That COVID thing bit us, but we are all OK

The end of 2021 and beginning of 2022 has been made interesting by our little COVID friend. I mentioned how my oldest son was exposed to a person with COVID two days before Christmas, who frustratingly told him they (I am not certain of the gender) had it after handing him a cup of coffee. While he initially tested negative, he later tested positive. As he was feeling fine between the two results, against my better judgment, he joined us for Christmas Eve dinner and present opening while my daughter was here.

On Christmas day, he let us know he was starting to feel poorly, so he stayed home. While he had his first two vaccines as have other members of my family, he had not had the booster yet. My sister, who lives close by, and I had the booster as well. She joined us for Christmas day and was here when we found out he was getting sick.

My wife, other son and sister tested negative and are feeling fine. My daughter and I tested positive. The good news is all three of us are feeling better and COVID is hopefully in our rearview mirror, although I am still quarantining to avoid infecting others in and out of the house. The vaccines and booster helped us stave off the worst effects, plus we did read the Omicron variant is less severe, even though it is more easily spread.

The symptoms varied a little for the three of us. My throat was sore and I did have a little chest congestion, but mostly because of head congestion draining. I took Acetaminophen and Mucinex (I did speak with a nurse) and drank lots of water and rested. Even though I was little more tired, I was able to continue light exercise which helped with being stir crazy. I started feeling better about two days after being tested positive and a week after exposure. Now, I am taking the occasional Acetaminophen, but stopped the Mucinex after two days as I hate the way it makes me feel. (note some Mucinex has Acetaminophen in it, so don’t overdose).

My son was feverish, had some chest congestion and a sore throat. He did take some Mucinex, but focused on the Acetaminophen. My daughter was feverish, had head congestion, and sore throat as well. She did the same treatment. And, they both are on the upside of the equation now and are feeling fine.

My other son who tested negative postponed his booster for about a week so as not to infect others, just in case. He and my wife avoided any of the symptoms and felt fine throughout. He got the booster last night. My wife is getting her booster on Friday.

I again encourage folks to get vaccinated and/ or get the booster when and if due. I saw an ER doctor in an interview who said we are only seeing patients come in with COVID who were not vaccinated. That is telling. And, I shared earlier my frustration with an acquaintance of my oldest son’s who went into work sick and only told him after an interaction. We must take care of ourselves and each other to keep this thing from taking more than 800,000 Americans and 5.4 million people around the world it has.

Best wishes to all for the New Year and be safe.

15 thoughts on “That COVID thing bit us, but we are all OK

  1. That’s good news indeed, Keith. Your T cell immune response induced from multiple vaccinations did exactly what they’re supposed to do: respond to Omicron infection with efficacy and keep your symptoms mild.

    I wish more people understood vaccination to be like an airbag; when you collide with SARS-CoV-2 in whatever variant form it may be, why not reduce the risk of serious and perhaps lasting injury by at least getting that airbag onboard no matter what age or physical condition the driver might be? You’ve had the collision and come through it just fine. Every human interaction may be a potential collision – scary and worrisome to be sure – but these reasonable vaccination precautions really do have a profound effect on the results.

    Now that you’ve gone through it, your immune response to the entire family of corona viruses has been forever bolstered making you next to useless to the virus – about the worst host possible! – which then serves everyone you will come into contact with from here on in as the lowest possible risk to cause a collision! Seen in this way, you and your family have risen to the top of doing your civic duty and made your community safer by doing your part. That’s not a small thing in itself but consider: who knows how many people you will not infect by getting vaccinated, getting Omicron and killing it when it tries to get past you?

    That’s why I say this is a good news story. Thank you for doing your part, Keith.

  2. I’m sorry you got it but happy that you are feeling better. I fear that it’s only a matter of time that my husband and/or I get it since this variant is so contagious. Thank goodness for the vaccines, though, since I imagine that any infections will be relatively mild. Thanks for the heads up on the medications.

    • Thanks Janis. Best wishes on avoiding COVID. I have been reading Michael Lewis book “The Premonition” about pandemic preparedness efforts and will share a post when I finish. Very interesting. Take care.

  3. Glad to hear you and family are all right. Indeed you have antibodied up. Scary to see how easy it is to catch it. Good to see how you guys worked to limit transmission. A healthy and happy New Year!

  4. What you are sharing here seems to mirror what I’ve been hearing from the vaccinated and boosted–that those fully vaccinated who get COVID are asymptomatic, or have cold-like or flu-like symptoms for the most part.

    • Brendan, thanks for stopping by. I agree. Each of the vaccinated seem to react a little differently, but far better than if they were not. The sore throat was the worst sensation for me, but the Acetaminophen helped greatly. On the congestion, I think I was helped by a daily antihistamine I take as our city is high on the allergy list. Keith

    • Thanks Pepper. With young kids, I remember the extra worries. Plus, if my mother was still alive in her Long Term Care memory unit, I would be worried sick about her. Take care with you and your family. Keith

  5. Hello Keith.
    Thank goodness your family experience with Covid has passed off with relatively minor symptoms. By having vaccination and acting in a mature sensible manner not only have you minimised your own experiences but have aided the Community by doing your part in containing the spread.
    There are side affects from the vaccines and boosters which we experienced, but I am glad you were bale to navigate those as well.
    Best wishes and hope you and yours are fully recovered soon.

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