Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows voted in contempt of Congress (letter to the editor)

Earlier this week, the US House followed the recommendation of the House Select Committee to vote to hold Mark Meadows in contempt for defying a subpoena. My newspaper ran my letter to the editor this morning on my sentiments as an Independent and former Republican voter.

“Meadows vote

As an independent and former Republican voter, it is disappointing that only two GOP House members voted to hold former chief of staff Mark Meadows in contempt for defying a subpoena concerning the Jan. 6 insurrection.

It matters not which tribe people represent, we Americans must get to the bottom of what happened on that horrible day in our history when members of Congress from both parties were in danger and other people died in the protest.

Those who are blocking the House select committee’s efforts are trying to mask what happened. Regardless of culpability, we cannot have people blowing off subpoenas made by Congress. It sets a horrible precedent for governance.”

Please feel free to modify and use if you agree with my sentiments.


15 thoughts on “Former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows voted in contempt of Congress (letter to the editor)

  1. I’m super curious to know the psychology behind extreme supporters (be they political or religious or?). Mark Meadows being a good example – one moment pleading Trump to stop the chaos of January 6 and the next pretending it never happened.

    • Rose, to me, while rationizing awful behavior to garner political favor is not new, with the proliferation through social media and opinion shows of tailored misinformation and disinformation disguised as news, it seems to be worse. The truth has a more uphill climb with good liars greasing the slope. To me, what is happenlng is overt, but when met with silence or worse by spineless sycophants, it gets watered down. Keith

  2. Good letter — short and to the point! As I’ve pointed out a few times, if you or I defied a subpoena, we would be in jail the next day! What makes Steve Bannon or Mark Meadows somehow ‘better’ or more ‘special’ than us??? Nothing, in my book. They misrepresented the people of this nation, caused us harm, and should be held accountable for their actions.

    • Jill, even if they were innocent of all charges, they still should not be allowed to blow off a subpoena. Bannon citing executive privilege is rich since he had been long gone from the White House. But, Meadows is obviously hiding something as will some legislators who are about to get a spotlight shown on them. Jim
      Jordan is only the first shoe and we have already witnessed his lack of veracity before and after he was elected to Congress. Keith

      • I cannot remember ever before seeing as much arrogance as I see today among GOP members of Congress. I fully agree with you on Jordan … he should be in prison already for his role in the OSU scandal.

      • Jill, is there a way to share a variation of the letter above to your Ohio papers? Jordan’s inactions on the OSU scandal caused countless others to be impacted. His lying about NOT being told rubbed some of his ardent fans on the wrestling team the wrong way. Keith

      • Jill, it appears Mr. Jordan has more to answer to. His being on the committee would have been a conflict of interest given his increasingly apparent role in the insurrection. Keith

  3. Almost a year to the day of the insurrection y’all get round to subpoenas re culpability. for the attack on the seat of governance. Would an attack on the Supreme Court have taken as long to prosecute, just asking?

  4. Note to Readers: A Florida man who shall remain nameless here was sentenced today to 5 years and three months for his role in the Capitol riot, the longest sentence yet. He had pled guilty for his role where he hurled a fire extinguisher and a plank at the police. Unfortunately, he took people like Trump, Jordan, Meadows et al at their word, not realizing that was a failure in judgment on his part.

  5. Note to Readers: I have shared this before, but out of the over multiple hundred Congressional staff I have spoken with, only three have been beligerent to me. The significant majority have matched my effortts to be diplomatic which is greatly appreciated. Two of the three people worked fot Mark Meadows and the other worked for his successor, Madison Cawthorn. Maybe there is something in the water, but my takeaway is someone told them it was OK to be antagonistic to callers, which is not the best customer service model. It is OK to disagree with me, but civil pushback is appreciated.

    • Thanks Roger. I did read where a legal scholar has reviewed Congressman Jim Jordan’s texts and alleges Jordan has betrayed the Constitution for his role in the January 6 insurrection. By the way, Boris does not appear to be having fun over there with the latest resignation. It is very telling it is the guy handling Brexit. Keith

      • The UK government was set up as a one-trick pony. The Brexit, The Whole Brexit and Nothing But The Brexit. Then cometh Covid.
        Some of them such as Sajid Javid Health Secretary are trying to learn the job as they go along, others crash and burn, while others such as Lord Frost just wish the whole thing would go away as it is most unfair the way it bothers them.
        And Boris Johnson has to face the fact that being a Prime Minister is not a jolly lark.

      • Roger, since Boris helped sell Brexit using some cherry-picked and embellished data, it is only fitting that he is in charge to try and minimize the resulting challenges. Keith

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