Interesting news item on lead pipe and paint removal

In the midst of all the falderol about the former president’s last Chief of Staff, something good is happening. Part of the recently passed bipartisan infrastructure bill will help with lead pipe and paint removal. This has been a festering problem and not just for the folks in Flint, Michigan.

In an article called “Harris announces Biden administration’s new lead pipe and paint removal effort,” by Kevin Liptak and Kate Sullivan of CNN, it speaks to why this is a concern and what is going to happen.

“Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday announced a new administration push to eliminate lead from water pipes and homes in the next decade using billions in new funding allocated through the new bipartisan infrastructure law.

‘Here’s the truth, and it’s a hard truth: Millions of people in our country, many of them children, are still exposed to lead every day,’ Harris said at the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations in Washington.

The vice president said many parents across the country have told her they were worried ‘that every time they turned on the faucet to give their child a glass of water that they may be filling that glass with poison.’

‘The science is clear about what drinking water from a lead pipe can do to the human body,’ Harris said. ‘For adults, it can cause an increase in blood pressure and decreased kidney function. In children, it can severely harm mental and physical development. It can stunt growth, slow down learning and cause irreparable damage to the brain.’

Through the administration’s new Lead Pipe and Paint Action Plan, agencies will take a number of steps meant to remove the toxic metal from places where people live, work or go to school. Harris said the push would focus on communities that have “historically been left out or left behind.”

The Environmental Protection Agency will begin the process of writing new regulations that would protect communities from lead in drinking water; the Department of Labor will form technical assistance hubs to fast-track removal projects with union workers; agencies will commit to removing lead service lines and paint in federally assisted housing; and a new Cabinet group will focus on lead removal in schools and child care facilities.”

The Infrastructure Bill is about ten years over due in my mind. It has long been supported by the US Chamber of Commerce and the labor unions, as it helps invest in America and creates jobs. And, it has always received bipartisan support. Ironically, the last former president spoke of improving infrastructure during his 2016 campaign, but missed a chance to address it during his term.

This aspect of the bill is vital as it is addressing something that is harming our children. And, that is certainly a very good thing.

9 thoughts on “Interesting news item on lead pipe and paint removal

  1. YES!! I was appalled to see that this was even still a problem outside of Detroit and my local kindergarten classroom were we had an ancient drinking fountain manufactured in Italy. (omg).

    I think one thing that happened is that when consensus was reached on some things neither party was going to let the other get credit so the bills failed. Now I have a very small feeling that some people in the parties are looking for consensus in order to act. I don’t really know that for sure but it’s a feeling I get from watching what I watch and read. It’s a glimmer of hope that something might positive might actually be doable.

    • Becky, it is a hope that we will see more consensus and bipartisan behavior. What is ironic, the tenor of the former president’s presidency could have improved if he had moved forward with an infrastructure bill as his first action as he would have had Democrat support. Instead, he spent eight months on trying to take people’s healthcare away with some of the most god-awful legislation. Keith

  2. Each day we learn something. Today is a red letter day for me, I learnt twice, firstly faderol, secondly that in a supposed first world country the USA still has lead water pipes for potable water. That such issues are at all partisan one wonders what is America dreaming . With my apologies

    • David, when protecting people, especially children, from lead poisoning becomes a partisan issue, then the first thought is what is wrong with you people? No apologies needed. Keith

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