The truth will set you free

The former president said the following at a rally this past weekend in Selma, NC advocating for some candidates also not known for telling the truth on a recurring basis. “I’m the most honest human being perhaps that God ever created.” Who knew? The sad fact is there are too many of his base that believe this BS.

Our blogging friend Clive either created or repeated the following line about the former president. George Washington could not tell a lie. Richard Nixon could not tell the truth. Donald Trump does not know the difference.

After the above quote hit the newspapers, my wife asked me does he know he is lying? I said a little bit of both. Saying a variation of the above theme, Donald Trump lies so much, he does not know where the truth stops and the lies begin. He does tell the truth sometimes when it works in his favor, but even then he will embellish his role for good things or minimize it when bad.

One of my favorite corrections from a reporter came when the former president said for umpteenth time that he signed a particular bill making it a law. After hearing this that many times, a reporter finally asked you are aware that law was signed in 2014 and you were not president until January, 2017?

What also saddens me, is not only has the former president helped further divide our country, he has helped divide families. A person wrote into Dear Abby yesterday saying she is no longer on speaking terms with a beloved relative because of the strident views and argumentative nature that now exists in too many people who believe things that just are not true. To cover or rationalize for the untruthful bent of the former president, it requires others to aid and abet his lies.

The fact of the matter is it is well-documented that the former president is largely untruthful, by actual fact-checking and numerous personal vignettes from people who know him. I have often quoted attorney Thomas Wells who worked for Trump for years who said “Donald Trump lies every day, even about things of no consequence.” That does not sound like a person God would be happy with.

29 thoughts on “The truth will set you free

  1. Sadly, our country may have yet to endure four more years of this monster if people don’t get off their butts and vote in two years.

  2. A quote O read just this morning in a post by Wynne Leon, “Brandon Mull said, “Sharp people learn from their mistakes. But the real sharp ones learn from the mistakes of others.”
    Then there are people who don’t learn at all.

    • Vic, that is an excellent quote. And, an astute follow on observation. I am still amazed when Michael Cohen, Trump’s attorney and fixer, said under oath “Donald Trump is a racist, he is a con-artist and he is a cheat,” the Republicans on the panel pretended it never occurred. He also said he sent out over 500 cease and desist letters to people who had unflattering information on the former president, but it did not matter. You would think that both would. Keith

  3. It is my opinion Trump is a creature of sheer vanity, whose ego has been fed by those who created his political image; ie the grass roots right.
    He will say what they want him to hear and in turn they will encourage him.
    It would be interesting to see him placed on a media set and interrogated by, say four, hard-nosed journalists intent on getting past his bluster.
    I imagine it would end up with an incoherent rant by him and then the fellow storming out.
    Of course the journalists would then be subjected to a stream of hate-mail for those who didn’t like their toy misused.

    • True. The ones who have questioned him fairly have been ostracized. Shepherd Smith of Fox was forced to resign and Chris Wallace eventually lost too much faith in his network. They were two of Fox’ best reporters and were run out of town.

  4. Note to Readers: The above quote is not dissimilar to other boasts by the former president. I will paraphrase:

    – I know more about taxes than anyone in the history of taxes.
    – My gut is smarter than scientists’ brains.

    Yet, with this bragging comes a few untruths that surprised me, as business was supposed to be his sweet spot. On one, Trump said China is paying for the tariffs about twenty times, but that is simply not true and he was corrected each time he said it. Importers pay for the tariffs and they usually pass the added cost to consumers, meaning we pay the tariffs.

  5. Well said as always Keith. This man, the most prolific liar to ever make his way into the White House ( with a little help from the Kremlin’s war criminal that he praises as a genius) is still attempting to destroy our democracy. He has also destroyed the peace in families, friendships, communities. He’s a a lying conman with a brainwashed following and a bullied Congress.

      • Holly, I sent a letter to my hometown newspaper in Florida saying the citizens deserve better leadership. The governor creates issues and causes fights to garner votes, not govern. I hope they print it. Keith

  6. I asked myself the same: Does Trump even realize that he was lying? It makes sense what you say. Probably a bit of both. And he talks himself long enough into his own fantasies that eventually, he believes it is the truth. If you are used to lying and eventing stories you may lose your sense of reality and do mix it all up.

    • Joy, the key point is lost on them. It is better to let people think you are a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. The former president, long ago has removed all doubt, even before the election. He insults his fans to their face and he has placed them in harm’s way, yet they have never gotten it. Keith

  7. People who are clinical narcissists truly believe they are ‘the greatest, best, most’ impressive and everyone loves them. It is an illness. They can’t help it.
    It’s on us Independent voters to see past the staged circus of party politics, and try to vote for the best people for the job. I highly recommend all voters start ‘collecting’ names of all the good people they know and write those names on ballots.

  8. Note to Readers: I was thinking some more about the former president’s comment about being so truthful. Here is a person whose whole being is based on creating a perception that he is wealthier, smarter and more successful than he is. He says he got a $1 million loan from his father, but the truth is his father transferred over $400 million to him tax free before he died. And, I found of interest that he is only one of two people to politic to be on the Fortune 400 list. Most people do not want the notoriety, especially when the numbers are fudged.

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