are highly offensive to me.”


13 thoughts on “Note to Tucker Carlson on his false flag narrative

  1. I think it’s a great idea to keep letting our politicians and news media know that we are paying attention. We prefer to hear the truth and facts, and see people being problem-solvers. In order for any Republican or Democrat to win an election, they need Independent voters. As long as we show we are more interested in truth, honor, and in truly making our country better, equal, free, strong… than we are in hyperbole, aggrandization, divisive name-calling, lies, or spending our way to bankruptcy… maybe the parties will start to behave in a more positive, honorable manner, and seek problem-solving ideas?

    • VJ, agreed. It saddens me when people do not care when they tarnish their reputation. This opinion host/ entertainer is smart enough to know he is lying to us, which is even more frustrating. Keith

  2. I’ve never considered myself anything but Democrat but there are some Republicans I used to loathe and now I see as honorable. A few are Bush I, Bush II, McCain, Romney and are others. I can see what their values are and I feel I have a lot more in common with their supporters than I do with the likes of those who seem to take marching orders from Carlson. Kudos for posting on Carlson’s website.

    • Thanks Becky. I have a hard time with people who knowingly are lying to influence behavior, whether it is a TV host or politician. We need to hold people accountable when they don’t shoot straight with us. I have always liked McCain because I felt he shot straight people, even when I disagreed with his position.

  3. Note to Readers: I continue to encourage people to reach out to politicians and public figures to diplomatically, but candidly, tell them what you think. I also encourage people to write or speak as you would want them to talk to you, otherwise you are just shouting at the wind. Governance is hard enough when elected officials stick to the facts, so we need to hold them accountable when they don’t or choose to merely gum up the process. The same holds true with opinion and news people. We must hold them accountable when they knowingly tell us untruthful information.

    • Annie, thanks. What is the line a good lie will be halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes on? Folks like Trump, Carlson, Putin, Zuckerberg, et al know this. Keith

  4. Well said Keith.
    Carlson however is only talking to a minority (albeit it a large one). He is not turning the majority. This will come back to haunt if not consume him.
    The fool is playing with fire, in a forest at the height of the fire season.

    • Agreed. He was already sued along with Fox News for defamation by one of the voting machine companies. That is the trial where Fox News threw him under the bus and said people should not consider what he says as news. This previous sentence is likely foreign to his followers.

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