News that is not news

While I do like reading and watching less biased and more credible news sources, I have dialed it back some. A key reason is even the better sources focus too much on whose tribe is winning or losing on an issue and less on the issue itself. As a result, fewer issues of import are discussed. 

One reason is the politicians focus more on getting or keeping their job and less on doing their job. What results is a mind-boggling amount of time spent keeping things from getting done even when the action is helpful to people and the majority actually want it done. And, it is even more frustrating when politicians are against something they have supported in the past only because the other tribe brought it up

This blocking of actions is aided and abetted by pseudo-news sources and opinion hosts. These sycophants play a heavy hand in the BS that is a poor substitute for facts and data. I sadly expect this from pseudo-sources and opinion host, but it frustrates me when better news sources speak on who is winning or losing as much as they do.

Our infrastructure bill is at least ten years overdue. There are have been multiple bipartisan pushes to get something passed. Even the preceding president mentioned it during his campaign and Democrat leadership actually welcomed discussion, in spite of efforts to rewrite history that they did not. It has finally gotten passed and yet the tribal protections have gotten in the way of saying this is a good thing even though Americans favored it.

So, let’s encourage our elected officials and news sources to focus on the issues and less on zero-sum games of winning and losing. Accelerating action on climate change, addressing global water concerns, addressing the huge plastic island floating in the Pacific, dealing with debt and deficit issues, expanding health care access further, etc. are all issues that need to be discussed and dealt with.

News that is not news can be ignored. And, citing the latest name calling or labelling of a perceived enemy tribe is just reporting on childish behavior. I don’t need the news to tell me some politicians are being childish.

12 thoughts on “News that is not news

  1. I agree, Keith. I have watched very little CNN in the past two months, switching to Canadian news networks like CTV and CBC. I found that watching US news every day was just deepening my depression. I can’t help but feel that the US has gone to hell in a handbasket. Congress has become a horrifying joke with one party that only cares about power at any cost and the other party seems afraid of its own shadow. I was especially dismayed that less than half of those polled approve of Biden’s performance. How utterly preposterous! The man has accomplished more good in one year than Trump did in four – two of which had him enjoying clear majorities in both houses of Congress. I fear for the United States, and I fear for my own country, Canada. History has shown that chaos in the States bodes poorly for Canada.

    • John, well said. There is a reason the US has been listed among countries whose democracy is at risk. When truth tellers are vilified, while liars are exalted, the tribe who does that is a great concern. As for those scared of their shadow, I don’t mind policy debates, but at some point you have to not let that prevent stuff from happening. Keith

  2. Well said. Our government has ceased to work for the people but rather work against each other. I am frustrated that while holding the majority in the house, Congress and executive branches the Dems are stymied by the Rep party that has taken in a new and ruthless agenda under the bidding of Trump . We need more assertive and even aggressive actions by the Democrats against this assault.

    • Holly, it is frustrating. I would add more Republicans need to speak out loud what they say privately – Donald Trump and those who perpetuate his untruthful and seditious claims are the biggest threat to our democracy. Full stop. Yet, they are so scared of his riled up base, they condemn the brave ones who do speak out. People who work with Democrats to accomplish good things should not be vilified. This is spineless behavior in my mind. Keith

    • David, good point, but it makes me sad that the news directors have reached that conclusion. Citing winning and losing based on some barometer is divisive. Keith

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