Republican attorney calls Trump a firefighter who is also an arsonist

In an article called “Top Republican Lawyer Says Trump ‘Setting a Fire’ With ‘Destructive’ Election Fraud Claims” by Jason Lemon in Newsweek, the claims of election fraud by the former president are compared to starting a fire. Here are the introductory paragraphs, with a link to the article below.

“A prominent Republican lawyer accused former President Donald Trump of ‘setting a fire’ with his false election fraud claims, describing the baseless allegations as “destructive” to democracy.

Attorney Ben Ginsburg is well-known for representing the GOP and various political campaigns of Republican candidates for decades. The lawyer served as national counsel for former President George W. Bush‘s 2000 and 2004 campaigns and was a central figure in the contentious 2000 election recount in Florida that inevitably put Bush in the White House.

However, Ginsburg has pushed back against Trump’s claims about the 2020 presidential election, issuing a dire assessment in remarks to The Guardian published on Saturday.

What we’ve seen has been different from anything in my experience, because Donald Trump has made an assertion about our elections being fraudulent and the results rigged,’ the Republican lawyer said. ‘I know from my 38 years of conducting election-day operations that that simply is not true, there is no evidence for it. What Donald Trump is saying is destructive to the democracy at its very foundations.’

Over the past many months, I have tried to share the concerns about the former president from the voices of several Republicans and former Republicans. One would think over time that the fact the former president is not very truthful or responsible would seep in to more folks. But, the greatest talent of the former president is to get his fans to ignore criticism of him. It has long been called fake news or the source just does not like him. For some reason, this sales schtick works.

It troubles me that 60% of Republicans believe the election was stolen from the former president. And, I read just today 30% of Republicans think violence is the answer. Really? Let me be candid. Our democracy is in jeopardy because a person with an enormous and shallow ego cannot tolerate the fact he lost. That is not leadership, that is a hissy fit. I knew he would lie and sue to win the election. I did not expect sycophants to out number the truth tellers in the Republican party as they do or that the former president would resort to inciting seditious actions.

Please pay attention to the fact the former president cannot prove in court that election fraud occurred losing well over sixty cases, winning one small case in PA. Please pay attention that he cannot overturn the results based on numerous audits and recounts. And, many of the judges and election officials are Republicans. The former president lost because he got fewer votes. It is that simple.


14 thoughts on “Republican attorney calls Trump a firefighter who is also an arsonist

  1. HA! That’s funny. When I first moved to Fairport, NY in 1976, there was a rash of barn fires (there were still farms in Fairport in those days) & it turned out that one of the volunteer firemen was the one setting the fires … so he could put them out & be a “hero”.

    • Good story.. Even before the staging and planning of the Big Lie, the former president would pat himself on the back for solving or appear to be solving a problem he created. But, we must remember his famous line at the 2016 GOP convention – “I alone can solve this.” The arrogance and untruthfulness of that statement astounds me, but what he also did not add is “After I mess it up….” Keith

    • VJ, it is indeed. This is why the silent many in Congress and state houses in the Republican party are enabling unrest. The ones who are actively participating in the Big Lie are actually being seditious like the former president is and was leading up to and on January 6. Keith

  2. …”Here are the real facts, though, 28,000 Georgians did not vote for anyone for president of the United States of America in Georgia. They skipped. They didn’t vote for Biden. They didn’t vote for President Trump. They didn’t vote for the libertarian Jo Jorgensen. They just left it blank.”… ~ Brad Raffensperger on Meet the Press.
    While I find Chuck Todd’s line of questioning sometimes annoying, feeling more like a set-up instead of a pursuit of facts, I think this statement by the Georgia Secretary of State, speaks to what most Americans were struggling with in the last Presidential election. With most of America in this unclear frame of mind, it’s sometimes hard to tell the arsonists from the firefighters.

    • Rose, that is a very interesting statistic on the “none of the above choice.” That was likely more of a factor in 2016, when folks could not bring themselves to vote for Hillary Clinton, so they stayed home, voted for the Green or Libertarian candidate or begrudgingly voted for Trump. Keith

  3. Nothing good can come from the opinions of that 30%.
    Are they off the belief they too will be able to mop up the blood spilt with a handkerchief?
    One thing is for certain Trump might egg them on but he would not be leading the physical charge.

  4. Note to Readers: Here is the gist of an interview with Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio and Jake Tapper of CNN today: “Rep. Anthony Gonzalez (R-Ohio), one of a handful of Republicans to vote to impeach Donald Trump during his second impeachment trial, said that the former president is an ‘enormous political loser’ who ‘lied to us’ and ‘led us into a ditch’ on Jan. 6. Appearing on State of the Union, Gonzalez told host Jake Tapper on Sunday, ‘The cold hard truth is Donald Trump led us into a ditch on Jan. 6. The former president lied to us. He lied to every one of us and in doing so he cost [Republicans] the House, the Senate and the White House.’”

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