Just a quick word on Jill

Our friend Jill is still having a tough time in her recuperation. She let me know she misses all of us and wishes she could start blogging more. As many of us know, Jill puts a lot of research into her posts, so her opinions are well -grounded. So, to her, blogging is more than just stream of consciousness writing. It is like cooking a well-prepared meal. She takes her time.

She hopefully will be having a treatment which will be beneficial to her. She had a couple of procedures last week to remedy a few related items, but she needs to have this procedure. I am sorry to be so vague, as I did not want to share too much of her personal travails.

Just keep her in your thoughts and let her know that you are thinking of her. If you would prefer to respond here, I will cut and paste into an email to her. The last time I committed to do this, she responded herself on my blogpost.

Jill;, we miss you and are thinking good thoughts for you.

36 thoughts on “Just a quick word on Jill

  1. Thank you for this update, Keith. Jill responded to a comment I left on her brief update post recently, so I know she is going through a lot and still has some way to go. Hopefully the procedures will all be successful and weโ€™ll soon have her back with us dealing out various degrees of snark, aimed at those who so richly deserve it. Please tell her that I miss her and will be thrilled to see her return – but only when she is ready to do so. The medics usually know best!

  2. I am quite certain that mine is not the only inbox that seems desolate without Jill’s daily blog posts. She has waged a long and uphill battle with this illness that has not yet successfully been defeated. Hopefully the upcoming procedure will provide the outcome of optimal health and the strength needed to resume the activities that she so dearly enjoys. If good thoughts and wishes play a part in Jill’s recovery then all will be well. “If you take the ‘I’ out of illness and add ‘We’, you end up with wellness.” – Charles Roppel in a 1984 address highlighting the value of establishing and maintaining multiple relationships of friendships and love. Thank-you, Keith, for another update on our friend Jill!

  3. I read this post through a veil of tears … thank you so much, dear Keith, for updating our friends and for your more-than-kind words about my work! You have reminded me both that what I do matters, and that I have many friends who genuinely care about me. Thank you.

    • Jill, thanks for stopping by to comment to your caring friends. And, you and what you have to say do matter. There is a void of fun, good people and insightful stories when you are not researching and typing away. All the best, Keith

  4. Thank you for the update Keith.
    Everyone here has put into words my own thoughts. Jill has been a standard bearer for much of the anger and frustration the true Americans are feeling in these days of trial. But also she brought sunshine with her Monday collection of cartoons and photos as well as her worthy and valuable Good People Doing Good Things.
    Thinking of you Jill, always.

  5. Note to Readers: One of the things I admire in Jill is the amount of research she puts in. She has a couple followers who tend to adamantly disagree with some of her political points, but one thing I have observed is Jill’s opinion is well grounded, even if you may not agree fully with her point. So, for those who may wish to offer a different opinion, it behooves them to use solid arguments and avoid name calling and labeling, which has no place anywhere, but especially when debating someone well informed. Rational, civil discourse is missing in our country and we should applaud it when we see it.

    • Most often I think the two you’re referring to just like to argue for the sake of arguing and would claim that grass is purple if I said it was green. They used to rile me, but I’ve learned to tune them out, for they are only showing their own ignorance most of the time. Thanks for your kind words, my friend!

  6. I haven’t been reading/commenting recently Keith but Jill’s gratitude to you drove me here. You put it all brilliantly and I agree with every word. With luck the next procedure will get Jill back into motion with her mostly uplifting and positive posts. Of course our lives aren’t the same without he ‘Snark’ either, so that will surely follow. Thank you for sharing your usual kindness.

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