Wednesday wanderings in mid-May

We should have another warm day here, so walking may make us “glisten,” a word my wife uses for perspiration. So, as we glisten on our walk about, let me share a few of my wandering thoughts.

The votes from yesterday’s mid-term primaries are being tallied, so I will save commentary for another day, with two exceptions. With almost 100% of the votes counted, it looks like Rep. Madison Cawthorn will be unseated in his first election as an incumbent. His failure to: realize on three occasions a driver needs a driver license, understand he cannot carry a weapon onto a plane on two occasions, appreciate claiming your Republican colleagues are having orgies and coke parties is not the way to make friends, and recognize that not doing much of anything other than abet the former president’s Big Lie and insurrection of Congress is not conducive to good governance. It should be noted Cawthorn lost in the middle of a heavy Republican district, which speaks volumes.

The other exception is Rep. Ted Budd, a non-apologetic Trump sycophant, won the Republican primary to fill the US Senate seat of retiring Richard Burr. That is unfortunate, as we may end up with another strident Senate member who is replacing a more moderate Republican in Burr. He will be running against a very good Democrat candidate in Judge Cheri Beasley’s whose commercials and record are exemplar. I am sure she will be attacked, but she is a far more credible candidate than Budd. I just hope the voters in North Carolina listen to her and what she is saying. And, that there are no termites in the woodwork like with the candidate who was about to beat the junior Senator in 2020 before he did something stupid.

I am certain there will be a mixed bag of results in the Republican primaries due to the support of the former president. When I see or hear the endorser on a TV ad, it truly makes me ill. A person who has divided our country further with his Big Lie because he is not man enough to accept defeat and who instigated an insurrection on a branch of government to stay in power is not someone whose opinion lends itself to credibility. But, with too few Republicans actually pushing back on the bullying and untruthful acting former president, coupled with troubling policies on climate change, gun governance, civil rights, health care access and making rich people richer, it makes it easier to not vote for any Republicans in the general election. The climate change and environmental issues alone are a reason to avoid putting more Republicans in place.

I know I will offend Republicans and conservatives, who will offer “what about” comments. As an Independent and former Republican of twenty plus years and Democrat of five plus years, I disagree on policies with both parties. Yet, I find myself arguing policy issues with Democrats and the truth with Republicans. With too many Republicans listening to sources who parrot disinformation and conspiracy stories makes it difficult to counter arguments that will be heard. And, Republicans are much better than Democrats at PR on focusing attention on issues that are not really as big a deal as portrayed. It is akin to creating an issue that can be carried around like a handbag and hit someone over the head with it.

People laugh when I say this, but in 2010-12 elections, the GOP candidates all spoke of the “failed stimulus” plan, with a mandate that both words be used together. Even Democrats believed it. The problem is the stimulus did not fail and was measured as accretive to GDP growth by six econometric firms. And, it should be noted both a Republican and Democrat president were involved in separate stimulus plans. Yet, the PR campaign was successful.

All I ask is to look at people’s stances on real issues, not contrived ones. What do you plan to do about climate change? What do you plan to do about gun governance? What do you plan to do about the growing white supremacy movement? What will you do to assure health care is available to people? What will you do to preserve the rights of women as the exist today? What do you plan to do about our US debt and deficit? What do you plan to do about inflation, other than just complain about it? And, so on.

27 thoughts on “Wednesday wanderings in mid-May

  1. That’s the thing; Repubs have NO stance on those real issues, so they have to misdirect and point everyone to the bull$#!t issues, like Critical Race Theory and such, and tell us about how EEE-VIL the liberals are. They have NOTHING of substance to offer.

    • Agreed. The avoidance of policies is overt. We should not forget, the RNC did not vote on a policy platform at the 2020 convention. That is a blaring oversight and speaks volumes.

  2. So in my opinion, the Republicans will want to blame the “liberals” for all the troubles, while the Democrats will want to spend a lot more money saying we “should” tax the rich but not getting that done. My dad, who worked for the Republican Party, would roll in his grave, but I may not vote for anyone who can’t break that pattern no matter the party. I might have to write in my own candidates or not vote. Sorry – I’m so tired of what I’ve been seeing. Yes, there are so many shoulds in the world and I certainly support many of them but not if the rich get tax breaks and the poor can’t pay so who’s left? I think “the center will not hold” if it’s shrinking due to a growing wealth gap.

    • Becky, my father would be embarrassed as well by the state of the Republican Party. The Democrats need to moderate the progressive agenda some to garner votes. For example, if they held a vote to keep the current Roe v Wade protections it would pass the Senate with the needed 60 votes. Keith

      • Didn’t they hold a vote to try to codify women’s Right to Choice, and lose? Or am I missing something. I know, being Canadian I do not understand American politics. But that does not mean I do not understand “right wing” from “wrong politics”! Becky is correct to question using her vote, I myself have not voted in over 40 years of elections in Canada because that was the last time I WAS GIVEN A RESPONSIBLE CANDIDATE TO VOTE FOR!
        But having said that, we have never had a VOTING ISSUE AS IMPORTANT AS ROE v WADE. I do not think Americans realize yet how important this issue is! Repealing Roe vs Wade seems a simple thing, should women be able to choose to abort a pregnancy. But the real issue is, DO WOMEN HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE CONTRIBUTING CITIZENS IN AMERICAN SOCIETY? Does anyone not white evangelical abd male belong in American society?
        Taking away body autonomy is tantamount to the first step to taking away EVERY RIGHT WOMEN HAVE WON IN THE PAST 100 plus YEARS 9F SOCIETY. Lose the right to choice, and women will soon lose the right to vote. If Americans cannot see that, if they think that can never happen, they are being blinded by all the Republucan Rhetoric.
        SAVE WOMEN’S RIGHTS! SAVE ROE v WADE! SAVE MODERN SOCIETY! If I were American, EVEN I WOULD BE VOTING IN 2022. If you do not, and if you do not utterly destroy thr Republican Party, say goodbye to Women’s Right, to Black abd other Coloured Peple’s Rights, to LGBTQ+ Rights, to Universal Marriage Rights, and literally give America to WHITE EVANGELUCAL MALES and the women who want to be cattle. Because that is what Election 2022 is really about!

      • Rawgod, you are right, they did and it lost. They should have sat down and developed something that would have been acceptable, such as the status quo. I read that would have garnered some Republican votes maybe enough to pass. My source is Senator Susan Collins, an independent who caucuses with the Republicans. And, if you figure out our politics, let me know as I am still trying to. Keith

  3. Miss Goose went out walking yesterday and came back glistening so much that she headed straight for the shower!

    I was pleased to see Cawthorn lose, but other races and ‘winners’ have made me ill. Specifically in Pennsylvania, Mastriano’s win in the gubernatorial primary is frightening, as is the possibility of “Dr. Oz” winning his bid for the seat in the Senate. The former guy has entirely too much sway over the Republican Party — a party with no platform, no ideology other than to “own the libs” as they say. The GOP is in serious need of a reset, of some intelligence, some values.

    I especially agree with your final paragraph … YES, these are the things that matter, or at least SHOULD matter to the people of this nation. As a nation, we have devolved into pettiness and lost sight of what is important.

    • So true, Jill. I was glad to see the Justice department seek out the House committee findings on January 6 insurrection. Maybe the former president will get charged for his alleged role. Keith

      • That pleased me as well, and I do hope they follow up. I had begun to wonder if AG Garland was on hiatus, for it seemed no meaningful action was coming from the DOJ.

      • Jill, agreed. I am of a mindset he needs to stand trial to answer the questions that need to be asked. Keith

  4. Reblogged this on Filosofa's Word and commented:
    As always, our friend Keith puts into words what many of us are thinking and feeling. Please pay special attention to his final paragraph, for these are the questions we need to be asking, and the issues on which we need to hold our elected representatives accountable. As always, thank you Keith!!!

  5. Note to Readers: I heard that the former president suggested Dr. Oz should declare victory in the Senate primary in PA which is too close to call. That speaks volumes. Oz has failed to learn the lesson that when you fly to close to the Trump sun, you burn your reputation. But, he will. There are too many folks who have gone to jail, been suspended by state bar associations and been ridiculed for have worked with the former president.

  6. Note to Readers: The Ted Budd folks are obviously scared of Judge Cheri Beasley as they started running commercials today on rulings of hers taken without context. The fact she is rated highly and 98% of her rulings have stood firm even in appeal speak volumes.

  7. I think you make so many great points, and the questions in your last paragraph are so important. The problem is that our elected officials and future candidates put icing on the cake but never tell us that it is sugar free. They tell us what we want to hear and then do nothing to change anything or stick to their campaign promises. It’s good that you keep everyone in the know. It’s a great post, Keith!

    • Amy, thanks. What people don’t realize is these folks are not interested in solving problems, but making you scared of something to get elected. When the former president’s bluff on “build the wall” was called and he accepted a deal one morning for $25 billion for the wall for making DACA law, he was talked out of it by the afternoon. Why? Because he knew it would not solve the problem and it would be a more winnable issue if he did not build the wall. This was his #1 issue and his bluff was called and he passed. Keith

      • Hi Keith, you’re welcome. I remember the wall fiasco too well. Thanks for bringing it back to my attention. It’s sad that they play poker on our dime. They don’t realize that they work for us, but we also forget that we chose and employ them to their roles. If anything, I think focus should be brought to the concepts of “elected” officials. Amy

      • Amy, thanks. Well said on reminding them of the mission. They could start with telling the truth. Keith

  8. Politics is never neat and rarely is there a nobility (aside from the occasional soaring speech before getting down to the grit of the work). However within democracies working towards a consensus even a grudging one works best for a nation, for by definition of a democracy there are very few policies everyone agrees on. This was Thatcher’s mistake in trying to avoid consensus it left a mildly fractured nation.
    The Republican Party seemed to have embraced the concept of No Consensus to a dangerous level.
    Take care Keith

    • Roger, well said. The debate and consensus building is where the heavy lifting is done. The old saying “collaboration is hard work which is why it isn’t practiced more” comes to mind. Keith

      • Thank you for bringing that one to my attention Keith. I must bear it in mind.
        There is a movement in the UK for tactical voting; ie which ever of the Nationalist parties, Liberal-Democrats, Labour or Green Party has the better chance of defeating the Conservatives in an election for a Member of Parliament, that is the one you vote for.
        Amazing the number of folk who kick against that, seemingly unaware they are of great comfort to the Conservative Government.

      • Roger, a key reason Trump won in 2016 is he divided and conquered. He got folks who did not love Hillary to stay home or vote for the third party candidate. A lot of the subterfuge is around not to vote for me, just don’t vote for the other person or party. Keith

    • Joy, we need to ask for better service. It amazes how little gets done of any consequence by our elected officials. By the way, I have long ago stopped using the term leaders to define them. Keith

  9. Hello Keith. Sorry this is late, but I am just clearing my tabs from a week ago. I read the comments but did not see this mentioned but if it is there sorry for the repeat. In your last paragraph you ask people to look at politicians’ stances rather than contrived ones. My question is how to get the other side to do that? Really not being facetious. For those of us not in the Republican deep right, rabid right, or cult of trump it is easy to cross check what is said and use reality to determine the truth of what a politician says.

    But the right wing I have been engaged with online facts don’t matter, anything they disagree with is a deliberate lie for some nefarious reason, reality is only what Fox / Tucker / Hannity / Breitbart / or other hard right source provided. The source of the information is more important than the information. I recently posted a video that said banning guns wouldn’t work and one of my viewers showed it to their Republican pro-gun spouse who even though he agreed with the message couldn’t accept it due to the source it came from.

    So Keith how do we get those people to do as you ask? Not our side as even as we don’t all agree or walk lockstep, we do or can check stuff to make sure it is true, but how do we get them to do that? How do we show them reality and facts when they either ignore it or claim it is false to harm them / their chosen politician? Not being a smartass, but I am seeing a widening gulf of what the mainstream Republicans believe is true and what reality really is has grown and expanded. I just watched a news program that showed nearly 50% of registered Republicans believe something false and in another poll on a different subject over 80% of republican voters polled believed something that just was not true. This is of course because of the news sources they view. So how do we get them to change what they view or think of alternative information? Hugs

    • Scottie, you raise legitimate questions. I think we must focus on the issues and not the personality. That is hard. If we flavor our points with a few facts that people may not know – and I mean only a few that might sink in – we might get a message across. As for being discounted because of the source, I have an advantage as I lead with being an independent and former Republican and Democrat. I also think if we consistently tell conservative politicians that we need them to be better and right the ship, it might sink in. To tell you the truth, I feel I am working on the staff more than the politician. I think some may realize their boss is either full of it or cannot say what he thinks outside of the office. And, no you are not being a smartass. By the way, I post select pieces on Linked In, but dial down as much as I can of the politics. I try to issue focused only, but sometimes the hypocrisy of a few politicians is mentioned by reference not name. Keith

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