Interesting thing about masculinity

In an article I read today, one political party is beating on its chest about masculinity. I guess it is some crazy notion or slogan similar to real men don’t like quiche. I guess they are saying only real men vote for our party or tribe. What I find interesting is the person who is the standard bearer of this political tribe exhibits so very few of the attributes of being a man or adult for that matter.

Mind you, I am positive there are more masculine men than I am, although I do try to stay in shape. To me, being a man or adult is being accountable and responsible. What I have witnessed for a long while, the standard bearer of this tribe blames anyone for his mistakes or what he did or failed to do except the man who looks back from the mirror when he shaves. I have rarely, if ever, heard this person say it is my fault. Even when he apologized after four years about his bogus claim that Obama was not born in the US, he blamed Hillary Clinton for his story. It is her fault that I have been making an issue of this for four years.

Yet, the best example is how much of a hissy fit this grown male has thrown over losing the 2020 election. As his niece Mary said, her uncle will burn it all down to avoid losing the election. A real man would have sucked it up a long time ago and accepted his loss, especially after failing to prove his claim in over 65 court cases and numerous audits. In other words, this person who hates to lose continues to do so with his bogus claims. Even yesterday, a Federal Judge noted in court that Al Gore was a real man who admitted he lost the 2000 election after SCOTUS ruled against his last request on the Florida recount. This latest former president still has not admitted such.

Finally, a real man or adult shoots straight with people. Outside of autocratic heads of state, I have never witnessed a more untruthful person as a democratically elected leader than the latest former president. Through numerous sources and individuals who worked with him, the truth is a rare occurrence by this party standard bearer. What frustrates me is people get hurt or die when some lies are left unchecked. The former president missed a golden opportunity to lead us when the pandemic struck, but his naysaying and hoax dealing still impact people twenty months later. He also put his most loyal followers in danger with the pandemic, when he admitted later he knew of the danger when he invited them all to rallies.

False bravado is not masculinity. It is akin to chest beating to garner attention or promote fear. It is the epitome of fake news. A real man or adult does not need to boast. I am not saying those who do are not real men, but they better be able to back it up. To me, there is an old saying – beware of the quiet one. The one who shows up, does his job well, and does not boast about it. That is the one to be reckoned with.

30 thoughts on “Interesting thing about masculinity

  1. Note to Readers: I am reminded of a true story I have written about before regarding the former college and NFL football star running back Herschel Walker. Mind you, Walker was an imposing physical specimen who built himself up through thousands of daily push-ups and sit-ups and several sprints outside. But, the story is how he saved the life of a couple after coming upon an auto accident while jogging. Walker made sure they were safe with the EMTs and then left. What did he do? He ripped the car door off the car when it could not be opened and got them out as the car smoldered under the hood. He had to be tracked down later by a reporter and he sheepishly admitted it was him. The story speaks volumes.

  2. Trump is a creature who never developed beyond the age of 10; 12 tops. I do not believe there has been a more immature and irresponsible occupant of the Whitehouse. He is the manifestation of a tide of hysterical ignorance and does not have the character of maturity to control his voter base and corral them into a more patriotic responsible mindset.

    • Roger, so very true. I want people who read your comment to know that this assessment comes from across the Atlantic Ocean. The former president can corral his strident base, but it would not be construed as true patriotism. It is for his own selfish interests. Keith

      • True patritism? Fuck off!!! I am one of those hidden jews in Germany and I am a woman!!! I have made my experiencies…I will always do it my way.
        Men are useless for women if they only believe in weapons and any destrctive and negativ thoughts, feelings and emotions perfectly hidden in their subconscesness
        I don’t care about patritism
        I don’t mind male power or force
        I don’t believe in weapons or making war, in family and www.
        Who do you really think I am … we are?
        Who is the real leader of the rott? The rat pack?
        Think about it

    • VJ, true, But, following Roger’s suggestion, I toddler throwing a tantrum knows how to draw attention, as well. Yet, your point is well taken – he knows what sells to people not paying attention. Keith

  3. Spot on, Keith! The former guy is a male but not much of a man, unless you admire the toxic aspects of masculinity. As a single mother with a young son and two younger daughters without financial support other than my own earnings, I worried about a myriad of things. Not the least of these was about raising a responsible young man as he entered his teen years. I used to tell him that he was born a male because of a chromosome but had to decide what sort of man he wanted to become and make his choices based upon that. I am proud to say that he chose well! As a child he used to make a Father’s Day card for me and helped his sisters do the same. The tradition changed somewhat when he became the “father figure” in his mid-teens and we then celebrated him too. Several years ago, he sent a Father’s Day card to me with a quote handwritten inside : “Being a male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a Gentleman is a matter of choice.” – Vin Diesel. Thank-you!

    • Ellen, Vin Diesel got it right. You should be proud of the young man he has become. As for the former president, I have observed his biggest fear is a woman armed with facts asking him follow-up questions. He does not do well with a man armed with facts, but he tries to overwhelm the man. I still go back to him refusing to attend a debate if Megyn Kelly of Fox News attended. He was perturbed for her asking him legitimate questions about his history of sexual misconduct. What we found out later, Fox News’ CEO, Roger Ailes, was feeding Trump questions, so he was mad that she went off script. Keith

  4. I couldn’t agree more Keith!!
    “False bravado is not masculinity. It is akin to chest beating to garner attention or promote fear. It is the epitome of fake news. A real man or adult does not need to boast. I am not saying those who do are not real men, but they better be able to back it up. To me, there is an old saying – beware of the quiet one. “

  5. Note to Readers: I wrote recently about my quiet grandfather. He was a brick layer/ construction worker who loved to fish. His hands were so rough, he could grab a catfish that would normally cut people with its sharp fins. He did not boast and was an honest and decent man.

  6. It’s interesting how some blame the rest of society for emasculating and defeminizing people, when really they only need to look at their own behavior, to see why no human would want to fit any of their definitions.

    • Rose, good point. At the heart of your point is blaming other people for one’s shortcomings. That is not being accountable for one’s actions, so it is not very adult-like or manly. Keith

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