Monday morning you sure look fine (miscellaneous musings in early March)

With a nod to a lyric from a classic Fleetwood Mac song, allow me to throw down a few miscellaneous musings on March 7, 2022. I have been consumed by Ukraine’s courageous attempt to stave off the malevolent Russian force who is attacking for some made up reason, so many of my writings of late are around that topic.

The former Attorney General William Barr has noted several interesting things of late as he promotes his book on his time serving the former president. One that caught my eye this morning noted the former president does not care whether his fraudulent election claims are true, he just wants his fan base to believe such as his worst fear is being seen as “a loser.” Before Barr was fired, he noted in a group meeting to the former president that his election fraud claims were BS, which enflamed his mercurial boss. As the former president’s niece said, her uncle would burn it all down to avoid losing the election. That is why he will never concede.

Americans better be prepared to do their part in helping Ukraine as gas prices continue to rise. Putin is counting on us soft Americans to cave to enable his efforts to steal a country. What he did not count on is a former comedian being tough as nails telling him to go screw himself. President Zelenskyy is doing what a real leader should do. His opponent has misled his people, lied to his troops in harm’s way, arrested protestors, shut down internet access, and published disinformation as he always does. That is not leadership – that is autocracy.

I am long past tired of opinion hosts and politicians lying to us. Both sides stretch the truth, but I left the Republican party around 2008 as one reason is they had tendency to make things up. That was fourteen years ago and it has gotten worse. Sadly, people who support a person known for lying lie for him and rationalize his lies. It is embarrassing. To start with, do not believe anything that the former president or his TV sycophants say – the odds are well in your favor to be accurate. Do not believe anything the former president’s sycophants in Congress say – again the odds are well in your favor. We need a viable conservative party, but one that vilifies its truth tellers and promotes its liars is not one with a lot of veritas.

I know our friend Boris in the UK is a happy man with the news story of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, not the actual invasion. It has taken his woes off the front pages and allowed him to act more like what a Prime Minister should act like. The same may be true for the randy Prince Andy, excuse me “Andrew.” I know the Queen is likely very happy this Andrew thing is being put behind them. When your defense is to ignore the picture of him hugging an underage girl in a place owned by a convicted trafficker in girls (even though his only sentence was embarrassingly light), it does not make for strong argument.

Let me segue to another person known for his sexual misconduct, Harvey Weinstein. We have been watching a lot of old movies in the past several months. When I see Weinstein’s name as the film producer, my first thought is did he force himself on the lead actress? I was recalling the excellent work by Ronan Farrow on Weinstein and his enablers and one story sticks out. Actress Rosanna Arquette refused his advances and got on an elevator to leave the hotel where Weinstein planned his rendezvous. As she rode down the elevator, her thoughts drifted to “have I just ruined my career?” That is the power these sexual predators wield, whether it is due to money or royalty. And, the people that make me the most mad are the ones who cover everything up for their boss.

23 thoughts on “Monday morning you sure look fine (miscellaneous musings in early March)

  1. Hard not to be glued to the war in Ukraine. The images haunt me. I’m interested in what Bill Barr has to say, but remind myself he was complicit in many ways, so take it with a grain of salt.

    • Thanks VJ. True on all counts. Barr White washed the Mueller Report his first month on the job. I wonder now if he regrets so doing. It enabled an untrustworthy person. Keith

  2. ‘It has taken his woes off the front pages and allowed him to act more like what a Prime Minister should act like’ – sadly, Johnson is still along way from achieving that! The UK has been noticeably reticent in comparison with other countries in offering sanctuary to Ukrainian citizens fleeing their country, and in enforcing sanctions on Russian investments. The latter is probably because many of those investments paid for his government – corruption is never far away when you look at this malevolent, uncaring bunch.

  3. I never cared about Ukrainian politics and I am not a political expert either. But to me, Selenskyj is a real leader. One, who is not filling a job for flattering his ego, but someone who sees his vocation in it and has committed himself to it with all consequences. A role model, a captain!

    • Janis, if you want more evidence of Barr’s fickle nature, after declaring his former boss is ego-maniacal and untruthful, he said he would vote for him 2024. That reveals the lack of character in this person to want to vote for a seditious person like the former president. It truly is disgusting in my simple view. Keith

  4. Note to Readers: With all his other concerns, we lose sight that the last former president knew and spent time with Jeffrey Epstein. And, there was a court date set up in December, 2016 to share information by woman who alleged the former president raped her when she was thirteen at one of Epstein’s parties. That woman dropped her case before the election after likely reaching a settlement. I am not saying her allegations were true, but that court date was set and then removed from the docket right before the election. It should also be noted another former president (whose wife ran against Trump) who was known for sexual escapades also knew Epstein. Knowing Epstein is not a crime, nor is attending one of his gatherings, but it is not the place to be if you don’t want any trouble. What still amazes me is the last former president was able to effectively use the escapades of the husband of her opponent against his opponent when she was not the one who acted poorly.

  5. You said so much … all of which I wholeheartedly agree with. I find that I cannot give kudos to Bill Barr after he was Trump’s bootlicker for 22 months and gave into Trump’s desires more often than not. And as you said, he said he would still vote for Trump in 2024, meaning he has no loyalty to the people of this country and would willingly assist in its destruction.

    P.S. I had a chuckle at your reference to “randy Prince Andy” … a much-needed chuckle!

  6. The British Royals and Boris are no doubt happy for the deflection of attention away from them making the headlines. Not nice to hear about the former President’s antics. I had not heard of that. Good on Rosanna for resisting the efforts despite the consequences.
    Meanwhile, the Russian people – so silent but then when 75 million disappeared under Stalin, is it generational fear of reprisals that has become ingrained in the psyche?

    • Amanda, thanks. Have you ever noticed the Royals with truly not a whole lot to do and a nice salary are the ones who make the mischief – Anne, Harry and Andrew, eg? As for the Russian people, I noticed Putin polling high in a non-government poll at 71% favorability, but who are they fooling? People know if they record a vote it will be discovered, even when it may not. It is not dissimilar to Kim Jong Un getting a 98% favorability rating. Keith

      • You are spot on, Keith with the comparison to North Korea and possibly with your scepticism re the poll. Just yesterday I was chatting to a Russian-Ukrainian lady here in Australia. She was fortunate to have grown up in Russia during the 90’s when there was an interest in other nations and more freedom. She was open-minded and interested in other people, their differences and their countries. She’s travelled since she was a teen, throughout the world but still has family in both countries. She insists Russian people and Russian culture remains closed-minded in attitude and the people are frightened to ruffle feathers or cause trouble in their own country out of fear. It sounded very much like a reversion to the Stalinist era. She claimed the Russians are just naturally not outward looking people – so I fear that such an attitude could mean removing Putin from within, a really long shot. Putin has set about removing all traces of Perestroika like attitudes, and it seems listening to the lady speak, he has been successful. Meanwhile, she tells me that the Ukrainian people are passionate about their land and have a deep feeling for their country that is hard to explain and goes back thousands of years. Akin to Australian indigenous people’s feeling for ‘country.’ It was an interesting perspective.
        The Royals are not a family I admire at all and I particularly dislike that we, as taxpayers, have to foot the bill for these wealthy entitled individuals to “tour” our country. And what do they actually do?- They are no more relevant than Kim Kardashian! And about as productive.
        They do spread goodwill through handshakes, pedestrian parades and walkabout, cutting ribbons. Goodwill and $ that could be far better spent in other ways. In this sense, I guess you could joke that I am a Republican! (You might be aghast that I would say that and I never thought I would but in this context it is true)! Lol.

      • Amanda, thanks for your very informative comment, especially regarding the current state in Russia and Ukraine. In Great Britain the Royals still have a huge following, but there is growing number who feel as you do. Keith

  7. News is moving fast and I see that the USA is now playing the Oil Card and receiving bi-partisan support.
    Thus it can be said:
    ‘Nice Job Vlad! Nice Job! Your intelligence services and their hackers-for-hire spent years astutely sewing division into the body politic of the USA and its people and now you’ve spoilt all that work in one prideful swipe,’
    Sadly he will continue to receive support in Russia, it is how things are, Russia is a large nation which acts like a its a small nation boxed in by hostile powers. And he has the security services.
    As for Boris, all he has to do now, is go with the flow. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed a packed House of Commons today by video link, and received universal applause. For once in a long, long time Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition were united in their praise.

    • So true. I do think Vladimir has more critics than let on, they are just too scared to voice it. I did read where telegrams are being used in Kyiv to share effective recon on Russian troops.

      • There is a daily mindset in Russia which we in our comparatively comfy world don’t really understand.
        On the first layer there is a nearly religious relationship with the land. Next layer is generation after generation of state surveillance and retribution. The other layer is a discontent which can flourish in myriad ways and is always unpredictable. Never try and predict Russia internally, her external policy is always latent, suspicious, hostility; sometimes justified, sometimes paranoia.
        Putin is acting as a typical brooding type of czar, once more I evoke Nicholas I, of course Ivan The Terrible, and Czar Joseph (Stalin).
        You can never really tell though how a war with Russia goes; unless you invade Russia from the West and that never goes well.
        Effective recon- there is always a way to get effective recon when your fighting on your home turf, it’s surprising how quickly old methods prove the best.

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