Critical Race Theory – letter to the editor

My newspaper printed my letter to the editor today. Here it is for your review, comment and use. Please feel free to edit, but note my newspaper has a 150 word limit. Yours might be different.

“It has become apparent that one party has decided to use anti-critical race theory as its new bumper-sticker slogan, akin to Build That Wall.

So, should we not talk about the Birmingham church bombing, Greensboro Four, Edmund Pettus bridge, Wilmington coup, Emmett Till’s horrible murder, Tulsa massacre, slavery, red-lining, voter suppression, genocide of Native Americans, and more?

If we do not teach and learn from our history, especially the bad parts, we are destined to repeat them. Our history is one of imperfect people sometimes failing to live up to our ideals.

We should know what, when and why things happened, especially if it is ugly.”

21 thoughts on “Critical Race Theory – letter to the editor

  1. Well said friend of mine. I always wonder when someone wants to subtract certain items from conversation just what they intend to fill the gaps with. I suspect it will be back to building Trump’s wall. But doesn’t that also come under CRT against Mexicans and South Americans?

    • Thanks David. Growing up a white man in the south, I witnessed first-hand the maltreatment of black and brown skinned people, both subtle and overt, from the pious, from the authorities and from others who had been taught such. To your point, what the former president said when he came down the escalators to announce his candidacy was indeed racist. Keith

  2. Well said. As Putin and Trump so amply demonstrate, people who aspire to leadership require both knowledge and humility. Common citizens require both as well, simply to keep issues in perspective and get along, and to accept their responsibilities as members of society. We fail on both counts when we pretend that errors in judgment never happened or that what we now see as hideous social norms never existed. We can’t hold the 18th century to the social norms of the 21st, but we sure as hell never want to go back there.

  3. You are touting disinformation here, Keith, and many others continue to do so not realizing it is disinformation, that you’re being fooled. The disinformation is that because CRT is about the teaching of race history, not teaching is tantamount to historical revisionism.

    This is not true.

    I know this is not true, because I was taught exactly what CRT is and how to implement it in teacher’s college. (See Bill 67 here in Ontario to see for yourself what CRT looks like in practice).

    CRT is ALL about teaching kids to become advocates and activists to promote race-based policies in the NAME of achieving equity. Equity MEANS identical results. It does not mean racial history. It does not mean equality in law. It does not mean respecting individuals regardless of race. It does not respect but eliminates merit. All merit. It does not respect quality of character but teaches children to support and implement the prime importance of the colour of one’s skin and that this will lead to achieve identical results in all things by using inequitable results to ‘prove’ racial discrimination. That is equity. That is the goal of CRT, achieving identical results between groups of racial identities. The individual simply doesn’t matter and shouldn’t matter in law. It’s all about racial groups, all about teaching children to frame the world in racial groupings.

    Read that over and over until it truly sinks in. THAT – not history about race – is CRT in action, in our schools, in law, across all public policy. Equity. Not equality. Not historical understanding of how race based policies produce systemic discrimination. That is the LAST thing CRT is designed to teach!

    CRT is predicated on teaching children that everything is about race, that your racial identity DETERMINES your position in society, that there is a power hierarchy base solely on race, that to fight against historical racism means you are obligated to recognize that all of us are inherently racists, always will be racist, and that we must privilege BIPOC people in law and practice. It is a guaranteed method to elevate race above all else, to award legal rights and privileges and penalties to racial groups.

    I sincerely doubt this is what you think is a good idea to teach to children starting in kindergarten through grade 12 in all subject areas. Please, correct me if I’m wrong.

    • Tildeb, you are obviously an intelligent person and I understand your points.

      Two comments. 1) What you know to be CRT has little resemblance to what the Republican party has latched onto as CRT here in the states. It is included with a larger effort to white-wash history, which is the reason I mention the things I do. Here it is a moniker to create negative feelings without debate. My intent is not to disinform, but to use the context here in the states where it is deployed.
      2) race unfortunately matters more than it should even today; I wish we were in a meritocracy only, but in the US, to whom you were born matters more than merit – widespread economic mobility is not the American dream. Warren Buffett, the 6th richest person in the world has said he was lucky to be born as a white man in America. He noted all three of those factors are important – race, gender and geography.

      I often say as a white man, I have gotten more opportunities than a black man would have. I also can pretty much go anywhere I want, whereas a black man in his Sunday best has to fear for his life when stopped by a law officer. But, as a white man, it is difficult for me to understand what a black person goes through on a daily basis. You may not agree with these statements, but that is what I believe to be true.

      Many thanks for your comment. Keith

      • Please note that what the Republicans are doing with CRT is what I warned for years they would do to gain electoral success, that the ‘progressive’ element of the Democrats are fueling these kinds of Republican overkill bills to antiliberal policies like CRT (that parents ,when made aware, truly loathe and despise the intentional indoctrination while being labelled racist and bigots for caring about their kids) that lead them to vote in sufficient numbers to cause Republican electoral victories. By going along with all of the facets of ‘progressive’ ideology based on identity – including race – the problem we face to address the Republican threat is not the Republicans: it is the progressives in the Democratic wing. They are the ones causing CRT to be implemented, causing gender ideology to be implemented, causing antiliberal policies to be championed and implemented, causing centrist voters to swing to the alternative… ANY alternative. THIS is what is granting ‘Republican’ electoral victories, the vote that swings to them.

        Unless and until more centrist voters understand the real threat – and not the fictional version of non supportive CRT denies learning about racism in history – they will continue to empower the Republican’s current electoral gains. That cost is a very real existential threat to the American experiment and we lose individual rights and freedoms in the meantime while the progressive enablers go to their graves feeling virtuous from playing their part but having no clue how they helped bring about the end of liberal democracy in the United States.

      • “Think critically and value nonconformism. If the human rights movement fails to do this, it will turn people off human rights. As a discursive strategy, subsuming human rights under critical social justice rhetoric might prove to be more than a mistake. It could be a suicide.”

        A relevant view from France from a human rights advocate and researcher about the language of the social justice movement and specifically critical race theory and its global effect harming human rights advocacy. We need to pay attention to what’s really going on here with CRT in our schools.

  4. I’ve been listening to a podcast that dives deep into the conspiracies and lies – most interesting. The narrative, whether true or fabricated, certainly feeds into a base fear. Governance by puppetry. Not unlike what is happening in Russia.

    • VJ, fear sells. It always has. It is the “other’s” fault for one’s lot in life. Identify it. Package it, label it and point at it. That is how to sell candidates who are against it. The “it” varies. Keith

  5. You have clear thoughts and speak clear words. It needs more people like you who stand up for their opinions and spread the words to eliminate injustice!

  6. Well written, cogently argued Keith. You are entitled to hold aloft the American Flag and a copy of The Constitution.
    ‘Their’ only response would be an undignified in coherent rant, displaying ignorant racism.

  7. There’s so much history we must embrace, difficult though it is. You didn’t have room for it, but I’m thinking of Indian “Schools”, Internment Camps, Chinese Exclusion actions, soo soo much. Why are people afraid to think critically?

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