Monday morning you sure look “fine” – December 6, 2021

Since I believe I have used this title before, I will date this post. Fleetwood Mac fans will recognize the title as a lyric sung by Lindsey Buckingham in “Monday Morning.” The word “fine” has different meanings that fall in and out of favor. It also takes on different meanings with the tone of your voice.

It can mean things are going OK and don’t ask any more questions with a rebuttal tone. Or, it can mean a certain action is OK with you when askef permission. With a more welcoming response, fine can mean things are better than OK, actually pretty good or even good. And, it can be used as a noun to mean a penalty one must pay for a transgression.

My favorite meaning is from older times. Using a line from the Liam Neeson movie “Rob Roy,” about an honorable and heroic Scot, he would tell his wife, played by the lovely Jessica Lange, “You are fine to me.” In this case, he is telling her how beautiful she is to him. So, we have gone from OK to good to punitive to beautiful with one word.

It also finds itself in humor. I will avoid using a very funny, but very risque line from Richard Pryor in his bit the “Wino and the Junkie.” This is far from a PG line, so if you embark to hear it, you have been forewarned. Yet, it does address a couple of the definitions above in one sentence. One of my favorite cleaner lines about being “fine” comes from an unknown comic; “She is so fine the fine folks call her fine.”

After having my COVID booster shot on Friday, I am now fine after a sluggish Saturday. I may not look fine in the eyes of the fine folks, but I do feel fine and hopefully will avoid any fines in the future. Since it is the holiday season and we are eager to see friends and familly, let me quote two lines from the song “Fine fine day” by Tony Carey:

“It’s a fine, fine day for a reunion
It’s a fine, fine day for comin’ home”

Things are so fine, it has to be said twice. Have a fine, fine day.


12 thoughts on “Monday morning you sure look “fine” – December 6, 2021

  1. A fine post for a wonderful Monday morning. Keith, in the very best sense of the word, you are one “fine” man! I will share with you what I call a “Benjamin Story”. Benjamin, my only grandchild, was almost 5 years old at the time this event took place. Following a minor fall in which his ego was bruised but his body was not, I cuddled him in my arms and kept whispering in his ear “you are fine”. Through his tears he said to me : “Gem, why does everyone tell me that when I’m not fine?” I had to laugh but taught him what became one of his earliest memorized quotes that he still repeats : “Times are tough, but I am tougher. I’ll be fine.” – (Unknown). Happy to hear that you are doing fine. Thank-you!

  2. Clever and wry observations on one very flexible word Keith.
    Firstly I’m glad to read you’ve navigated through the Covid booster, mine will be at 11.00 GMT tomorrow, apparently this one can make you feel tired….(oooh built-in excuse to avoid chores…fine!).
    This past two years to take my mind off of political news I’ve taken to audio books of romances and rom-coms (a good narrator can make them not dissimilar to a radio play), mostly American…you can be fairly certain when the two central characters have one of the arguments on their way to the altar one will end it with ‘Fine!’

  3. I never thought of the meanings of that one word. But yes, it depends on the context AND how it is said… However, I am glad, you are fine again, Keith.

  4. Note to Readers: Of course, I could have included The Beatles’ “I feel fine.” Here is the opening stanza:

    “Baby’s good to me, you know
    She’s happy as can be, you know
    She said so
    I’m in love with her and I feel fine”

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