Anti Former Republican NC Governor Pat McCrory ads

The following is a letter I sent into my newspaper which they did not publish, but it is short for that reason. Former Republican Governor Pat McCrory is a moderate Republican that served two terms and seven terms as Mayor of North Carolina’s largest city. He is running in the primary for retiring Senator Richard Burr’s seat. His main opponent is a huge supporter of the former president.

As an independent and former Republican voter, I am bemused by the anti-Pat McCrory commercials being aired as he runs in the Republican primary for Senator. In the commercial, the ads repeat McCrory’s criticisms of the former president and various false narratives put forth by Trump sycophants. The commercial is quite detailed in summarizing McCrory’s concerns. Yet, I agree with everything McCrory said which would make me consider him if he wins the primary. To me this commercial puts McCrory in a positive light, not the intended negative one.

While it is intended to show McCrory as a RINO, which is a now a weaponized label, to get MAGA fans not to vote for him, to me it reveals someone who is actually worth voting for which I am sure was not their intention.

10 thoughts on “Anti Former Republican NC Governor Pat McCrory ads

    • VJ, so true. I have actually met McCrory on a couple of occasions, as a friend helped him with his first campaign for City Council. For him to win seven two-year terms as a GOP mayor in a largely Democrat city is telling. Keith

  1. Agreed Keith
    I’m not trying to sound ‘smart’ here; just bemused by the ineptitude of the MAGA influenced Republicans.
    A few months I suggested to Jeff of Brookslib blog that it would be a good tactic for Democrats in very Republican areas where possible to support the Republican with moderate tendencies. Who knew the MAGA crew could be so helpful in assisting them?

  2. Note to Readers: One of my favorite stories about McCrory occurred early as mayor. A planning group before he was elected came up with a twenty year plan, which became a shelf document like most plans of such nature. He dusted it off and pulled a couple ideas out of it. One idea was every neighborhood had to have at least one set of sidewalks to get people to walk more. So, he helped find budget dollars to do just that. Plus, he was instrumental in a push for a light rail system.

  3. Note to Readers: I have not seen one of these ads lately, as I believe someone said they are not working in their favor. I have seen a new ad for McCrory’s Trumpian opponent, complete with a sidearm tucked in his pants for all to see. Of course, the opponent ends the commercial in front of the incomplete border wall saying he will finish this. No word yet as to whether he will get Mexico to pay for it.

  4. Note to Readers: Sadly, I read that the gun baring candidate has the lead over the more rational McCrory. The other sad statistic is 59% of North Carolina Republicans would follow the endorsement of the deceitful and seditious former president. This is a key reason not enough GOP leaders will call the former president on the carpet for his actions. They opened Pandora’s box and it is hard for them to get the evil back in the box.

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