Wednesday wanderings the second week of 2022

Good morning all and happy Hump Day. Let’s get out today and wander around some, weather permitting in your area. Even if it is snowing, dress warmly and listen to the crunch of the snow beneath your boots.

I have about finished cutting up a strategically located Wax Myrtle in our back yard that fell over due to all of the rain and wind about ten days ago. It provided such privacy from one backyard neighbor’s view. Now, we can see their house more clearly and vice-versa. Wax Myrtle’s smell nice, so as I took the smaller branches to the curb, I had an aromatic walk. I have cut up many a tree due to high winds from hurricane remnants or just windy storms as our backyard has a small forest which we left for privacy. But, I hate chain saws and love to exercise. So, it is a slower process that takes days.

Today, we will be shedding our house of the many versions of Christmas ornaments we have in the attic. I think we have enough ornaments for ten Christmas trees. We label them by year, but in essence we have the brown, copper and gold Christmas ornaments, we have the blue and silver ones with an artificial white tree when we put up two, we have several variations of red and green ornaments, and we have colored and white lights. Right now, we have pulled them out of the attic and have small paths to walk around upstairs. If I report a sore back tomorrow, you will know the reason why. It won’t be due to the tree cutting, it will be due to ornaments removal. My guess is other folks have this problem.

I have noticed the marketers are mailing less now that Christmas is over. I am sure they will pick up the pace, but the respite is much appreciated. I have shared this before, but my sister gets marketing mail for my mother who passed away several years ago. And, my mother never lived in the house where my sister lives now. This is the definition of eternal life – you remain on marketing lists forever. When my sister tries to remove my mother’s name, they just change it to my sister’s. I wonder how many trees are killed sending mail to dead people?

Speaking of marketing, I saw where Congress is going to address the number of calls, as they did before. Talk about a waste of time. Counting the fingers on 435 members, they do not have enough digits to plug the holes in the marketing dam. Now, many of the calls are recorded voices trolling the listener. You can tell by the delay, then spiel. Yesterday, Samantha called me, but she was not really there. We usually don’t answer, but if it is real person, I want to tell them to please take me off their list. I think I am up to 768 “final” calls to extend a car warranty, get a better interest rate, etc. “Final” must mean “eternal” as in the previous paragraph on mailers.

Those are few wandering thoughts for the day. Best wishes on all your errands and chores. May the force be with you.

23 thoughts on “Wednesday wanderings the second week of 2022

  1. Sorry to hear about your back Keith. My Dad suffered various pains in his latter years and as a retort used to carry out decorating tasks, so as he said ‘At least I’ve something to show for pains’
    Chores, I list them in a book, then strike each off as completed. A sort of incentive.
    Most of our decorations go into labelled recycled ice cream tubs, which in turn go into big boxes, which in turn are getting more difficult to shove into the loft, either they are getting heavier or I must be….no, surely not.
    A little post -Christmas competition played across UK social media is who can spot the first Easter Egg display; usually in the first two weeks of January. Do you have a similar custom in the US Keith?

  2. I love the idea of having different Christmas tree decorations but then again, I enjoy putting up the same each year. Maybe we are adding one or the other piece when some broke over time. But there are so many memories tied to each piece. I don’t want to miss them. We bought the decoration when we lived in the suburbs of Buffalo. So, it always takes me back to that wonderful time. Also, ornaments made by the kids or particular ornaments with memory character have joined it over the past 23 years.

  3. We rarely buy more than one or two special ornaments each year, and haven’t thrown any out in ages, but this year due to a smaller tree, we only used about half of our ornaments. The tree was dropping needles at a rapid rate, so it came down a few days after Christmas, but we still have all our other decorations out. I told Goose today that we MUST get them down next week! Unfortunately, due to my health issues, she has to do most of the heavy lifting.

    Marketing calls and nowadays even texts are most annoying! I have a call blocker that only puts through calls from people on my contact list, so I don’t actually receive the calls, but I see them after they are blocked. One number has been calling multiple times a day for months now, and when I tried to call the number back to ask them to take me off of their list, I was told it was not in service, and yet … the very next day I received another call from them. Apparently they like wasting time and money. Every month I get a glossy mailing from a local window place hoping I’ll buy all new windows. Even though I live in an apartment complex and couldn’t buy new windows if I wanted to … which I don’t. Sigh.

    I’m glad you’re finished with the tree! I worried about you sawing every day!

  4. Sounds like you’ve been busy in and outside of the house. I must admit, I do like a good purge through the house. When we moved, I donated and sold quite a bit of stuff. I often think of the young couple that took our sofa. I don’t think I’ve ever encountered anyone that appreciative.
    My email inbox has never been happier without the 100’s of entries each day!

    • Lisa, thanks. It does make your heart feel good to see a family enjoy furniture, etc. that you no longer need. I have a very full spam folder, plus countless emails. It is hard to keep the wolves at bay. Keith

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