Just a few truisms

Since elected officials are now too busy running for office to actually participate in the duties of said office and with a certain pseudo-elected autocrat invading another country because he wants to reconstitute the USSR, we should focus on a few truisms. This is especially important given we have so many sources of information that is not news, but disinformation, the USSR wannabe guy’s modus operandi.

Now, I understand, a well-documented untruthful person has his own social media site. Rather than do a fact check on it, they should save time and just report when they slip up and tell the truth, which would be newsworthy. “Donald Trump told the truth today. Now other headlines.”

Here are a few truisms we should keep in mind as we read and watch statements alleged to be news.

-do not believe anything the former president of the US says. Full stop. The odds are well in your favor of being accurate if you follow this simple rule. A key thing to remember – it is always about The Donald. Yesterday we learned from The Donald that the reason Putin invaded Ukraine is because the election was stolen from Trump. Really?

-do not believe anything Putin says. Full stop. Again, the odds are in your favor. Anyone who knows history knew Putin would invade Ukraine months ago. His saying he would not is just his normal schtick. A former Russian TV producer said Putin has a heavy hand in not just news presented on Russian TV, but also sit-coms and dramas on the network. He will let them poke fun at simple governmental problems, but he will make sure they sing praises to Putin as well.

-as scary as Putin is, the person you need to be leery of is Xi Jinping. China’s ability to affect commerce, resources, investments, etc. have long made it destined to be the number one economic power in the world. The fact his subordinates can easily squelch any dissent makes his statements of greater concern. So, I would not believe much of what China’s leadership says either given their ability to craft the message. We should not forget “June 4” cannot be searched on Chinese websites as they do not want anyone knowing of the Tiananmen Square uprising on that date.

-while scary with his nuclear weapons, Kim Jong Un is not very believable either. HIs comic book list of successes in his bio are quite funny to read. No one knew he had superpowers. He is noted to be one of the greatest at almost any task, at least per his bio.

We need to focus on facts in a world where facts are the enemy to some. I know the above folks should not be trusted to tell us the truth, but what frustrates me most is when sycophants cover for their lies or rationalize them. This is especially true when they know they are so doing. They do it because they know they can get away with it.

So, another step to take is take everything any politician says with a grain of salt – they earned that right. Some are more truthful than others, but the words out of many of their mouths is politically calculated. And, that is not good for the truth.


33 thoughts on “Just a few truisms

  1. Obviously, politicians have lied as long as there have been politicians, but social media has magnified those lies exponentially, making it that much more important (and difficult) to discern truth from fiction. Your rules of thumb offered here will certainly help.

      • VJ, The Donald has made his money taking advantage of people ranging from not paying them to leaving them holding the bag as he exits real estate investments. His fans do not know the disdain he feels for them, even putting them at risk when he misled them about COVID as they gathered to swoon over him. Keith

  2. A profound collection of thoughts on this troubled day Keith.
    In the current house of cards which is Russia’s invasion of the Ukraine, many commentators, diplomats and the more astute politicians were waiting on what China would say. It could therefore be interpreted that without China’s support Russia’s invasion would falter in a short space of time.
    Now there’s an interesting thought….Russia behoven to China; China does nothing for free.

  3. Note to Readers: I did read there have been protests against Putin’s actions by Russians. These folks, of course, have been arrested. These folks know they are the ones who pay the price for Putin’s aggression. The question is does he care? While he has miscalculated on the unified reaction of condemnation by other countries, the same question can be asked?

    • PS – Per an article in The Guardian today,

      “ Police had made at least 1,702 arrest in 53 Russian cities as of Thursday evening, according to the OVD-Info monitor, as they cracked down on the unsanctioned protests. Most of the arrests were made in Moscow and St Petersburg, where the crowds were largest.

      The protesters chanted: “No to war!” as they exchanged shocked reactions to the attack on Ukraine.”

      • PSS – After another two days of protest, the anti-war detainees now exceed 5,000 and per The Washington Post, a Russian climate scientist named Oleg Anisimov apologized on a virtual call with other UN climate scientists for his country’s unsupported invasion of Ukraine.

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    Once again our friend Keith is spot-on with his assessments of recent events and of the media coverage of those events. Now if only everyone would listen to his words, think about them, and become more savvy about what is happening not only in the U.S. but in the world …

  5. I was dropping my jaw today when I heard these idiotic justifications of Putin why he invades Ukraine…. does he really believe that anyone will take him seriously? But he doesn’t care anyway. I am terrified about his narcissistic and megalomaniac raid.

    • Nan, so true. I feel for the Ukrainian people as well as the average citizens back in Russia who are punished for the sins of their autocrat. Reactive force is of concern, so I hope it can be avoided. Keith

  6. Great post, Keith! Maybe “fact checker” should come to mean “fact seeker” rather than “lie seeker.” Sometimes it seems like all I hear are opinions and lies. We could shout “Yes!” or “Eureka” when someone finds a truth uttered by a certain prior – make it a headline.

    • Becky, I have reached out to some politicians when they exhibit political courage. I try to reinforce the good behavior, which balances when I share my concerns. What amazes me about the former president is his lies are overt and people still believe him. Keith

  7. Note to Readers: I find it interesting the number one show in Estonia airs on Sunday night. It is popular because it recaps Vladimir Putin disinformation efforts for the previous week as he tries to sway opinion.

  8. You have not been listening, Keith. Trump almost always tells the truth, but with misdirection. The .ONLY way he can tell us something about someone else is pretending it is about someone else, WHEN IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM. Check back, anything he accuses anyone else of, or even some things in geneneral, like flushing toilets 15 times, he knows because he does those things himself. Once you learn THAT TRUISM, understanding what he is doing behind your backs becomes obvious.i noticed this four years ago, and he has not been untruthful yet. We don’t always get confirmation right away, but eventually we do. He is the expert on BS, because the only person he can really talk about well is himself!

    • Rawgod, he operates right off the narcissist attribute play list – a key is anything he is accused of doing is to distract and accuse others of the same thing. So, if you ever want to know what he is guilty of just write down what he accuses others of. Hillary’s foundation is corrupt he would say, when his is the one which a judge ordered to be repaid and disbanded. Ted Cruz is a liar he would say, when his track record of being untruthful far exceeds Cruz’. And, so on. Keith

      • Exactly what I am saying. But hardly anyone picks up on it, it seems. They focus on his musdirections, especially his MAGAts and his henchmen/felliw politicians. They don’t want to look. After all, Trump is God.

      • Rawgod, true. They don’t need to look real hard as his misdirection and lies are overt. He insults his followers, he lies to them when he favors the rich folks, and he endangers them without shooting straight about COVID. Yet, they are oblivious to all of this. Keith

  9. Note to Readers: I may write a future post about this, but a key reason for the invasion by Putin is the Russian economy is too reliant on fossil fuel trade, about 60% so says climate scientist Bill McKibben. Venezuela has a similar problem. So, a way to punish Putin for his malevolence is to build out renewable energy sources, which are already taking place. I thought this was an interesting perspective. Of course, this would work better if the Russian people protested en made, which is easier said than done.

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