Letter to columnist George Will

George Will is one of the patriarchs of conservative leaning columnists. While I do not agree with much of what he says in terms of degree, he is worth reading (and listening to) to get an informed view of conservative thought. In his recent editorial where he speaks of Donald Trump running again, he notes Chris Christie will be there to compete against him.

Yet, one of the things I take issue with conservative columnists rehashing the Trump term as president is they shortchange the length and breadth of his poor decisions and leadership to contrast the few good things he did for conservatives. Here is my letter to Mr. Will.

“Thanks for your recent editorial. As an independent and former Republican, I must confess my concern when Trump’s presidency is boiled down to a few good things he did for conservatives vs. his terrible behavior. It overlooks a great deal of policy and execution failures in my view.

His mishandling of the pandemic is high up on the list, where he endangered many Americans, including his most ardent base and more died as a result.

His roll out of the first travel ban was so botched it had to be pulled in two days. It served as a metaphor for other failures of his “chaotic and incompetent White House” as conservative pundit David Brooks called it. There is a reason his White House had the most turnover.

His transactional focus on dealing with other countries spit in the face of relationships built over time. These  relationships make us safer and, per the Nash Equilibrium, make the global economy better, including ours. Plus, tariffs hurt the consumers and disrupt established supply chains.

Announcing the exit from the Paris Climate Change Accord came the day after Exxon Mobil shareholders voted to require management to inform them on actions to combat climate change. We must be at this table and I am delighted Biden got us back in.

These are just four examples. His enfant terrible behavior is only a small part of why he should not be president. Then, there are the seditious and deceitful actions which should not be overlooked. It bothers me greatly my old party is rationalizing and white washing his bogus election fraud claims and the January 6 insurrection.

His running again concerns me greatly, as he could win again. What my Republican friends need to realize, he should not be allowed to be in a position of power ever again. Bob Dole, Jack Kemp, Ronald Reagan, et al he is not.”

11 thoughts on “Letter to columnist George Will

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      • George Will and David Brooks are two who I at least think are fair-minded. I don’t often agree with their ideologies, but in comparison to so many in the GOP today, they are basically moderates rather than right-wing conspiracy theorists. Thanks, Keith … I’m not up to much these days, but I do try to read your posts, for they are always well-written and I enjoy them! And … I just finished a Jolly Monday post for this morning! It’s not much, but I’m trying.

      • Thanks Jill. I agree on your assessment. And, thanks for the kind words on my posts. I will be going to see the latest “Jolly Monday” after this. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: It should matter to Republicans that long time conservative pundits like Will, Brooks, Michael Gerson, Erick Erickson, eg do not hold the last former president in high regard. Gerson was one of the earlier ones that called out Trump for his deceitful words and actions. Yet, their opinions got discounted.

    As a sidebar, I saw where Chris Wallace is leaving Fox News. He was one of the few remaining news people who also called out Trump. We should not forget Trump forced Fox to fire Shepard Smith for his criticism of then president Trump.

  3. loved your letter Keith!
    “As an independent and former Republican, I must confess my concern when Trump’s presidency is boiled down to a few good things he did for conservatives vs. his terrible behavior.’
    .. wait did I miss the response.

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