A push back on the baseless election fraud claims by senior Republicans

The former president continues to berate anyone who does not support his Big Lie that the election was stolen from him. Senator Mike Rounds, from Pennsylvania, is the latest target of the vindictive acting former president. Per an MSN article called “Top Republicans stand up for Rounds after Trump’s attack – he told the truth,” more GOP Senators are emboldened:

“Senior Republicans are closing ranks behind Sen. Mike Rounds after he endured a scathing attack from former President Donald Trump for acknowledging the reality that President Joe Biden won the 2020 election.

The back-and-forth is the latest sign that many Republicans — particularly in the Senate — are eager to move past the former President’s obsession with the 2020 elections and instead focus on more fertile ground: The Biden agenda and their efforts to take back both houses of Congress in 2022.

Yet, Trump continues to hover over the party given his outsize influence with the base, his close hold over House Republicans and his ability to generate attention over his outright falsehoods and conspiracies over the outcome of the 2020 election. That has prompted concerns among senior Republicans that his claims over the election could depress GOP voter turnout in the fall, something that a number of senators blame for costing them the two Georgia Senate seats — and the majority — last January.

I think Sen. Rounds told the truth about what happened in the 2020 election,’ Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell told CNN on Tuesday. ‘And I agree with him.’

It should be noted the former president stopped an interview earlier this week on NPR when the interviewer kept asking him questions about his baseless election fraud claims. When it was noted that Senator McConnell does not support the baseless claims, the former president resorted to form by calling McConnell “a loser.” Well-articulated rebuttal is not the former president’s strong suit, one could say.

Speaking of losing, the former president has won only one court case out of around 65 court cases and has lost every recount, review and audit he has contested. It would be hard for him to lose any more than that, especially give all of the money spent to prove otherwise. In fact, some of his funders want their money back as they now feel misled by the former president. They were. And, it is finally good to see more push back on the Big Lie.



11 thoughts on “A push back on the baseless election fraud claims by senior Republicans

  1. Oh Yay!!!! No one can hold a grudge like that prior guy, so I think the Republicans will be slowly getting tired of it and then of him. He’s supporting the virus vaccine and booster now. Yay, again! But it was his baby in the first place – and he got the jabs himself. How can he backtrack now? And God knows he is incapable of keeping his own council. LOL! We may have had a pandemic but it’s been the prior guy who’s been the plague.

    • Becky, well said. I left Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the GOP House leader, a message sharing my disappointment that he will not cooperate with the House January 6 insurrection committee. What is interesting is the same man spoke scathingly of the former president’s role in the insurrection a week after only to backtrack after he was threatened by the former president. We need more GOP folks like Senator Rounds and Rep. Cheney. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: It was good to see the leader of the Oath Keepers, as well as ten others, charged with acts of sedition in the January 6 insurrection. Apparently, the sentencing would be more severe than others sentenced before if found guilty.

    • Yvette, it is not in his nature to let things go. He truly acts like a 70+ year old toddler pitching a hissy fit. My guess is people who have the misfortune to be around him a lot probably say something like “there he goes again” when he starts a tirade. Keith

  3. The fellow has no idea of the concepts of Dignity and Maturity.
    Maybe finally some senior Republicans are waking up to the fact that MAGA and their Action Toy are making the USA look ‘Third-World’-ish in the eyes of the Grown-Ups of Politics around the world.

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  5. Note to Readers: I read today where very conservative pundit Ann Coulter said “Trump is done” also referring to him as a “liar and con man.” She was a staunch Trump supporter before she turned on him after the election loss. I have felt Trump was done after his Big Lie and role in instigating the insurrection last January 6 (most of his heavy lifting was months, weeks and days leading up to January 6 not just on that day). Yet, I knew it would take some time for the party to realize it. Once the tipping point is reached, you will see a lot of rats jumping the sinking Trump ship. They need to avoid jumping on the De Santis ship, as he is just another version of Trump.

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