Republican Senator Mitt Romney states two obvious truths

Yesterday during an interview on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Republican Senator Mitt Romney spoke two obvious truths that fellow Republicans need to listen to and heed.

First, Romney said that it is “unthinkable” and “almost treasonous” for anyone who loves freedom to also support Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Utah senator had been asked about the “pro-Putin sentiment” held by some factions of the Republican Party.

Second, the Senator spoke a humorous but needed truth about the poor actions of two of his Republican colleagues. He was asked yesterday about the attendance of Congressional Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene and Paul Gosar at a right fringe conference staged by a known white nationalist.

He cited a quote by actor Strother Martin from the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.” “Morons. I have morons on my team.” While I am not a fan of calling people names, the “actions” by two of the more extreme members of the GOP are indeed moronic. They each had time to consider should they really be speaking at this conference yet did so anyway. Unfortunately, this type of behavior is not unusual for these two people.

To be frank, applauding the efforts of known malevolent and untruthful tyrant is a bridge too far. Republicans Ronald Reagan and John McCain are rolling over in their graves over this inexplicable support. As for Representatives Greene and Gosar, we need our elected officials to represent our better angels, not our worse demons. We are all bigoted to some extent, but we must guard against racist behavior

I hope Senator Romney’s words get the attention they deserve. They are much needed for too many now in his party. And, are words of advice for others.

19 thoughts on “Republican Senator Mitt Romney states two obvious truths

  1. Note to Readers: There is a Fox News expert on Putin named Jennifer Griffin who has been brutally fact checking some other guests’ inane support for Putin. She is not bashful and she feels it is her duty to report facts and not let others espouse information that is not supported. Here is a link to a recent fact check she did.

  2. I just wonder how many Repubs are going to grasp these “obvious truths”. I have a guess, and it’s not optimistic. Thank goodness for people like Romney, who still have some sense in their heads. Greene and Gosar are just two of SEVERAL Republicans who oughta be run out of town, like right now.

    • At least in the case of Putin, more Republicans will agree with Romney. Siding with Putin will actually backfire on those who do. As for Gosar and Greene, their modus operandi needs to be consistently challenged as unbecoming of an elected official. The sad question is why won’t others follow Romney’s lead?

      • I personally think there needs to be some accountability and consequences. One of our MPs was egging the convoy on by telling them to tie up our emergency lines. Totally unacceptable.

      • VJ, the US has exported useless tribal competitiveness to Canada and other places. Facts get in the way of their team winning, so they are ignored. Keith

  3. Note to Readers: I don’t agree with Romney on a number of fronts, but he has been dead on accurate in his concerns over the former president and how Trump has damaged our country and the Republican Party. I am hopeful more will hear and heed his words in the party.

  4. The febrile wing of the Republican Party, its supporters and MAGA seems to have started this journey as follows:
    1.Sections of the Press and Opposition to Trump questioned his links with Russian money of suspect nature.
    2. The Trump voters reason in response whatever Trump did must be right, therefore Russian are good.
    3. Putin and associates are criticised. And the question of Russian interference in the 2016 election is raised
    4. In response Trump’s supporters unconditionally support Russia and Putin.
    5. This goes back and forth.
    6. With the loss of the 2020 presidential election the febrile wing of the Republican Party, its supporters and MAGA axis lash out in all directions.
    7. Trump saves something stupid about the Ukrainian War.
    8. The febrile wing of the Republican Party, its supporters and MAGA stand with Putin because the Biden administration is against him.
    9. In their continued rage and frustration MAGA / The Febrile Wing and fellow travellers walk so far down their road, they lose any sense of direction and keep walking because The Journey is all they can cling to.

  5. Note to Readers: Apparently, Gosar and Greene’s recent antics are a bridge too far for many Republicans. Sadly, with gerrymandering, people like these two with more extreme views are in safer seats. What is needed is Republican voters to stand up to bigotry and tell folks it is not valued.

  6. On occasion, Romney shows an honourable side, speaks words of wisdom, but then I remember that he has toed the party line in his voting history and I have a difficult time applauding him. However, he is right about his take on Republicans applauding Putin and also about Greene & Gosar speaking at the equivalent of a Klan rally, so I guess we should give credit where credit is due.

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