The majority of people want better gun governance (a redundant plea)

Another week, another mass shooting in America. Ho-hum. Another day, more suicides by impetuous acts and more homicides by uncivil arguers. Boring. And, of course, we have the inevitable accidental shooting by a curious child and discovered weapon. This does not seem to bother anyone, either.

The following is a repeat of post from three years ago. It is a variation of a post I have written countless times. Yet, we do not seem to care. I am glad the president is going after ghost guns, but that is only part of the problem. When the leading US gun death cause is suicide, by far, you would think legislators, especially Republican ones, will stop counting the NRA donations and do something about this obvious problem.

From an article called “Polls find Americans mostly are supportive of stricter laws on guns” by Dawn Baumgartner Vaughn of the Raleigh News and Observer, please note the following cited survey results. Note these results have been fact checked by the paper’s Fact Checking Project.

– Gallup’s poll from August, 2019 noted “61% would support a ban on semi-automatic guns known as assault rifles.”

– The Civitas Institute (a conservative policy group) poll from September, 2019 showed “58% of respondents saying gun laws were not strict enough.” Note of the Civitas poll respondents, “48% either owned a gun or had someone in their home who owned a gun.”

– A Quinnipac University poll from May, 2019 showed “61% of Americans support stricter gun laws. The same poll showed 94% of Americans support required background checks for gun buyers. And, 77% of those polled support ‘requiring individuals to obtain a license before being able to purchase a gun.’”

– In 2017, Politifact Wisconsin “found multiple previous polls citing support for background checks ranging from 84% to 94%.”

The numbers 58% and 61% are meaningful, but let’s focus on the 94% (or even 84% to 94%) of respondents who want required background checks and the 77% who want a license before hand.

These are consequential majorities. Earlier this week, the Houston Chief of Police challenged his two Texas Senators (Ted Cruz and John Cornyn) and Senate Leader Mitch McConnell to act after yet another police officer was killed.

The NRA has spoken. Now, we need to set their ardent, sales focused rhetoric aside and act sensibly. Just the two items highlighted above will help – background checks and pre-buy licensing. No loopholes. Cars require ownership and driving licenses to operate. Yet, they are not designed to kill.

I am long-ago tired of the standard “thoughts and prayers” line offered by legislators followed by “now is not the time to discuss changes.” Since people are dying everyday by suicide and other reasons, waiting for a time with no deaths will not happen. Further, the mass shootings of more than a few victims are happening with alarming frequency.

To be brutally frank, Democrats should push this issue to the nth degree. Maybe, the Senate and president will act. It matters not who pats themselves on the back – JUST DO SOMETHING! And, these legislators are in my “thoughts and prayers” to actually act like the parents and grandparents we hope they would be.

18 thoughts on “The majority of people want better gun governance (a redundant plea)

  1. Note to Readers: What bothers me is when a candidate for elected office feels he or she is showing how tough they are by carrying a weapon in a commercial. That is a lot of false bravado. I recognize they are brandishing such to show their support for the 2nd amendment which, to some is the 11th commandment from the bible, but when a conservative leaning poll (consisting of 48% gun owners) want better gun governance by a 58% majority, that should be telling. As a former Republican, I will vote for no candidate who feels it is important to brandish a gun in a commercial. Full stop.

    • That PLUS they think it makes them look “tough” to be shown toting a gun … the bigger the better. Remember those Christmas cards by Boebert and Massie showing their young children holding guns? Or Kemp’s campaign photo showing him pointing a gun at his daughter’s boyfriend? Personally, I’d rather have an intelligent congressman than a tough, gun-totin’ one!

  2. Well said, Keith … but you and I can speak words of wisdom until we turn blue in the face and Congress won’t budge, since they are taking all those lovely NRA donations! Whatever happened to ‘majority rule’? Obviously, what We the People want is no longer relevant, especially when it comes to the subject of guns. The spirits of the Founding Fathers are no doubt kicking themselves over that 2nd Amendment!

      • Yes, that’s exactly what they need to do, but instead they sit home on election day and complain about how all the politicians are the same and that THEY alone have taken the “moral high ground” by not voting for any of them.

      • Jill, having watched the “decay” of the Republican Party, as conservative pundit Michael Gerson calls it, the members of the party are not worthy of votes, especially with stances based on misinformation and, in some cases disinformation. The Democrats are not perfect, but they at least are trying to address the issues. Keith

      • I agree with Gerson’s word for it … decay, moral decay. No, the Democrats aren’t perfect … I think to an extent, politics has a corrupting influence, but at least the Democrats, as you say, are trying to address the issues and show that they do care about people, not only wealthy people, not only those who can give them something, but ALL people. Two mass shootings this weekend … where does it stop, where does common sense step in?

  3. Again you have my sympathies Keith.
    When we look back to the tragedy at Sandy Hook and the subsequent antics, then support of that creature Alex Jones who by rights should have be proverbially tarred, feathered and run out of town it is obvious the idiocy factor is a problem.

      • Apparently the answer is to have more guns, then those with action film-like reflexes and perceptions (which apparently most pro-gun folk believe every legal gun owner has) will be able to shoot the random shooter straight away. They seem to believe Keanau Reeves’ John Wick character is factual.
        As you said Keith, beyond insanity.

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