Retired General urges folks to stop listening to baseless election fraud claims (and the MyPillow CEO) in CNN interview

While Congresswoman Liz Cheney got most of the press yesterday saying it is time for Republicans to choose between the truth and Donald Trump, another retired military person has shared his concerns about the baseless election fraud claims of the former president. Per a summary of a CNN interview, here are few excerpts.

Retired Brigadier General Steven M. Anderson urged Donald Trump supporters to stop listening to baseless claims about 2020 presidential election fraud and suggested measures to avoid a potential insurrection in 2024.

The former general spoke with CNN host Pamela Brown about solutions that would address the ‘extremism that has gone on within the military.’ He also warned against listening to conspiracists among many Republicans promoting baseless claims of election fraud, including MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

‘We need to do what we can do now to identify those people [within the military], get them out of our ranks, and train the rest of the force on civics one on one about how our country is supposed to work, how elections work, stop listening to the pillow guy [Lindell] and start learning about our country and how it’s actually supposed to run,’ Anderson said during his recent interview with CNN.

There is a threat within [the military]. We’ve got some people that just haven’t been educated. They haven’t been found out, and they’ve grown in power through perhaps inaction on the parts of some of our key leaders,’ he added.

What continues to bother me is the open attacks on the truth tellers in the Republican party who are calling out the overt lies of the former president, while those covering for the ex-president get elevated status in the party and media ranks. It should matter that these folks know they would be vilified,yet speak out anyway. Why is that? These lies led to an insurrection against a branch of government and people died and many were in danger.

We can never forget what happened leading up to that day a year ago and the fact the former president continues what his former attorney general William Barr told to his boss’ face – the election fraud claims are BS.

20 thoughts on “Retired General urges folks to stop listening to baseless election fraud claims (and the MyPillow CEO) in CNN interview

  1. Note to Readers: I posted the following letter on my two Republican Senators’ websites.

    Senator, Congresswoman Cheney continues to impress this former Republican with her political courage and truth telling. She said it clearly and loudly yesterday – Republicans must choose between the truth and Donald Trump. I agree 100%. And, Retired General Steven Anderson said in a CNN interview, Trump supporters must stop believing the baseless election fraud claims of the former president (which continue to this day). Please help restore the abandoned veritas that once was part of the GOP. Cheney and Anderson should be applauded not vilified. Thanks for your consideration.

  2. Funny how respecting what’s true and don’t lie really are virtues! But in a world where ‘individual truths’ are heartily endorsed and ‘lying’ is a matter of opinion and belief, are we surprised that we get to this stage in the public domain where selling lies is just another career choice?

  3. Liz Cheney is brave.
    I’ve watched some of Mike Lindell’s schpeils because of his claim to having the ‘facts’. He has ‘sales pitch’ down to a science. He’s more intense than time-share sales, door-to-door vacuum salesmen, and car salesmen all combined. My ‘bs radar’ goes off every time he’s about to speak.

    • Rose, to me he spent all of this time to build a brand, then he throws it all away on someone well documented as having a hard time with the truth. Keith

    • Annie, you are right. It is amazing how paper trained the followers are to ignore a source because they “just don’t like Donald Trump” per his sycophants. What is good is Cheney’s simple statement is getting a huge amount of airplay – the truth or Donald Trump. As for the General’s statements, they are getting airplay, but not as much. I find it interesting that Lindell has thrown away his carefully built brand name on someone well documented to have a hard time with the truth. Is that the hill you want to die on? Keith

  4. Members of Congress can be loyal to their oaths and the people they represent, or they can be loyal to Trump — you can’t have both, for they are polar opposites. The pillow dude is a joke and that anyone takes him seriously says more about their own intelligence than anything. The media, even the ‘mainstream’ media that is supposed to be factual and unbiased, have not helped this nation by reporting on the former guy’s every utterance and giving voice to the lunies like the pillow dude. Thanks for sharing Brigadier General Anderson’s words … he is right on all counts, especially training the troops (and I would add, the general public) on civics and how our government works — or is supposed to work.

    • Jill, agreed. You are right about the media, but some of the same inane commentary escapes the mouth and fingers of the former president. I would have preferred the media to say the former president said some more unsupported claims and lead with the lying index before reporting what he said. “Donald Trump cries wolf again. Story confirmed as untrue.” Keith

      • Oh definitely so, but I consider whatever the former guy says to be irrelevant, though I realize his words are as gospel to his ardent followers. But you’re right … I would prefer the media not give him a voice at all, but when they must, it would be better if they left it at calling out his lies and specifying that they are lies. But, if it bleeds it leads, and the former guy holds some in his power still, though for the life of me I cannot understand why.

      • Jill, as per the evidence of his high turnover rate of staff, especially in the White House which he led the pack, if those followers worked for him, it would not be for long. When a person in leadership bullies, berates, lies, takes credit and throws blame around, it is not a productive work environment. “Chaos and incompetence” were the two terms given to his management of the White House, per a conservative pundit, David Brooks. Why people believe the former president is truly beyond my pay grade. Keith

  5. If there wasn’t Trump those folk who support him would have invented him. It can be argued they did. When analysed, did Trump ever have an original thought apart from outrageous self-aggrandisements such as he knew more about military matters than generals (Hitler said the same and with debateable better cause)? Or was he just being a loudspeaker for those who forced him on the nation?
    There are many folk who have invested time, treasure and reputations with MAGA and would not wish to be shown as wrong, thus they will continue to basically invent, or live in a fantasy world nurtured by others inventions. There are also those who are drawn to the fantasy world, because it suits their reactions to fears of a changing world, it also gives them a feeling of importance, hence the appearance of group armed and in pseudo uniforms.
    It is right that someone should raise the question of the loyalty of some in the military. The Oath is a double edged sword, in that whereas a member of the armed forces swears to uphold the constitution the same oath binds them to the president. Now if a member of the armed forces has bought into the baseless claims of election fraud by default they will still consider Trump as president. However to return to the oath, the first part requires allegiance to the constitution, so another member of the military could see Trump as a threat to that constitution. A fracturing of your armed forces over something this basic, even if it is a minority split is one to worry about.

    • Roger, very well said. Your last sentence echoes the concerns of the military command. The underlying cord that binds this allegiance together is race. This predates Trump’s political machinations, but the projections that the whites will no longer be a majority in America, have caused an unhealthy embrace of those who have very extreme views on the subject by those who just feel that is a reason to cry foul when things do not go their way (this was a theme of “Hillbilly Elegy” an excellent book). Since the military was having a hard time recruiting, they widened the net and took in some more extreme thinkers who would have been previously screened out. It is akin to mixing prison populations of small crime offenders with the bad apples. The small crime offenders are unduly influenced. Keith

      • A worrying but nonetheless astute overview Keith (My daughter Clare bought that book for me and I haven’t got around to reading it, must do so). This could result in a very conflicted army, with some units owing allegiance to their commanding officer before the state. A not unknown occurrence in many a state…..Britain faced something like this prior to WWI over Irish Home Rule when some senior officers were prepared not follow orders.

      • Roger, the book is excellent and illuminating about positive and negative influences. The observation about a conflicted military is astute. Keith

  6. Note to Readers: I watched an interview on PBS Newshour with Republican Congressman Pete Meier of Michigan. He was one of the ten Republicans to vote to impeach the former president for his seditious activities last January 6. He again echoes the need to hold the former president and others accountable. Since he still receives death threats and is running against a Trump favored opponent, I called him again to thank him for his political courage and remembering his oath to the Constitution. We need to call people to thank them for doing the right thing, as they usually hear from folks who disagree with them, but there is no reason for death threats.

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