Fox Reporters killed in Ukraine offer perspective

After the news earlier in the week that two people reporting for Fox News were killed in Ukraine, it should be a moment of clarity for some of their opinion colleagues back in the studio. Here is a letter I forwarded to my newspaper editorial section for consideration.

Per NPR, “A veteran video journalist for Fox News, Pierre Zakrzewski, and freelance journalist Oleksandra Kuvshynova were killed outside Kyiv after the vehicle they were traveling in was struck by incoming fire on Monday, the network has announced.”

And, yet as they died seeking the truth, opinion hosts in the Fox News studio still spread pro-Putin disinformation. It dishonors the deceased when folks like Tucker Carlson and Brian Kilmeade purposefully spread propaganda that is being aired in Russia. People should not give credence to opinions disguised as news whether it is on MSNBC or Fox, but especially from these two opinion entertainers.

After I sent this, I did see where the Russian Foreign Minister applauded Fox News coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Coming from a country who is jailing people for dissenting views on the invasion, that is truly false praise. Former President Ronald Reagan is turning over in his grave at this point.

14 thoughts on “Fox Reporters killed in Ukraine offer perspective

  1. This week I watched a report of Austrian reporters whose jobs were to report from war zones. It is not only that they risk their lives for honest information but also carry the ghost of the war in form of what they say with them for the rest of their lives. So, when they are even killed by doing their jobs, such a representation is sheer and inhumane mockery, which actually makes their commitment seem worthless.

  2. Compassion and humanity have never been on display on Fox “News”, and even now, with their own colleagues’ brutal murder, the likes of Carlson and others cannot find an ounce of empathy. Says more about their character, or lack thereof.

    • Roger, I would agree. To be able to disinform, Carlson, Hannity, Ingraham, et al at least need to know what they have to attack as they do so. Keith

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