Tally of Russian anti-war protestors grows

It takes a lot of courage to protest in an autocrat’s domain. Knowing you will get in trouble makes it even more daring, especially when you have seen the best political opposition jailed before each election against the autocratic leader.

Per the Time Magazine article “Putin’s invasion of Ukraine sparking more anti-war protests in Russian. This could be his undoing” by Arik Burakovky, here is paragraph on the current tally of those Russians arrested for protesting. A link to the article is below.

“Despite government threats of prosecution for high treason charges, and sometimes cruel treatment of protesters, thousands took their anti-war statements to the streets and squares of Russian cities following the onset of the military intervention. The mass demonstrations were immediate, involving highly public figures. They were vividly streamed and shared—and partially organized—on social media. More than 6,500 demonstrators were arrested over a five-day period. Several Russian and Ukrainian news outlets were blocked for their coverage of the invasion, and prominent liberal radio station Echo Moskvy was taken off air yesterday.”

In some respects, this may seem like a small number, but one has to remember this malevolent acting autocrat has spent years of punishing perceived and real enemies. He has spent years deploying his skill at disinformation both within and outside of his country. Social media has only enabled his disinformation efforts.

What also amazes and alarms me is the number of US folks who have sung praises of Putin. It has alarmed some Republican leaders, who are seeing a sect within their own party try to dress up Putin to mask his malevolence. Senator Mitt Romney said on Sunday in an interview, it is “unthinkable” and “almost treasonous” for anyone who loves freedom to also support Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Let’s be frank. The US is far from perfect and has and will make mistakes. Sometimes our elected officials stray from our ideals. Yet, Russian soldiers at Putin’s direction have made up an excuse to invade a country of former home boys and girls, in attempt to shore up their fossil-fuel dragging economy and reconstitute the former USSR empire. What they are finding is a moxie in the Ukrainian people they did not expect, coupled with more moxie in the protestors.

Mr. Putin, you can take your shirt off and ride a horse to look tough, but toughness is standing up to bullies and telling them to stop. Toughness is not stepping on people.



19 thoughts on “Tally of Russian anti-war protestors grows

  1. It’s disgraceful that some of our own fake news media outlets and their personalities (Laura Ingraham, Tucker Carlson for example) are
    Among the few ( propaganda ) news outlets in broadcasting in Russia. I call that treason.

    • Holly, it certainly is not well placed fanaticism. A lot of the Putin love relates to covering up Trump’s fawning over him and his inappropriate contact as The Mueller Report noted. If they make Putin look less like a boogie man, it somehow justifies Trump’s acquiescence to him, in their minds. Keith

      • MAGA is a serious threat to our democracy. We are seemingly as helpless to stop them as we are to stop Putin. What’s happened to the beacon the hill?

      • Holly, that beacon on the hill seems to shrouded in fog. It is ironic the day I wrote the above the House committee on the January 6 insurrection reported it is likely Trump is guilty of criminal behavior in the insurrection and a few other Republican congress reps may be as well. This is not a surprise and it certainly is not fake news, which I guarantee it will be called later today by the seditious acting former president and his sycophants. Keith

  2. Note to Readers: I am glad to see companies like BP and Shell divesting themselves of Russian oil assets in response to the invasion, even having to write down losses as they do. Plus, a huge Norwegian Foundation is also divesting itself of all Russian assets. And, there are others.

  3. What also amazes and alarms me is the number of US folks who have sung praises of Putin

    Putin’s regime is authoritarian, emphatically (if hypocritically) Christian, and brutally anti-gay and anti-liberal. It’s the perfect embodiment of what the out-there hard-line elements of the US right wing want to see in this country. Hardly surprising that they see him as their true leader and inspiration, especially now that Trump is out of office and fading. Many of them have been praising him as the true leader of the Christian world for some time.

    • Infidel, I hate to add one more item, but Russia is over 90% Caucasian, so seeing an autocrat lead that big a bloc has appeal to the very far right community in the US that worries about Whites becoming a plurality not a majority in the next two decades. In essence, this group would trade freedoms for control. When I saw a former Republican strategist speak about this it opened my eyes. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: One of the smartest Russians has asked for more sanctions on Russia for its aggression toward Ukraine. Per Reuters, Russian human rights activist and former world chess champion Garry Kasparov on Thursday urged world powers to adopt tougher sanctions on Russia.

  5. Note to Readers: I read that a few dozen Russian aircraft have been brought down by Ukrainian anti-aircraft weapons. Former CIA Director and Retired General David Petreus has noted how ineffective Russian aircraft have been in coordinating with ground troops. Again, the Russians may still prevail, but from what I gather they will continue to have a hornet’s nest to deal with.

  6. Note to Readers: The tally is now up to 8,100 anti-war protestors being arrested in 124 cities across Russia per a humanitarian organization. This was reported 14 hours ago.

  7. Those who speak well of Putin do this out of sheer spite against the Demcrats.
    The term is Useful Idiots.
    As for these freedom convoys they have no idea. Imagine them trying that in Russia. Not that they would have the courage

    • Roger, true but also includes this tribal thinking, that if Trump loves Putin, then we must love him as well, otherwise he may look bad. Ironically, the traits that Trump admires in Putin are the very ones that make him malevolent. Here, people slap the word “freedom” on anything to make it sound better – it is one of those name calling words, in this case to garner favor, without people digging deeper. Kind of like Oath Keepers. Keith

      • I am always suspicious of a party of any stripe which includes the words Freedom, Peace , Justice or Truth, in its Title as it usually indicates those on their terms alone, with no degree of criticism.

        As for The Oath Keepers they are but an undisciplined crew of armed neurotic and bigots, of the kind that prey only on the defenceless or if there opposition the odds are vastly in their favour.
        History is littered with them.

  8. Note to Readers: Per an article in The Guardian, “A group of eminent writers has appealed to Russian speakers around the world to convey the truth about the war in Ukraine by directly contacting Russian citizens using ‘all possible means of communication.’

    The 17 signatories to the appeal include the Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich, a Belarusian author who writes in Russian. She won the Nobel prize for literature in 2015 for writing described as ‘a monument to courage and suffering in our time.’”

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