Conservative plea

The following letter to the editor appeared in The Charlotte Observer yesterday, penned by female citizen who identifies herself as conservative. She offers a well-articulated view of her concerns for the current state of the Republican party.

As an independent and former member of both parties, I have shared previously the opinions of conservatives and Republicans who see their party adrift. Some of these folks have been average citizens, while others have been in positions of influence. The party and our country need more of these folks to speak out and be heard and heeded.

I am a sane conservative with no candidate. I believe Trump lost and is misusing his former office to avoid criminal charges and bankruptcy. I believe taking the debt ceiling hostage is irresponsible. I want to vote for a government that believes in mostly free-market and local solutions to serious problems, but Republican governors keep placing constituents in danger.

I believe in letting local governments decide how to spend their federal subsidies, and I believe the federal government should spend my tax dollars fighting against internet monopolies and oligopolies that are occurring faster than we can regulate them. I want to believe my government exists to protect me from the worst of a free market, yet my government fights only with its former self.

Someone. Please. Help.”

11 thoughts on “Conservative plea

  1. Note to Readers: Given the nature of the letter to the editor, this letter might be worth sending to your Senators and Congressperson, should they be Republican. I just sent it to mine, plus a couple of others

  2. A powerful reminder to ‘Us’ on the Liberal and Left side of politics not to fall into the mirror-image trap of tribalizing ‘Republicans’ (or in the UK ‘Conservatives’) into one monolithic group of extremists.

  3. Roger, agreed. This is a key reason when I left the Republican party back around 2007, I did not rejoin the Democrats and chose to be independent. Like most folks, I am a mixed bag of beliefs. I am fiscally conservative, but socially progressive in most things. I feel we need to help people, but we also have to be able to pay for it. We need our legislators to think for themselves and stop the towing of the party line on every occasion. Keith

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